Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Juvenile Fiction Books for June!

Juvenile Fiction:

Anderson, M.T. The Clue of the Linoleum Lederhosen. Harcourt, Inc., 2006.
Illustrations by Kurt Cyrus.
Join Katie, Jasper and Lily for another crazy mystery!

Budhos, Marina. Ask Me No Questions. Ginee Seo Books/Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2006.
Read about life on the run for a family of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

Chaconas, Dori. Cork and Fuzz: Short and Tall. Viking, 2006.
Illustrated by Lisa McCue.
J Fic Cha
Can a muskrat and a possum be friends? Find out in this title, a nice chapter book for younger readers transitioning from beginner books to longer pieces of fiction.

Corbett, Sue. Free Baseball. Dutton Children's Books, 2006.
Will Felix find out the truth about his famous Cuban baseball star father?

Coy, John. Around the World. Lee & Low Books Inc., 2005.
Illustrated by Antonio Reonegro and Tom Lynch.
See how the game of hoops is played all over the globe in this awesomely illustrated title!

DiCamillo, Kate. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. Candlewick Press, 2006.
Illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline.
What is it like to get lost from your beloved owner? Find out as Edward Tulane does in this heart-wrenching tale.

Duble, Kathleen Benner. The Sacrifice. Margaret K. Mcelderry Books, 2005.
A tale of what life was like for young women in New England during the Salem Witch Trials.

Kadohata, Cynthia. Weedflower. Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2006.
Observe the struggles and surprising friendships developed while living in an internment camp following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

King-Smith, Dick. The Catlady. Alfred A. Knopf, 2004.
Illustrated by John Eastwood.
Cats who used to be people?! Read this title to find out more!

Landry, Leo. Fat Bat and Swoop. Henry Holt and Company, 2005.
Another good transitional title for younger readers! Fat Bat and Swoop are a troublemaking pair who learn that you can find friends in unexpected places.

Lubar, David. Punished! Darby Creek Publishing, 2006.
Logan's trip to the library does not end well for him. Now he is making bad jokes all the time! Find out the connection between magic librarians and bad jokes in this title.

Mills, Claudia. Trading Places. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2006.
See what life is like for twins Amy and Todd when their Dad loses his job and they seem to lose their talents.

Napoli, Donna Jo. The King of Mulberry Street. Wendy Lamb Books, 2005.
See life through the eyes of a young boy, emigrating from Italy to the United States, in 1892.

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. Cuckoo Feathers. Marshall Cavendish, 2006.
Illustrated by Marcy Ramsey.
Sarah has to deal with a pigeon problem in this transitional title for younger readers.

Nimmo, Jenny. Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors. Orchard Books, 2005.
J FIC Nim v. 4
The fourth novel in the "Charlie Bone" series.

Parkinson, Siobhan. Something Invisible. Roaring Brook Press, 2006.
Jake has a new baby sister and finds a new friend, Stella, but when tragedy strikes what will it mean for all three of them?

Peters, Stephanie. Lacrosse Face-Off. Little, Brown and Company, 2006.
From the Matt Christopher sports series comes this story about Garry and his brother Todd and their relationship on the lacrosse field and off.

Singh, Vandana. Younguncle Comes to Town. Viking, 2006.
Illustrated by B. M. Kamath.
Experience India through the adventures of Younguncle!

Wiles, Deborah. Each Little Bird that Sings. Gulliver Books, 2005.
Learn about how a young girl named Comfort deals with the death of a relative, an annoying cousin, her friend Declaration and her dog, named Dismay.

New Juvenile Beginner Books for June!

Juvenile Beginner Books:

Delacre, Lulu. Rafi and Rosi: Carnival! HarperCollins Publishers, 2006.
J Beg Del
Rafi and Rosi are celebrating Carnival by dressing up, making parade floats and sharing candy!
A glossary of Spanish words is included.

Guest, Elissa Haden. Iris and Walter and the Birthday Party. Harcourt, Inc., 2006.
Illustrated by Christine Davenier.
J Beg Gue
Walter receives a big surprise for his birthday!

