Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New non-fiction books continued:

You Read to Me, I'll Read to You by Mary Ann Hoberman
These are very short scary tales to read together.

Twist by Janet S. Wong
These are poems for yoga.

Poems in Black and White by Kate Miller
These are black and white poems and pictures to show some of the most colorful images of everyday life.

Space by Olivier de Goursac
This explores the moon, the planets, and beyond.

Playing to Win by Karen Deans
This is the story of Althea Gibson, the tennis player.

Frida by Joha Winter
This is the story of Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo, the painter.

Through Georgia's Eyes by Rachel Rodriguez
This is the story of Georgia O'Keeffe, the artist.

Make Your Mark, Franklin Roosevelt by Judith St. George
This is the story of President Roosevelt.

Alexander the Great Rocks the World by Vicky Alvear Shecter
The story of Alexander the Great.

Journeys for Freedom by Susan Buckley and Elspeth Leacock
Each account is a factual account of real people pursuing freedom and creating America's story.

Our 50 States by Lynne Cheney
This is the story of a family's adventure across America.

Malian's Song by Marge Bruchac
This is a true story about a raid on an Abenaki community in 1759.

Pocahontas by Joseph Bruchac
This story shares the viewpoints of Pocahontas and Captain John Smith.

American Slave, American Hero by Laurence Pringle
This is the story of York, Williams Clark's slave, and how he also helped make The Lewis and Clark Expedition a great success.

New Junior Non-Fiction

Just For Elephants by Carol Buckley
Learn about a very special place in Tennesse called the Elephant Sanctuary, where elephants have the freedom to roam in a herd of elephant friends.

I Love To Collage! by Jennifer Lipsey
With a few art supplies and a little creativity, simple objects can be combined to make awesome art! I Love To Collage presents inspiring activities designed to foster the creative talents of youngsters ages 5 and up.

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
Fourteen of the funniest and most talented artists have contributed to this collection of jokes that will crack you up.

Doodle A Zoodle by Deborah Zemke
You'll have oodles of fun doodling--while learning fascinating animal facts along the way.

I Wanna Make Gifts by Clea Hantman
In this book Clean Hantman creates objets d'art that scream "Give me to someone you love!" The only thing better than getting gifts is giving them, especially when they're homemade.

Get Hooked: Simple Steps To Crochet Cool Stuff by Kim Werker
This is your ticket to whipping up the coolest, funkiest, crocheted stuff around. All you need is a hook and some yarn, and your're on your way.

Drumbeat In Our Feet by Patricia A. Keeler and Julio T. Leitao
Come along as we explore the fascinating origins of African dance, as rich and diverse as the continent itself. In captivating detail, this beautifully illustrated book illuminates the history and energy of African dance.

New Junior Non-Fiction

Moses by Margaret Hodges
Retells the story of Moses, from his birth and trip in a boat of bulrushes to his bringing of the the Ten Commandments down from Mount Sinai.

Saints Among The Animals by Cynthia Zarin
What do a watchful fly and a weight-bearing whale havine in common? In these stories, the commonality of all living thins is luminously celebrated.

Celebrate Diwali by Deborah Heiligman
Readers will learn about Diwali, a holiday celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains in all corners of the globe. This holiday is alive with dazzling lights, fireworks and sweets.

Six Swans retold by Christine San Jose'
A king's daughter undertakes a difficult task to rescue her six brothers from the enchantment imposed on them by their wicked stepmother.

Spirits Dark and Light by Tim Tingle
In this collection, Choctaw storyteller, Tim Tingle, draws from the rich heritage of the Five Civilized Tribes--the Creek, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Seminole nations--and brings tales from the spirit world into our world.

The Hare And The Tortoise And Other Fables Of La Fontaine translated by Ranjit Bolt
Award-winning translator Ranjit Bolt has chosen the best of La Fontain's fables, presenting each in lyrical, witty and lighthearted verse.

Questionable Creatures-A Bestiary by Pauline Baynes
The author revives 20 medieval and mischievous beasts, basing her tongue-in-cheek descriptions on various English bestiaries. Her recreations--from phoenix to manticore, from bonnacon to yale--hop, swoop, and gallop through the pages in antique splendor.

