Monday, June 30, 2008

Come check out these new chapter books:

Mr. Popper's Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater
This is an old classic about Mr. Popper supporting 12 penguins.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum
This is an incredible pop-up book of this old classic story.

Werewolves Don't Go To Summer Camp by Debbie Dadey
Is the hairy camp director really a werewolf?

Who is Stealing the 12 Days of Christmas by Martha Freeman
Someone is stealing the yard decorations of the 12 days of Christmas. Alex, Yasmeen, and the detective cat have to crack the case before it ruins the Christmas tradition.

Scooby-Doo and the Frankenstein Monster by James Gelsey
The wax museum monster looks like he is going to come to life and steal the rare necklace. Scooby and the gang have to melt that monster before the necklace is gone forever.

Sardine in Outer Space 2 by Emmanuel Guibert
Sardine, Little Louie, and Captain Yellow Shoulder must keep the evil Supermuscleman from brainwashing children with his machine. This is a graphic novel.

Running Out of Time by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Diphtheria strikes the frontier village and the children are dying. It's up to Jessie to get help. She discovers that the world beyond the village is more alien and threatening than she could have imagined.

My Life as a Walrus Whoopee Cushion by Bill Myers
Wally McDoogle and his buddies win the Gazillion Dollar Lotto. In this story they learn about the dangers of both greed and materialism.

The Littles and the Lost Children by John Peterson
This is another adventure about people who are no more than six inches tall. Where did the lost children come from? Where do they belong?

Syke's the Limit! by Megan Shull
Twelve-year-old Syke signs up for Cat Island Adventure Camp and thinks she's in for the summer of a lifetime. But once she's 3000 miles from home, battling mammoth mountain peaks and the meanest girl she has ever met, she wonders if she can survive. She may discover she's stonger than she thinks.

Yours Truly, Syke O'Shea by Megan Shull
Eleven-year-old hockey player Syke deals with boys, sisters, math tests, team tryouts, and other ups and downs of middle school.

The New Ron (a Kim Possible book) adapted by Kiki Thorpe
Kim Possible's friend, Ron, gets a new look and a brand new Ron emerges. Will Kim be able to save the world AND her friendship with Ron?

Friday, June 27, 2008

These new beginner books are ready to be checked out!

Inside a Barn in the Country by Alyssa Satin Capucilli
This is a rebus read-along book.

Bo and Peter by Betsy Franco
This story tells about what best friends do during the day.

Charlotte's Web adapted by Jennifer Frantz
Wilbur makes new friends in new home.

The Berry Best Friends' Picnic by Jackie Glassman
Strawberry Shortcake and her friends have to share ingredients when getting ready for a picnic.

Dora the Explorer: Just Like Dora! by Allison Inches
Dora's friends follow her to a yummy surprise.

Cars: Driving Buddies adapted by Apple Jordan
This is a story about McQueen the race car.

Cars: Old, New, Red, Blue by Melissa Lagonegro
The cars tell about colors and sizes.

Henry and Mudge and the Funny Lunch by Cynthia Rylant
This is another adventure with Henry and Mudge.

The Littles and the Summer Storm based on books by John Peterson
The drain is clogged and the basement is flooding. How will the family get to the drain?

Come see our new picture books!

The Berenstain Bears and the Substitute Teacher by Stan & Jan Berenstain
Will the class play tricks on the substitute teacher or will they behave?

Barney's Christmas Surprise by Mark S. Bernthal
What will the suprise be for Barney?

Disney's Aladdin: The Magic Carpet Ride
This is a story about Aladdin and Princess Jasmine.

Opposites by Monique Felix
This is a wordless book showing pictures of opposites when you turn each page.

My Friends by Taro Gomi
A little girl learns to walk, climb, and study the earth from her animal friends.

Kate's Giants by Valiska Gregory
Kate realizes that if she can think about the monsters coming out of the door then she can think them back out the door.

ABC Valentine by Pamela Jane
There is a Valentine item for every letter of the alphabet in this story.

What Would Barney Say? by Sheryl Leach
The reader has to figure out what Barney might say in different situations throughout the day.

We Like To Do Things by Walter M. Mason
This book is all about verbs (actions).

Just Lost! by Gina and Mercer Mayer
Little Critter gets lost in the mall and the security guards help him find Mom.

Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Camel with the Wrinkled Knees adapted by Jan Palmer
A toy camel helps Raggedy Ann and Andy find the lost doll.

The Bag I'm Taking To Grandma's by Shirley Neitzel
With the turn of each page, the bag going to Grandma's gets fuller and fuller.

Penguin Pete and Little Tim by Marcus Pfister
See what happens with Penguin and Tim after a the snow falls.

Dora the Explorer: Show Me Your Smile! by Christine Ricci
This story is all about a visit to the dentist.

Brave Lion, Scared Lion by Joan Stimson
Even though baby lion cubs don't act perfectly, Mom still loves them.

