Thursday, August 01, 2013

New Non-Fiction!

T.rex is King - Describes the animals of the Cretaceous Period when many types of dinosaurs evolved, including the famous Tyrannosaurus. Includes an Animal Families glossary, prehistory timeline, and pronunciation guides

The Perfect Tea Party -About an eight-year old girl who becomes a princess when her mother marries the king. Living in a castle and attending school at Royal Prep takes some getting used to, but Sofia has lots of helpers including Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather! This Little Golden Book retells an episode of the Disney Junior show in which Sofia hosts her first royal tea party.

How Do Space Vehicles Work?- Discusses how space vehicles fly into space, passenger safety, and the parts of these amazing machines.

Ancient Treasures- The search for treasure -- Roman riches -- Amazing Anglo-Saxon discovery -- Secrets of the ancients -- Treasures of the New World

Caring for Your Cat -Provides simple information about caring for a cat, including feeding, grooming, playing, and taking it to the vet.

Caring for Your Dog -Advises on how to choose and care for a pet dog.

Caring for Your Rabbit -Where is the best place to get a pet rabbit?

Life on a Submarine-Looks at what life is like aboard a military submarine, including a history of submarine vehicles, the challenges of adjusting to life underwater, and the usage of sonar.

Tractors -Introduces tractors and discusses their purpose on the farm

Garbage Trucks -Describes the different types of garbage trucks and discusses the jobs they perform.

A Trip to the Post Office -The post office -- Mail -- Stamps -- Words to know

A Trip to the Hospital -The hospital -- Kids at the hospital -- A baby sister!

A Trip to the Police Station -The police station -- A police dog -- Officer

Superman -Readers can now get a comprehensive look at the complete Superman story from his birth on Krypton and arrival on Earth, to his double life as a Daily Planet reporter and as one of the most famous super heroes ever.

How Do Jets Work? -On the runway -- Time for takeoff -- Going up -- Above the clouds -- Landing -- Parts of a jet -- Fun facts!

Christmas Traditions around the World -Explores several of the ways in which Christmas is celebrated in various countries around the world.

Squirrels - Squirrel babies cannot see when they are born. Squirrels can run more than 10 miles (16 kilometers) per hour. These interesting facts and much more can be found in Squirrels, an Animals in My Backyard book.

Opossums- Sometimes, an opossum pretends to be dead if it is scared. Opossums mothers carry their babies in a pouch. These interesting facts about this animal can be discovered in the Animals in My Backyard.

Skunks-Skunks use smell to defend themselves. Skunks use their long, sharp claws for digging in the dirt and searching for food. These interesting facts about this animal can be discovered in the Animals in My Backyard.

Coyotes - Interesting facts about the coyote.

Deer -Interesting facts about deer.

Fundamental Experiments Color -Arranged, roughly, in order of complexity, the demonstrations in these volumes are also clearly laid out, with simply phrased directions matched to clear color photos or photo-realistic images followed by questions about what young experimenters have observed (e.g., "Which push made the ball travel farthest-a roll, a throw, or a kick?").

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