Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Audio Books

The Moon Over Star - On her family's farm in the town of Star, eight-year-old Mae eagerly follows the progress of the 1969 Apollo 11 flight and moon landing and dreams that she might one day be an astronaut, too.

Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa Horse in the House - When Cocoa decides to explore the house, Cowgirl Kate has a hard time convincing him he must return to the barn.

Library Mouse A Friend's Tale - Sam the library mouse loves to write, and the children love his little books, which he leaves on the library shelves for them to find. But no one at the library has ever met him. When Tom can't find a partner for a book-making assignment and finds Sam's secret hole behind the children's reference section, will the pair be able to work together, or will Sam's secret identity be spoiled forever?

Barack - Winter tells the moving story of Barack Obama. Beginning in Africa and Kansas, this enlightening biography describes Obama's life as an ongoing journey, from his birth in Hawaii to his election as president. Obama emerges as someone who, even from an early age, wondered where he belonged and who he might become.

Froggy Goes to Camp - Froggy goes to a sleep-away camp, where all of his fun seems to cause trouble for the camp's director.

Flamingos on the Roof -Brown crafts 29 nonsense poems conjuring mythic and contemporary images of everything from gatorflies to light-bulb-topped birthday cakes. Kids will revel in the lively wordplay, while parents and teachers will recognize the value in teaching kids alliterative and assonant sounds.

Man Sponge Saves the Day! - Plankton and his bad-guys try to take over Bikini Bottom while Mermaidman and Barnacleboy are out of town. Can Man Sponge save the day?

Alligator Shoes by Arthus Dorros -An alligator with an interest in footwear spends the night locked in a shoe store trying on the merchandise.

Thomas Goes Fishing - Envious of the children who are fishing in the river near the railroad tracks, Thomas the tank engine finds a way to enjoy the same activity.

Say Please by Virginia Austin - Having heard the farm animals say "Please" with woofs, quacks, oinks, and meows, Tom adopts the same noises when he asks his aunt to read him a story.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Non-fiction

Bunches of Buttons Counting by Tens by Michael Dahl -Help Billy count the buttons in his collection.

Just the Right Size by Nicola Davies-
From a celebrated team comes a fascinating look at why we don't have super powers- and why size matters, for creatures big and small. Did you ever wonder why there are no high-fl ying, wall-climbing, tall-building-leaping superheroes in real life? Find out what keeps big animals (like us) from engaging in astonishing feats of strength and agility, and yet why being tiny and all-powerful might have a downside. What if you could lift fifty times your weight (hello, ant), but getting wet could kill you? Or you could soar like a bird, but a cold breeze would do you in? Whether big or small, our size defi nes more about us than we could ever imagine. Join the duo that brought us POOP, EXTREME ANIMALS, and WHAT'S EATING YOU? for a fun and intriguing exploration of what it means to be just the right size.

Life in the Boreal Forest by Brenda Guiberson -The boreal forest is buried in ice and snow during winter. But in summer lakes teem with fish, and bogs swarm with insects. Follow a snowshoe hare, beavers, a lynx, and other animals as they survive a year in this endangered landscape.

The Fastest Game on Two Feet - Sports have origins in all kinds of activities, such as playing with sticks and stones, running from threats, and taking part in religious ceremonies. Using conjecture and historical facts, this book of poetry and prose relates how nineteen sports got their start and grew into the games we know today.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Eagle by Jeff Stone - After attacking and killing his former grandmaster, sixteen-year-old Ying realizes he has been betrayed in addition to being wanted for treason, and consequently is forced to turn to Hok, his old temple sister, for help.

Sent by Margaret Haddix - Jonah, Katherine, Chip, and Alex suddenly find themselves in 1483 at the Tower of London, where they discover that Chip and Alex are Prince Edward V and Richard of Shrewsbury, imprisoned by their uncle, King Richard III, but trying to repair history without knowing what is supposed to happen proves challenging. Author's note includes historical facts about the princes and king.

Gullible Gus by Maxine Schur - Tired of the teasing he gets for being the most gullible man in Texas, Cowboy Gus goes to Fibrock to find the biggest liar there in hopes of hearing a tall tale that is impossible for anyone--even him--to believe

Surf's Up SpongeBob! -SpongeBob accepts Sandy's invitation to go surfing at Goo Lagoon, and then realizes he doesn't know how to surf! It's Patrick to the rescue as he shows SpongeBob how to hang ten right in their backyard. Will SpongeBob wipe out the next day when he gets caught up in a huge wave?

Little Engines Can Do Big Things - Thomas and the Magic Railroad- Thomas and his friends prove that little engines can do big jobs.

Grandma's Button Box by Linda Aber - When she spills her grandmother's button box, Kelly and her cousins try to sort them by size, color, and shape and they earn Grandma's gratitude.

Dog and Bear Three to Get Ready by Laura Seeger- Bear has a bucket stuck on his head, but luckily, Dog has a plan. It's not a perfect plan, but in this and two other stories, imperfect plans still work out when good friends help each other.