Halloween Alphabet by Beverly Barras Vidrine
See what spooky item comes up on each page with a different letter of the alphabet.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Fiction Books! Check for these great books on the New Fiction Book Shelf

Two new The Danger Joe Show books titled Back to the Bayou and Bungee Baboon Rescue.
Danger Joe Denim the host of a wildlife show on tv, and his son, travel the globe in search of the most magnificent animals. Labled on the shelf as j FIC Bul.

Soccer Around the World by Tracey West.
Everybody's favorites, Maya and Miguel team up for another adventure. A third grade reading level. j FIC Wes

Paddington at the Tower by Michael Bond and Fred Banbery
First published in 1975, children still love Paddington. Why are the ravens following Paddington? What do they want? j FIC Bon

The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes; Knowledge is Power by Anne Mazer.
Abby is starting 6th grade at last! She thiniks she is ready for anything- until she makes a mortifying mistake on her very first day! 5th grade reading level, j FIC Maz
Ripley's Believe It or Not! Creepy Stuff by Mary Packard
Take a peek and be amazed by the spine-tingling world around you!

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Optical Illusions by Gen Shibuya and Hal Just
Can you trust your own eyes? Maybe ...Maybe Not!!

Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes
Why not cook up some Stink Bugs' Eggs? mmmm....

Nursery Rhymes
A beautifully illustrated miniature book of beloved nursery rhymes.

Christian Mother Goose
Rock-a-Bye Bible by Marjorie Ainsborough Decker
Little Bo-Peep Has lost her sheep and doesn't know where to find them; But Jesus knows and can bring them home, wagging their tails behind them.

2 New Star Wars Adventures Game Books
Hunt the Sun Runner and The Cavern of Screaming Skulls by Ryder Windham
A ghost ship is on a crash course with a helpless planet. First you must find it. Then you must stop it. May the force be with you.

Science Around the Year by Janice VanCleave
Figure out the answers to these and many other scientific mysteries with this awesome assortment of experiments, projects and facts for every season of the year.

121 Holiday Crafts Kids Can Make from the Highlights Magazine

1-2-3 Draw Mythical Creatures: a step by step guide by Freddie Levin

Christmas Fun; Holiday Crafts and Treats by Diane Cherkerzian
Creative Uses For Recyclables

The Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book; Creative Fun for 2 to 6 year olds. by Judy Press

Two new Charlie Brown comic books.
Now, That's Profound Charlie Brown and Dogs Are Worth It! by Charles M. Schulz

We Like to Nurse by Chia Martin
A simple picture book of animals nursing their young.

Pigs by Gail Gibbons
A great non-fiction book all about pigs.

By My Brothers Side by Tiki and Ronde Barber
Tiki breaks his leg and Ronde must play with out him.

Skateboarding Skills; the rider's guide by Ben Powell
A step by step guide to performing skateboard tricks.

Whatever the Weather by Karen Wallace
A level one reader all about the weather and basic weather terms.

Elijah Wood by Danny Fingeroth
A biography about Elijah Wood and his superstar movie career.

I Wonder How Parrots Can Talk
Amazing but true facts about birds.

Penguin, Penguin by Margaret Hillert
A early reader book all about penguins. Check out other books featured on .

The Egg
A first Discovery book all about the egg. An easy reader.

Big Machines by Karen Wallace
A level 1 reader about cranes, dump trucks, fork lifts, and steam rollers!

Two new I Spy books, Santa Claus and Dinosaur's Eye.
Easy reader with just 3 to 4 things to find per page.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We have several new board books for our collection:
Worms Wiggle
Scruffy Teddy's book of Shapes
Touch and Feel Home
Big Dog and Little Dog
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
Big Red Barn
Gingerbread Baby
The Mitten
Two Worlds Together in Me
First Numbers
Where's Spot?
Eating the Alphabet
Cookie Kisses
Bunny's Numbers
Elmer's Colors
Moo, Moo, Peekaboo!
Noni Touches
Noni Sees
Polly Put the Kettle On and Other Play Rhymes

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Reading is finally here.

This year we have a ton of fun events that everyone can enjoy.

It still is not to late to join. Read and get prizes thats all there is to it.

There are a lot of activities that you can do to help make your summer fun. We have days where we make crafts. We also play movies on Fridays where you can watch a movie and drink root beer floats during the movie.

We also have special guest that are coming to the library to entertain you. For example Magician Mark Lehman is coming on July 12th at 2:30. Come have fun at Ocean Bubbles on June 14th at 10:00am.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

We have 2 new non-fiction titles:

The Nursery Rhymes of Winnie the Pooh - A Classic Disney Treasury

Sisters and Brothers by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page
This is all about sibling relationships in the animal world.

We have several new picture books:

Magnus at the Fire by Jennifer Armstrong
This Young Hoosier Book Nominee is about an oldtime horse that works at the fire station. But, when the motorized fire engine is invented Magnus is not ready to retire.

There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow! by Lucille Colandro
This is a take off of the Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. Instead, she swallows other things and then there is a surprise ending.

The Easter Bunny That Overslept by Priscilla and Otto Friedrich
Since the Easter Bunny oversleeps on Easter, he tries to deliver the eggs on Mother's Day, the Fourth of July, and Halloween. But, it's Santa that gets him back on track.