Ox, House, Stick: The History of our Alphabet by Don Robb
With witty collage illustrations and clear, concise prose, this book describes the development of our Roman alphabet from ancient times to the present day. You'll never look at ABC the same way again!

Sports Science by Shar Levine & Leslie Johnstone
Why are tennis balls fuzzy? When should you shoot for the basket? Why are so many professional athletes left-handed? Learn the explanations of these and plenty of other sports phenomena by trying dozens of awesome sciene experiements.

It's Probably Penny by Loreen Leedy
The concept of probability is introduced and made fun and accessible to children.

A Mother's Journey by Sandrea Markle
A mother emperor penguin is chared with a special duty: to bring food to her newborn chick. While the father penguin incubates the egg, the mother must trek far across the ice to bring back the food her baby desperately needs.

Saving The Buffalo by Albert Marrin
This presents the story of how this remarkable animal, the buffalo, reached the brink of extinction within a century and how, through the efforts of the early conservationist movement, it was saved.

Ultimate Building Book by Steven Caney
Packed inside this wonderfully comprehensive exploration of design, construction, and invention is everything you'd ever want to know about different types of structures and how they are built.

Dogs And Cats by Steve Jenkins
Did you know that some cats can get sunburn or that a dog "sees" the world with its nose? Learn more about our longtime companions and amazing animals, dogs and cats.

New Junior Non-Fiction

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Junior Fiction

Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan Crow by James Howe
An overly alarmed Chester the cat predicts a gruesome fate for the pets in the Monroe household when a writer of juvenile horror fiction and his bird companion stay overnight.

Bunnicula Strikes Again! by James Howe
When Bunnicula the rabbit starts acting strangely, the Monroe dogs and cat renew their suspicions that he is a vampire.

More Perfect Than The Moon by Patricia MacLachlan
Eight-year-old Cassie Witting is upset when she finds out that her mother, Sarah, is expecting a baby, but writing in the journal that was her brother Caleb's helps her sort out her feelings, and she finally learns that Sarah will always love her.

Mary Margaret And The Perfect Pet Plan by Christine Kole MacLean
During the summer that she turns nine, Mary Margaret tries very hard to persuade her parents to let her have a pet, makes a new neighbor friend and helps her brother keep an old one, and looks forward to the new baby's arrival, because then her mother will be less "crabby."

Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by Wendy Mass
Just before his thirteenth birthday, Jeremy Fink receives a keyless locked box--set aside by his father before his death five years earlier--that purportedly contains the meaning of life.

The Tinderbox retold by Stephen Mitchell
A fresh retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's tale about a handsome soldier who meets a witch while march home from the war. He learns the secret of the witch's tinerbox and her three magical dogs, and is granted his wish.

Freddy's Final Quest by Dietlof Reiche
Freddy the golden hamster and his animal cohorts, along with a computerized, robotic golden hamster, travel back in time to Assyria, where some of them are captured by Crusaders and Freddy gets a taste of undomesticated living.

The White Wolf by Ron Roy
In this A to Z mystery Josh, Dink, and Ruth Rose investigate why three white wolf cubs were stolen, and by whom, while visiting their friend Wallis and her adopted daughter on Mount Desert Island, Maine.

The Zombie Zone by Ron Roy
In this A to Z mystery reports of zombies and grave robbers alarm the people of a Louisiana swampland village, but Ruth Rose, Josh, and Dink begin to suspect that the supernatural might not be the cause of the eerie occurences.

The Sword in the Grotto by Angie Sage
With the help of the ghost Edmund, Araminta and Wanda survive a trip through a secret tunnel to bring back a present for Sir Horace's birthday.

Red River Girl by Norma Sommerforf
In a diary covering the years 1846 to 1848, a young Metis teenager describes her journey from St. Eustace, Quebec, to St. Paul, Minnesota, where she settles with her family and decides to become a teacher.

The House Where Nobody Lived by Brad Strickland
In this John Bellairs mystery twelve-year-old Lewis and his best friend Rose Rita investigate a strange old house in their home town and discover that they may be dealing with powerful ancient Hawaiian spirits.

Champions on the Bench by Carole Boston Weatherford
This story is based on the discrimination faced by the 1955 Cannon Street YMCA Little League All-Stars when the white teams refused to play them in the series tournament.