Centipede's 100 Shoes by Tony Ross - But when are one hundred shoes too many shoes? And what do you do with too many shoes? Why, you give them away! Find out who gets them in this delightfully silly story about a centipede with sore feet.

Walter the Farting Dog by William Kotzwinkle -
Warning: This book may cause flatulence. Walter is a fine dog, except for one small problem: he has gas. He can't help it; it's just the way he is. Fortunately, the kids Billy and Betty love him regardless, but Father says he's got to go! Poor Walter, he's going to the dog pound tomorrow. And then, in the night, burglars strike. Walter has his chance to be a hero. Destined to become a children's classic, this story will have kids rolling on the floor with laughter. Adults are permitted to laugh too!

My Name is Sangoel by Karen Williams -As a refugee from Sudan to the United States, Sangoel is frustrated that no one can pronounce his name correctly until he finds a clever way to solve the problem.

Panda and Polar Bear by Matthew Baek - Curious to know what lies beyond his wintry world, a polar bear goes exploring, falls into a mud puddle, and is mistaken for a panda by a new playmate.

Pajama Day by Lynn Plourde - Drew, who has a hard time remembering things, forgets to wear his pajamas to school on Pajama Day but still manages to make the best of the situation.

Tractor Day by Candice Ransom -Simple rhyming text describes a child's day spent riding on the tractor with Daddy at their small farm.

Voyage to the Pharos by Sarah Gauch - Dino has a dream. As a boy growing up on the small island of Rhodes in the Mediterranean, he has heard about a lighthouse far away across the sea in Alexandria, Egypt. But it isn't just any lighthouse. It is the Pharos, one of the tallest buildings in all the world with statues of gods and great kings, and at the very top a giant, roaring bonfire that guides ships from miles away. More than anything, Dino wants to be on one of those ships. But getting on a ship and surviving on one are two very different things.Based on one of the most amazing wonders of the ancient world, Voyage to the Pharos brings together stunning illustrations with a tale of timeless and thrilling adventure.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Fawn and the Mysterious Trickster - Fawn and her best friend, fellow animal-talent fairy Beck, get into an all-out "pranking battle" before realizing that someone else may be getting in on the fun.

Tonka If I Could Drive a Loader! Parker loves playing with his favorite toy truck, his loader. One day a real loader shows up right in front of Parker's house. He wonders if he could drive a loader, and his imagination takes off, showing readers the many jobs a loader can do, from scooping dirt to leveling fields.

Thomas and Friends - Down and the Docks-Thomas is just in the way as his friends help prepare for a big ocean show at the docks, but when Percy is startled by one of the exhibits and creates havoc, Thomas helps get things back on track.

Clifford Goes to Hollywood - Clifford makes a movie.

Scooby-Doo in Jungle Jeopardy - Scooby and the gang are enjoying an archaeological excavation in the jungle when a crazed half-man, half-beast appears, warning the team to stay away. The gang needs to solve the mystery and stop the monster.

Dora Saves the Snow Princess - Dora, Boots, and the Snowflake Fairy are off to save La Princess Sabrina and her snowy forest from a mean witch who has locked her in a tower and taken away her magic snow crystal. Dora's going to need your help because time is running out and the snowy forest is almost melted.

Dora and the Rainbow Kite Festival - Dora goes to the Kite Festival.

Dora Follow those Feet! Dora and Boots have found some strange footprints in the sandbox, and need the reader's help to discover who--or what--made them. Features rebuses.

The Amazing SpongeBobini - The circus is coming to Bikini Bottom, but Patrick has a cold so he can't go. SpongeBob has to find a way to bring the circus to him.

New Truck on the Block -Red, a young fire truck, is new to Green Meadows, and he and the other fire trucks got off to a bad start. Red's just eager to do his best, but Crabby and Petrol think he's being a show-off! But when one of the trucks gets stuck in a tight spot, will the other two be able to work as a team to save the day?

Puppies in the Snow -counting, rhyming puppies.

Care Bears Christmas Cheer -The Care Bears lean to brighten up Christmas with cheerfulness.

Let's Go Apple Picking! Max and Mo, the class hamsters, have fun after the students return from picking apples. Includes instructions for making apple prints and a recipe for applesauce.

Let's Make a Snowman! When it starts snowing one school day, Max and Mo, the art room hamsters, watch the "Big Ones" outside making snowmen, and they decide to make one too. Includes instructions for making a paper snowflake and snowman.

For the Love of Bubbles - After bumping his head, SpongeBob can't remember who he is.

Amazing Snakes! Simple text discusses the physical characteristics and typical behaviors of snakes as well as their place in the world.

The Amazing Book of Mammal Records - Introduces, in question and answer format, such record-breaking mammals as the cheetah, blue whale, koala, giraffe, and water buffalo.

The Greatest Baseball Records - Short stories and tables of statistics describe the history and greatest records of Major League Baseball.