Edsel The Elephant Who Learned to Share by Sunny Griffin
This rhyming book is actually a sweet book about friendship.

Maybe a Bear Ate It! by Robie H. Harris
This delightful book is about a character looking for his book.

Little Bunny Follows His Nose by Katherine Howard
Little Bunny's mother tells him to go outside to play and to follow his nose. He finds many wonderful things to smell.

Pokemon - Mewtwo Strikes Back

The Sandman
This charming book is about the Sandman who keeps watch over children sleeping at night.

The Cat in the Hat - the Movie!

Grumpy Cat by Britta Teckentrup
Once there was a cat who looked grumpy. But, he wasn't grumpy, he was just lonely. Read to see what happens to make him happy in the end.

We have several new chapter books too:

Fort Last Voyage of the Griffon (Adventures of Pachelot series) by Wendy Caszatt-Allen
This is book one in this series. It's about a dog that helps his master and others along the way.

Fort Brokenheart (Adventures of Pachelot series) by Wendy Caszatt-Allen
This is book two in this series. It's about a dog looking for two friends in the wilderness.

Angelica for President by Erica David
This is a Rugrat book.

Winnie the Pooh's Bedtime Stories by Bruce Talkington

Uh-Oh Cleo by Jessica Harper
The day starts out normal and then it ends up being Stitches Saturday because of a cut on the head.

The New Prophecy Warriors series by Erin Hunter includes:

Goldie by Ellen Miles
This is another book in The Puppy Place series about a puppy that finds a home.

Attack of the Growling Eyeballs by Lin Oliver
Daniel lives with his three sisters, his mother, his grandmother, and his great-grandmother and has always wanted a brother. One day he suddenly shrinks to the size of a toe and discovers he has a twin brother the same size.

Two books in the Jack Russell: Dog Detective series by Darrel and Sally Odgers:
Dog Den Mystery
The Phantom Mudder

Isabel and the Miracle Baby by Emily smith Pearce
Isabel is jealous of her baby sister and feels like mom has no time for her now. She is also worried that mom's cancer may return. It finally comes to a point where Isabel can't hold back her feelings any longer.

Fly Like the Wind by Bridgette Z. Savage
This is based on a true story of a horse and her rider in the American Civil War.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New Picture Books Today!!!

Johnny Tractor And Friends Working Together, by T.J. Cahill
Danny Dozer, Luke Loader and Grady Grader cooperate to get a big job done. A John Deere storybook for little folks.

Wheel Away! by Dayle Ann Dodds
A runaway wheel takes a bouncy, bumpy, amusing journey through town.

Pumpkinhead byEric Rohmann
Life is bound to be different for Otho, a boy with a pumpkin for a head. He is about to plunge headlong into a long and perilous adventure filled with difficulties.

Jimmy's Sunny Book, by Paul Dowling
Follow Jimmy and his puppy as they head out of doors on a bright, sunny day. A child pulls the tab and magic happens! The sun comes up! Shadows appear! Jimmy can be drenched with water!

Manatee Winter, by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld
A mother manatee and her little calf travel from the Gulf of Mexico through dangerous water full of speeding boats.

George and Martha Back In Town, by James Marshall
Though their friendship is often tested, George and Martha survive with a sense of humor.

A Guest Is A Guest, by John Himmelman
Chaos prevails when the barnyard animals decide to live in the house with Farmer Beanbuckets and his family.

Five Secrets In A Box, by Catherine Brighton
This is a story about the scientist Galileo and his daughter, Virginia, who lived four hundred years ago in Italy.

Curious George The Movie, by Margret and H.A. Rey
George was a gook little monkey...and always very curious!

Thumbelina, by Sue Kassierer
Tiny Barbie Thumbelina marries a handsome little man.

We've Got A New Beginner Book!

Zack's Alligator Goes To School, by Shirley Mozelle
Briget, an alligator key chain that grows into a full-sized creature when dunked in water, creates chaotic fun when Zack takes her to school for show-and-tell. Sequel to "Zack's Alligator."

New non-fiction books!!

Chewing The Cud, Dick King-Smith
Dick King-Smith recounts his life from soldier to farmer to salesman to factory worker to teacher to, finally, author.

Who Made God?, Larry Libby
Children have questions about God that seem to have no logical explanation. This book offers sensitive, answers to difficult questions.

Noah's Ark, by Peter Spier
The story of Noah and the Ark.

A Nest Full Of Eggs, by Priscilla Belz jenkins
What's inside that pretty blue egg? A baby bird slowly develops inside that egg until one day it cracks through the shell and soon it will learn how to fly and take care of itself.

Why Does Water Wiggle?
Learn about the world with this collection of stories about animals, your body, scientific experiments, elec-tricks and more.

Tools, by Ken Robbins
Twenty-three full-color, labeled photographs of tools include paintbrush, screwdriver, trowel, and pliers.

Christmas Fun, by Anthony Tallarico
Search for Santa in this fun-filled activity book.