Fearless Dave by Bob Wilson
Princess Peach has a squeaky, cheese-eating problem--and requires a brave knight to rescue her. Will Dave save the day and win the heart of the fair princess?

New Junior Fiction

Mallory on the Move by Laurie Friedman
After moving to a new town, eight-year-old Mallory keeps throwing stories in the "wishing pond" but things will not go back to the way they were before, and she remains torn between old and new best friends.

Back to School, Mallory by Laurie Friedman
After moving, eight-year-old Mallory struggles with being new at school, especially because her mother is now the music teacher and director of the third grade play.

Mallory vs. Max by Laurie Friedman
Eight-year-old Mallory feels left out when her older brother, Max, gets a dog that becomes the center of attention.

Happy Birthday, Mallory! by Laurie Friedman
After a difficult year, Mallory plans a month-long celebration of her ninth birthday in hopes that her next year will be wonderful.

Ghosthunters and the Muddy Monster of Doom! by Cornelia Funke
Ghosthunter-in-training, courageious Tom, has to nab the deadly Twelfth Messenger to earn his Ghosthunting Diploma. This is one test the team can't fail.

Dexter the Tough by Margaret Peterson Haddix
A sympathetic teacher and her writing assigment help forth-grader Dexter deal with being the new kid in school after he punches a kid on the first day.

Airbal/ by L.D. Harkrader
Uncoordinated Kansas seventh-grader Kirby Nickel braves his coach's ire and becomes captain of the basketball team in order to help him prove that NBA star Brett McGrew is the father he has never known.

Blue Schwartz and Nefertiti's Necklace by Betty Jacobson Hechtman
A mystery with recipes. Blue is accused of stealing an old Egyptian necklace. She's got to find it--and fast! What she does have a clue about is cooking, even while she's frantically trying to find the necklace.

Letters from Rapunzel by Sara Lewis Holmes
Through a series of letters written to a post office box, twelve-year-old Cadence describes her father's hospitalization for depression, her subsequent problems at school, and her hope that the mysterious recipient will help her find a happy ending.

Monday, October 15, 2007

New Junior Fiction

Kingdom Hearts, vol. 1 adapted by Shiro Amano
Fourteen-year-old Sora is swept into a mysterious new land where he meets Court Wizard Donald and Captain Goofy, who are on a mission to find their king, Mickey, and return him to his throne at Disney Castle.

Kingdom Hearts, vol. 2 adapted by Shiro Amano
Soro, Goofy and Donald Duck continue their magical journey.

Kingdom Hearts, vol. 3 adapted by Shiro Amano
When Monstro the whale swallows Sora and crew, the world of Kingdom Hearts plunges into an underwater adventure. Deep within the ocean depths, Sora lends Geppetto and Pinocchio a helping hand.

Kingdom Hearts, vol. 4
Sora, Donald and Goofy are forced to choose between duty and friendship. But in the world of Kingdom Hearts, choices are never easy!

Ivy + Bean Break the Fossil Record by Annie Barrows
Everyone in second grade seems set on breaking a world record and friends Evy and Bean are no exception, deciding to become the youngest people ever to discover a dinosaur skeleton.

The Secret History of Tom Trueheart by Ian Beck
When Young Tom Trueheart's seven older brothers all go missing from their adventures in the Land of Stories, he embarks on a perilous mission to save them and to capture the rogue story-writer who wants to do away with the heroes.

The Palace of Laughter by Jon Berkeley
Orphaned eleven-year-old Miles Wednesday and his companion, a Song Angel named Little, are helped by a talking tiger as they set off to find a missing Storm Angel and and Miles's beloved stuffed bear, ending up in a peculiar circus where the audience cannot stop laughing.

Chance Fortune and the Outlaws by Shane Berryhill
Fourteen-year-old Josh wants to be a superhero. He has brains, passion, and the heart, but he doesn't have any superpowers. That doesn't stop Josh.

Friendship According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney
When Humphrey the hamster returns to Mrs. Brisbane's class after the winter break, a new class pet and some other surprises give him an opportunity to reflect ont he meaning of friendship.

Trouble According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney
Humphrey, the pet hamster of Longfellow School's Room 26, relates the ups and downs experienced by his human classmates as they begin a project to create a model town complete with houses and community services.