Howe, James. Houndsley and Catina. Candlewick Press, 2006.
Illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay.
J Beg How
Two friends learn about how to best use their talents in this charming title.

Thomas, Shelley Moore. Happy Birthday, Good Knight! Dutton Children's Books, 2006.
Pictures by Jennifer Plecas.
J Beg Tho
Will the good knight have a good birthday?! You will have to read this book to find out!

New Juvenile Non-Fiction Books for June!

Juvenile Non-Fiction:

Freedman, Russell. Children of the Great Depression. Clarion Books, 2005.
J 305.23 Fre
Learn about what life was like growing up during the Great Depression.

Diakite, Baba Wague, ad. The Hunterman and the Crocodile. Scholastic Press, 1997.
J 398.2 Dia
Winner of the Coretta Scott King Award.
This is a fabulous retelling of a story about man's place in nature.

Abeya, Elisabet, ad. Hansel and Gretel/Hansel Y Gretel. Chronicle Books, 2005.
J 468 Abe
Illustrated by Cristina Losantos.
A bilingual retelling of the classic tale!

Danneberg, Julie. Que nervios! El primer dia de escuela. Charlesbridge, 2006.
J 468 Dan
Illustrated by Judy Love.
Entirely written in spanish, this is a story about fearing the first day of school.

Erdich, Lise. Sacagawea. ediciones Lerner, 2005.
J 468 Erd
Illustrations by Julie Buffalohead.
Also, written entirely in spanish, this is the story of one of our country's bravest women.

Escardo Bas I, Merce, ad. The Three Little Pigs/Los Tres Cerditos. Chronicle Books, 2006.
Illustrations by Pere Joan.
J 468 Esc
A bilingual retelling of our favorite little piggies!

Kudlinski, Kathleen V. Boy, Were We Wrong about Dinosaurs! Dutton Children's Books, 2005.
Illustrations by S.D. Schindler.
J 567.9 Kud
Find out new information on some of your favorite dinosaurs!

Aston, Dianna. An Egg is Quiet. Chronicle Books, 2006.
Illustrations by Sylvia Long.
J 591.468 Ast
A beautiful look at all sorts of facts about eggs!

Singer, Marilyn. What Stinks? Darby Creek Publishing, 2006.
J 591.5 Sin
Smelly fungus, stinky feet, elephant pee-pee and poop, lots of poop!

Rosen, Michael J. Balls! Darby Creek Publishing, 2006.
Illustrations by John Margeson.
J 796.3 Ros
Everything you ever wanted to know about basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, tennis balls, volleyballs and most sports-related balls you can imagine!

Stewart, Mark and Mike Kennedy. Long Ball: The Legend and Lore of the Home Run. Millbrook Press, 2006.
J 796.357 Ste
And everything you ever wanted to know about the history of home runs! Go White Sox!

Sidman, Joyce. Meow Ruff: A Story in Concrete Poetry. Houghton Mifflin Company, 2006.
Illustrated by Michelle Berg.
J 811.54 Sid
Take a look at this very creative poetry!

Raczka, Bob. Here's Looking at Me: How Artists See Themselves. Millbrook Press, 2006.
J 920 Rac
Learn about fourteen different artists and how they each see themselves in art.

McCully, Emily Arnold. Marvelous Mattie: How Margaret E. Knight Became an Inventor. Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 2006.
J 921 Knight, M.
Read about the life of a female inventor who created the process to make the paper bags we use today!

Govenar, Alan, ed. Stompin' at the Savoy: the Story of Norma Miller. Candlewick Press, 2006.
Illustrated by Martin French.
J 921 Miller, N.
Discover one of America's greatest jazz dancers in this elegantly illustrated biography!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New Juvenile Picture Books for June!

Juvenile Picture Books:

Becker, Shari. Maxwell's Mountain. Charlesbridge, 2006.
J E Bec
Illustrations by Nicole Wong.
Find out if Maxwell becomes a "true outdoorsman."

