Thursday, August 15, 2013

Grandparent Day Coming Soon

Grandparent Day
Saturday, September 7, 2013 at 10:00
Registration Required
for ages 3 and up

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Books for the Young!!

Piggy Bank Problems- Katie goes to the bank with her friends JoJo and Pedro, and learns the value of having a place to keep her money.

Who Needs Glasses?- When Pedro keeps "losing" his eyeglasses, Katie shows him why it is alright--and necessary--to wear them. 

Diary of A Worm: Teacher's Pet- Worm makes a surprising discovery -- teachers have birthdays! That means Worm and his friends have to find the perfect present for their teacher, Mrs. Mulch.

Everyone Can Learn How to Ride a Bicycle- A father teaches his daughter all about bicycle riding, from selecting the right bike to trying again after a fall. 

That is NOT A Good Idea!- A surprising lesson about the importance of listening to one's inner gosling ensues when a very hungry fox issues a dinner invitation to a very plump goose.

Saturday is Dadurday- For Mimi, the best day of the week is always Saturday, the day she gets to spend with just her Dad. But when Dad's work takes him away from Mimi one Saturday, 'Dadurday' is ruined. Can Mimi find a way to save 'Dadurday' and still make it special for her and her Dad?

Sugar- In 1870, Reconstruction brings big changes to the Louisiana sugar plantation where spunky ten-year-old Sugar has always lived, including her friendship with Billy, the son of her former master, and the arrival of workmen from China.

Kelsey Green, Reading Queen-Kelsey is the best reader in her third grade class, and she is determined to lead her class to victory in the all-school reading contest.

New Non-Fiction!!

Grandma and the Gourd- On her way to visit her daughter on the other side of the jungle, Grandma encounters a hungry fox, bear, and tiger, and although she convinces them to wait for her return trip, she still must find a way to outwit them all.

Eruption!- An account of the work of volcanologists Andy Lockhart, John Pallister, and their team describes their life-risking efforts to investigate dangerous volcanoes that pose threats to more than one billion people worldwide.

The Tapir Scientist- If you've never seen a lowland tapir, you're not alone. Most of the people who live near tapir habitat in Brazil's vast Pantanal (the Everglades on steroids) haven't seen the elusive snorkel-snouted mammal, either. In this arresting nonfiction picture book, Sibert winners Sy Montgomery and Nic Bishop join a tapir-finding expedition led by the Brazilian field scientist Pati Medici. Aspiring scientists will love the immediate, often humorous you are there descriptions of fieldwork, and gadget lovers will revel in the high-tech science at play, from microchips to the camera traps that capture the soap opera of tapir life.

Barbed Wire Baseball- Traces the childhood dream of Japanese-American baseball pioneer Kenichi Zenimura of playing professionally and his family's struggles in a World War II internment camp where he introduces baseball to raise hope.

The Beatles Were Fab and They Were Funny- Presents a lively, whimsically illustrated tribute to the Fab Four's offbeat humor that traces the rise of Beatlemania and the influence of their humor on their musical achievements.

That's A Possibility!- If you roll some dice, is it possible that you will roll a five? Is it likely? What about rolling a zero? No, that's impossible! With colorful photographs and interactive examples, Bruce Goldstone presents a playful introduction to the concept of possibility. What are the odds that you will find fascinating ideas and challenging puzzles inside this book? That's a certainty!  

The Boy Who Loved Math- Growing up in Hungary during WWI, Erdos tried school but chafed at the rules and convinced his mother that he should study at home. He was fascinated by numbers from an early age, and by the time he was 20, he was known as The Magician from Budapest. Unable to do common tasks such as cooking, laundry, or driving, he spent his adult life flying around the world, staying with other mathematicians, and working collaboratively on challenging math problems.

Cowboy Up!: Ride the Navajo Rodeo- Rodeo riders are honored athletes--skilled, smart, and tough. It takes brains, muscles, and a lot of practice to wrestle a racing steer to the ground or stay on top of a bucking, twisting bronco. Rodeo is the number-one mose exciting sport out West. Not so sure? Take a look.

Burrow- Look inside a burrow and discover a world of inhabitants! A close look at this microhabitat reveals an unbelievable variety of organisms. Vibrant photographs and detailed illustrations combine to make these books informative and engaging. A visual table of contents helps readers navigate the text, and informative labels make the photographs valuable sources of information.