Parent Swap by Terence Blacker
Because his life is a bit of a mess, thirteen-year-old Danny Bell agrees to let ParentSwap(tm) try to match him with his ideal parents, but he soon realizes that the company is about more than giving adolescents a new start.

The Just-So Woman by Gary Blackwood
When the Just-So Woman runs out of butter one day, she learns an important lesson from her neighbor, the Any-Way Man.

Dustin Grubbs One-Man Show by John J. Bonk
A sixth-grader, who longs to see his name in lights, recounts life at Buttermilk Falls Elementary in preparation for the school drama production.

New Junior Fiction

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Vol. l1 by Shiro Amano
The door to Kingdom Hearts was sealed, restoring the worlds to normal, but Riku and King Mickey were trapped inside. Their friends search to rescue them leads them to the mysterious Castle Oblivion.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Vol. 2 by Shiro Amano
Sora, Donald, and Goofy continue their quest to rescue King Mickey and Riku. But will they find them in time?

New Picture Books

Once Upon A Banana by Jennifer Armstrong
Everyday signs serve as captions for this pictorial tale of what happens after a monkey tosses a banana peel into the garbage can and misses.

Hickory Dickory Dock by Keith Baker
Rhythmic text expands on the Mother Goose rhyme, including a variety of animals that react as the clock strikes one through twelve.

Fiona's Luck by Teresa Bateman
A clever woman named Fiona must pass the leprechaun king's tests when she tries to get back all the luck he has locked away from humans.

And What Comes After a Thousand? by Anette Bley
Lisa learn that memories last forever when her friend, Otto, dies.

Betty Lou Blue by Nancy Crocker
Teased by other children because of her big feet, only Betty Lou can save her tormenters one snowy day.

The Magic Raincoat by Ryan David
Emily is not happy with her new raincoat until she discovers that it is magical, so when her mother trades it to the neighbor who was equally unhappy with her own new raincoat, Emily must think of a way to trade back.

She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain by Jonathan Emmett
This pink-pajama-wearing, jelly-jar-juggling, rooftop-dancing cowgirl is sure to charm the spurs off any ranger, and tickle the funny bone of the most ornery varmint. This classic song has brand-new verses.

Lilly's Big Day by Kevin Henkes
When her teacher announces that he is getting married, Lilly the mouse sets her heart on being the flower girl at his wedding.

Wind Flyers by Angela Johnson
A boy's love of flight takes him on a journey from the dusty dirt roads of Alabama to the war-torn skies of Europe and into the hearts of those who are only now beginning to understand the part these brave souls playin the the history of America.

Salt in His Shoes by Deloris Jordan
Young Michael Jordon, who is smaller than the other players, learns that determination and hard work are more important that size when playing the game of basketball.

Help! by Holly Keller
Mouse hears a rumor that snakes do not like mice and while trying to avoid his former friend, Snake, he falls into a hole from which neither Hedgehog, Squirrel, nor Rabbit can help him out.

Queen of the Scene by Queen Latifah
A self-confident young African-American girl explains why she is "queen of the scene" at the playground.

SuperHero ABC by Bob McLeod
Humorous SuperHeroes such as Goo Girl and The Volcano represent the letters of the alphabet from A to Z.

My Mommy Is Magic by Carl Norac
A child lists things a mommy does, such as chasing monsters away, that show she is magic, even if she does not have a wand or magic hat.

The Prince's Bedtime by Joanne Oppenheim
When the price refuses to go to bed each night, people come from near and with "cures" but an old woman knows the best way of putting children to sleep.

Looking for a Moose by Phyllis Root
Four children set off into the woods to find a moose.

Probuditi! by Chris Van Allsburg
On his birthday, Calvin and his friend Rodney see a magician perform, then copy him by hypnotizing Calvin's little sister, but the joke is on them when they are unable to snap her out of it.

Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh
Three mice make a variety of things out of different shapes as they hide from a scary car.

Delilah D. at the Library by Jeanne Willis
Delilah D. is the queen of a faraway land where libraries have free cupcakes, and trapezes for reaching high shelves, and a beautiful princess who reads stories to the children.

Monday, October 08, 2007

We have 2 new books with cds:

1) Dora the Explorer Make a Wish ( 2 copies of this one)
2) Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus

We have 1 new chapter book:
The Chestnut Soldier book 3 of The Magician Trilogy by Jenny Nimmo