Best, Cari. Sally Jean, the Bicycle Queen. Melanie Kroupa Books, 2006.
J E Bes
Illustrations by Christine Davenier.
What will Sally Jean, self-proclaimed "Bicycle Queen," do when she outgrows her bike, Flash?!

Child, Lauren. But Excuse Me That is My Book. Dial Books for Young Readers, 2005.
J E Chi
Charlie and his little sister Lola are back! Lola has a one track mind when it comes to her favorite library book. Will Charlie be able to show her the other wonders of the library?!

Cleary, Brian P. Stop and Go, Yes and No: What is an Antonym? Millbrook Press, 2006.
J E Cle
Illustrations by Brian Gable
Learn all about crazy opposites in this helpful title!

Crews, Nina. Below. Henry Holt and Company, 2006.
J E Cre
Join Jack and Guy on their stairstep adventures!

Cunnane, Kelly. For You are a Kenyan Child. An Anne Schwartz Book/Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2006.
J E Cun
Art by Ana Juan.
Discover what life would be like if you had been born in Kenya! Learn some Swahili! This title counts for extra summer reading points, too! What's not to love?!

Fisher, Jeffrey. The Hair Scare. Bloomsbury Children's Books, 2005.
J E Fis
What happens when the king bans hairdressers?! And flourless chocolate cake?!

Hills, Tad. Duck and Goose. Schwartz and Wade Books, 2006.
J E Hil
Will Duck and Goose develop a friendship or become enemies all because egg?!

O'Connor, Jane. Fancy Nancy. HarperCollins Publishers, 2006.
Illustrations by Robin Preiss Glasser
Just how fancy can one little girl become?! You will be suprised.

Shannon, David. Good Boy, Fergus. The Blue Sky Press, 2006.
J E Sha
Fergus is a mischievous little dog. Kids and adults are sure to enjoy (and understand) this funny title.

Viorst, Judith. Just In Case. Ginee Seo Books/Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2006.
J E Vio
Illustrations by Diana Cain Bluthenthal.
Charlie is just about ready for anything! Find out what surprises him in this book!

Watt, Melanie. Scaredy Squirrel. Kids Can Press, 2006.
J E Wat
Get the low-down on the day in the life of an agoraphobic squirrel. It's humorous, trust me!

Monday, June 12, 2006

A couple of new titles!

Juvenile Non-Fiction:

Gomi, Taro. Spring Is Here/Llego la Primavera. Chronicle Books, 2006.
J 468 Gom
An introduction to spring in simple English and Spanish!

Juvenile Fiction:

Willems, Mo. Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! Hyperion Books for Children, 2006.
J E Wil (2 copies)
The Pigeon is back! Can you get him to go to bed?!

Woodson, Jacqueline. Show Way. G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2005.
J E Woo
With Illustrations by Hudson Talbott.
A heartwarming series of quilts tells the stories of generations of women in Woodson's family.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Monday is the big day!

Join us on Monday, June 12, 2006 for our official start of the Summer Reading Safari!
Come on in and register (if you have not already done so) and get your face painted like a wild animal!

We are out of tickets for our Storyteller event in the evening but we do have a wait list!

Looking forward to seeing all of your happy faces on Monday!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

New Juvenile Non-Fiction!

Loads of new Non-Fiction:

Del Negro, Janice, ad. Willa and the Wind. Marshall Cavendish Children, 2005.
J 398.2 Del
Illustrated by Heather Solomon.
Enjoy this fabulous retelling of a Norwegian folktale (no wonder Miss Kathy likes it so much!)

Norman, Howard, ad. The Girl Who Dreamed Only Geese and Other Tales of the Far North. Gulliver Books, 1997.
J 398.2 Nor
Illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon.
A wonderful addition to our collection this title provides ten Inuit tales!

Carlson, Nancy. Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come!/Preparate, Kindergarten! Alla voy! Viking, 2004.
J 468 Car
A bilingual look at getting ready for Kindergarten!

Coxon, Michele. Le has dado de comer al gato?/Have You Fed the Cat? Star Bright Books, 2004.
J 468 Cox
A bilingual look at what happens when everyone feeds the cat!