Cave- Look inside a cave and discover a world of inhabitants! A close look at this microhabitat reveals an unbelievable variety of organisms. Vibrant photographs and detailed illustrations combine to make these books informative and engaging. A visual table of contents helps readers navigate the text, and informative labels make the photographs valuable sources of information.

Giant Pacific Octopus- Discusses the size, behavior, and characteristics of the giant Pacific octopus.

Johannes Vermeer- Presents the life and accomplishments of the Dutch painter known for his use of color, discussing his childhood, art education, family life, and famous works.

Should Charlotte share?- Guide readers through the decision-making process with this simple title that shows possible outcomes for common choices. Clear photographs present the scenario and possible outcomes, while simple text asks readers, What would you do?, Brief explanations after each scenario spark conversation for a deeper discussion of the issue.

Using Thermometers- Teaches kids how to read and use thermometers, while explaining what it is for. 

Jet Planes- Provides simple information about jet airplanes, including the equipment and the mechanics of flight.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A Kitchen in the Play Corner

We are so excited to have a kitchen in our play corner now! 
It is complete with pots, pans, utensils, and plastic food. 

Thursday, August 01, 2013

New Non-Fiction!

T.rex is King - Describes the animals of the Cretaceous Period when many types of dinosaurs evolved, including the famous Tyrannosaurus. Includes an Animal Families glossary, prehistory timeline, and pronunciation guides

The Perfect Tea Party -About an eight-year old girl who becomes a princess when her mother marries the king. Living in a castle and attending school at Royal Prep takes some getting used to, but Sofia has lots of helpers including Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather! This Little Golden Book retells an episode of the Disney Junior show in which Sofia hosts her first royal tea party.

How Do Space Vehicles Work?- Discusses how space vehicles fly into space, passenger safety, and the parts of these amazing machines.

Ancient Treasures- The search for treasure -- Roman riches -- Amazing Anglo-Saxon discovery -- Secrets of the ancients -- Treasures of the New World

Caring for Your Cat -Provides simple information about caring for a cat, including feeding, grooming, playing, and taking it to the vet.

Caring for Your Dog -Advises on how to choose and care for a pet dog.

Caring for Your Rabbit -Where is the best place to get a pet rabbit?

Life on a Submarine-Looks at what life is like aboard a military submarine, including a history of submarine vehicles, the challenges of adjusting to life underwater, and the usage of sonar.

Tractors -Introduces tractors and discusses their purpose on the farm

Garbage Trucks -Describes the different types of garbage trucks and discusses the jobs they perform.

A Trip to the Post Office -The post office -- Mail -- Stamps -- Words to know

A Trip to the Hospital -The hospital -- Kids at the hospital -- A baby sister!

A Trip to the Police Station -The police station -- A police dog -- Officer

Superman -Readers can now get a comprehensive look at the complete Superman story from his birth on Krypton and arrival on Earth, to his double life as a Daily Planet reporter and as one of the most famous super heroes ever.

How Do Jets Work? -On the runway -- Time for takeoff -- Going up -- Above the clouds -- Landing -- Parts of a jet -- Fun facts!

Christmas Traditions around the World -Explores several of the ways in which Christmas is celebrated in various countries around the world.

Squirrels - Squirrel babies cannot see when they are born. Squirrels can run more than 10 miles (16 kilometers) per hour. These interesting facts and much more can be found in Squirrels, an Animals in My Backyard book.

Opossums- Sometimes, an opossum pretends to be dead if it is scared. Opossums mothers carry their babies in a pouch. These interesting facts about this animal can be discovered in the Animals in My Backyard.

Skunks-Skunks use smell to defend themselves. Skunks use their long, sharp claws for digging in the dirt and searching for food. These interesting facts about this animal can be discovered in the Animals in My Backyard.

Coyotes - Interesting facts about the coyote.

Deer -Interesting facts about deer.

Fundamental Experiments Color -Arranged, roughly, in order of complexity, the demonstrations in these volumes are also clearly laid out, with simply phrased directions matched to clear color photos or photo-realistic images followed by questions about what young experimenters have observed (e.g., "Which push made the ball travel farthest-a roll, a throw, or a kick?").