Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Easy Fiction

Teddy Bear Counting - Teddy bears introduce numbers from one to twelve, as well as colors and shapes.

How Do You Read to a Rabbit? Have you ever tried reading to an alligator?Probably not. After all, he would most likely eat your book. How about a bat? Maybe that's not such a good idea either -- you'd have to read upside down and in the dark!Youngsters will laugh out loud at the antics of the 13 animals -- and the child who tries to read to them -- in this delightful picture book. From bats to boas and camels to kangaroos, the animals demonstrate the many challenges of reading to them: a boa might want to hug you a little too tight, and you'd have to jump pretty fast to keep up with a kangaroo. All ends well, however, as we see the child reading to his parents. Now that's something easy to do!The comical characters and repetitive text make this an ideal book for preschoolers, who will be only too happy to come up with a host of other animals and the reasons why it would be difficult to read to them

Biscuit's First Trip -Biscuit the dog has new experiences, such as sledding, going on a sleigh ride, and sliding on ice, while on his first family trip.

Biscuit's Earth Day Celebration - Join Biscuit as he helps take care of the earth on Earth Day. From planting seads to cleaning up, it is an exciting adventure for Earth Day, and every day.

Diego's Artic Rescue - Diego needs to get two baby polar bears back to their mother. It's a big rescue, but he can do it with a little help from Dora, Baby Jaguar, Alicia, and you! Join Diego on his latest exciting adventure."

Motorcycle Adventure - Handy Manny goes on a motorcycle adventure.

Brooms are for Flying! - A group of young trick-or-treaters demonstrate that "feet are for stomping," "eyes are for peeking," "mouths are for moaning," and "tummies are for treating."

Rover to the Rescue - Locked away long ago in Base 9, Rover activates once again when he senses Chuck's ship approaching Planet 51. Join the Pathfinder as he journeys to locate the source of the signals and inevitably help his fellow Earthling get home.

It Came from Planet Earth -When human astronaut Chuck crash lands on an alien planet, Lem decides to help him return to his spaceship and his home planet.

When the Leaf Blew In - Story about the chain of events happening on a farm when a single leaf blows into the barn.

Up, Up and Away -Curious George and Bill head into the clouds in this high-flying adventure. It's fun to soar with the birds, but one question soon arises: How will they get down?

Diego and the Baby Sea Turtles - Join Diego on a nighttime beach expedition to see baby sea turtles hatch! Along the way Diego shares fun facts about leatherback sea turtles and how you can help them!

Tigger and Pooh on the Color Case - Pooh, Piglet, and Rabbit are using blue, yellow, and red paint to paint the backdrop for their new play, but when they see green, orange, and purple stains on the floor they alert the Super Sleuths to solve the mystery.

Curious George The Surprise Gift - Curious George wants to know what's inside a large wrapped box, but before he finds out he "unwraps" other things--fruit, packages in a store display, and wallpaper off a wall. In the end, George learns you can't always tell what's inside just by looking at the outside.

Barbie and the Diamond Castle - Melody needs the help of Liana and Alexa to free her from a magical mirror and save the Diamond Castle, the home of all music.

Boxes, Boxes Everywhere! - A boy feels uneasy about moving. He wants to stay in his old house. But when he finds his favorite toys in the boxes, he feels at home and begins to like his new house.

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