Miller, Edward. The Monster Health Book: A Guide to Eating Healthy, Being Active and Feeling Great for Monsters and Kids! Holiday House, 2006.
J 613.7 Mil
Learn the facts about food and exercise for monsters and kids alike!

Ames, Lee J. The Draw 50 Way. Broadway Books, 2005.
J 741.2 Ame
Perfect for beginning artists or if you just like to doodle!

Cooper, Elisha. Dance! Greenwillow Books, 2001.
J 792.8 Coo

Join a dance company as the prepare to perform!

Ingram, Scott. The Making of a Champion: A Football All-Pro. Heinemann Library, 2005.
J 796.332 Ing
Read about what it takes to be a National Football Player.

Adoff, Arnold. Love Letters. The Blue Sky Press, 1997.
J 811.54 Ado
With illustrations by Lisa Desmini.
In the mood for l'amour? Take a look at these lovely poems!

Bernier-Grand, Carmen T. Cesar: Si, Se Puede!/Yes, We Can! Marshall Cavendish, 2004.
J 811.54 Ber
A collection of inspiring poetry about Cesar Chavez.

Nelson, Marilyn. A Wreath for Emmett Till. Houghton Mifflin Company, 2005.
J 811.54 Nel
Illustrated by Philippe Lardy.
A Coretta Scott King Award Honor Book, this is a collection of sonnets written for a young man whose life ended tragically in 1955.

Sidman, Joyce. Song of the Water Boatman and Other Pond Poems. Houghton Mifflin, 2005.
J 811.54 Sid
With beautiful illustrations by Beckie Prange.
This collection of poems is also a 2006 Caldecott Honor Book!

Taylor, Ina. The Art of Kate Greenaway: A Nostalgic Portrait of Childhood. Pelican Publishing Company, 1991.
J 921 Tay

Have a look at the works of English artist Kate Greenaway.

Adler, David A. Heroes of the Revolution. Holiday House, 2003.
J 973.3 Adl

Learn about famous Americans from Crispus Attucks to Deborah Sampson to Paul Revere!

Bolden, Tonya. Maritcha: A Nineteenth-Century American Girl. Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 2005.
J 974.71 Bol

Discover the life of a young African-American woman who lived in the nineteenth century.

New Juvenile Beginner and Fiction Titles!

Juvenile Beginner Books:

Thomas, Shelley Moore. Happy Birthday, Good Knight. Dutton Children's Books, 2006.
J Beg Tho
Illustrated by Jennifer Plecas.
The three little dragons learn what makes the best birthday gift!

Van Leeuwen, Jean. Amanda Pig and the Really Hot Day. Dial Books for Young Readers, 2005.
J Beg Van
With pictures by Ann Schweninger.
Just in time for summer! Find out how to keep cool with Amanda Pig!

Juvenile Fiction Books:

Adler, David A. Cam Jansen and the Valentine Baby Mystery. Viking, 2005.
J Fic Adl
Will Cam solve a Valentine's Day mystery before she becomes a big sister?!

Amato, Mary. Snarf Attack, Underfoodle and the Secret of Life: The Riot Brothers Tell All. Holiday House, 2004.
J Fic Ama
Illustrations by Ethan Long.
What exactly is the secret of life? Surely two brothers who entertain each other by squirting milk out of their noses must know!

Coxon, Michele. Have You Fed the Cat? Star Bright Books, 2004.
J Fic Cox
Find out what happens when no one communicates about feeding the cat!

Levy, Elizabeth. Tackling Dad. HarperCollins Publishers, 2005.
J Fic Lev
A girl playing football?! Discover Cassie's struggles as a female football player and how she relates to her newly remarried father in this clever title!

Uhlberg, Myron. Dad, Jackie, and Me. Peachtree, 2005.
J Fic Uhl
Illustrations by Colin Bootman.
Learn how Jackie Robinson, the first black major league baseball player, brings a father and son together over the course of the summer of 1947!