Monday, July 31, 2006

Some new fiction reads for kids...

Butler, Dori Hillestad. Tank Talbott's Guide to Girls. Albert Whitman and Company, 2006.
Tank is not having a great summer vacation and it is about to get much worse. Find out why in this amusing title!

DuPrau, Jeanne. The People of Sparks. Random House, 2004.
This is the sequel to The City of Ember in which Lina and Doon try to bring unity to the people of Ember and the people of Sparks.

Ford, Christine. Scout. Delacorte Press, 2006.
Enjoy this introspective novel written in verse form.

Gregory, Kristiana. Catherine: The Great Journey. Scholastic, Inc., 2005.
A work of historical fiction about one of Russia's most powerful women.

Haven, Paul. Two Hot Dogs with Everything. Random House, 2006.
Illustrations by Tim Jessell
A must-read for all baseball fans! Or even if you just have a hankering for a story that involves hot dogs! I'm hungry!

Vidal, Beatriz. Frederico and the Magi's Gift: A Latin American Christmas Story. Alfred A. Knopf, 2004.
Get a jump ahead on those warm holiday feelings with this beautifully illustrated story!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

New Juvenile Non-Fiction for Back-to-School Time!

Daly, Jude. To Everything There Is a Season. Eerdman's Books for Young Readers, 2006.
J 223.8 Dal
The words from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 describe the seasons on a South African homestead quite beautifully.

Hopkinson, Deborah. Up Before Daybreak: Cotton and People in America. Scholastic Nonfiction, 2006.
J 331.7 Hop
Stories of those who worked in the cotton trade and may have been forgotten through the centuries are revealed in this extensively researched title.

Ellis, Deborah. Our Stories, Our Songs: African Children Talk About AIDS. Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2005.
J 362.7 Ell
An Association For Library Service to Children Notable Book, this title conveys the experience of millions of children living in present-day Africa.

Onyefulu, Ifeoma. Here Comes Our Bride! An African Wedding Story. Frances Lincoln Children's Books, 2004.
J 392.5 Ony
Learn about the customs and preparations made for an African Wedding!

Carling, Amelia Lau. Alfombras de Aserrin. Un Libro Tigrillo, 2005.
J 468 Car
The charming story "Sawdust Carpets" entirely in spanish! This is the story of young girls from a Buddhist family experiencing Holy Week in Antigua for the first time.

Delacre, Lulu, comp. Arrorro, Mi Nino: Latino Lullabies and Gentle Games. Lee & Low Books, Inc., 2004.
J 468 Del
Lovely lullabies and poems in both English and Spanish for all to enjoy! This is also a Pura Belpre Honor Book.

Orozco, Jose-Luis, comp. De Colores and Other Latin-American Folk Songs for Children. Dutton Children's Books, 1994.
Illustrated by Elisa Kleven.
J 468 Oro
Wonderful songs with English translations and whimsical illustrations!

Orozco, Jose-Luis, comp. Diez Deditos/Ten Little Fingers and Other Play Rhymes and Action Songs from Latin America. Dutton Children's Books, 1997.
Illustrated by Elisa Kleven.
J 468 Oro
More wonderful songs and finger plays, too!

Orozco, Jose-Luis. Rin, Rin, Rin/Do, Re, Mi. Orchard Books, 2005.
Illustrated by David Diaz.
J 468 Oro
You can sing or read along to this title!

Ramirez, Antonio. Napi. Un Libro Tigrillo, 2004.
Illustrated by Domi.
J 468 Ram
Find out what happens to Napi when he sleeps! Entirely in Spanish.

Boueri, Marijean Moran. Lebanon 1-2-3. PublishingWorks, 2005.
Illustrated by Mona Trad Dabaji.
J 513.2 Bou
Learn about Lebanon, counting and three different languages, English, French and Arabic!

Cave, Kathryn. One Child, One Seed: A South African Counting Book. Henry Holt and Company, 2002.
Photographs by Gisele Wulfsohn.
J 513.2 Cav
Join Nothando as she plants her pumpkin seed and prepares for a feast in this counting book!

Butterworth, Chris. Sea Horse: The Shyest Fish in the Sea. Candlewick Press, 2006.
Illustrated by John Lawrence.
J 597 But
Male seahorses pregnant? Believe it or read this interesting and accesible title about seahorses.

Coren, Stanley. Why Do Dogs Have Wet Noses? Kids Can Press, 2006.
J 636.7 Cor
Ever wonder why your dog's nose is cold and wet? Want to treat him or her to a "pupsicle?"

Tadjo, Veronique, ed. Talking Drums: A Selection of Poems from Africa south of the Sahara. Bloomsbury, 2000.
J 808.81 Tad
Enjoy poetry about the universe, animals, love and celebrations, people, life, death and change, from another continent!

Kyuchukov, Hristo and Ian Hancock. A History of the Romani People. Boyds Mills Press, 2005.
J 909 Kyu
Discover the fascinating history of the largest minority group in Europe.

Ma, Yan. The Diary of Ma Yan: The Struggles and Hopes of a Chinese Schoolgirl. HarperCollins Publishers, 2004.
J 951.05 Ma
Learn about the importance of education and the experience of a young Chinese woman in this courageous title.

Takabayashi, Mari. I Live in Tokyo. Houghton Mifflin Company, 2001.
J 952 Tak
Find out something you did not know about Japanese culture in this colorful book.

Heydlauff, Lisa. Going to School in India. Shakti for Children, 2005.
J 954 Hey
Discover the numerous ways in which children learn in India!

Al-Windawi, Thura. Thura's Diary: My Life in Wartime Iraq. Viking, 2004.
J 956.7044 AlW
Read about the war in Iraq from a young woman's perspective in this insightful title.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Last Friday Floats and Film for 2006!

It is almost here...the end of Summer Reading and Friday Floats and Films.

But we have one more for you!

Join us this Friday, July 28, 2006 for "Nanny McPhee" (PG)
We will get started at 2p.m.

The movie is approximately 97 minutes.

See you at the library!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

July 21: Friday Floats and Films!

Come to the library on Friday, July 21, at 2:00p.m. to enjoy a root beer float and this week's feature...
"Racing Stripes"
approximately 102 minutes (or just over an hour and a half)

Can a Zebra race with horses? Find out in this funny film featuring the voices of Frankie Muniz, David Spade, Steve Harvey, Snoop Dogg, Mandy Moore, Jeff Foxworthy, Joe Pantoliano, Dustin Hoffman and Whoopi Goldberg.

See you on Friday!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

More Brand New Juvenile Fiction for July....

Carling, Amelia Lau. Sawdust Carpets. A Groundwood Book, 2005.
A lovely story of the celebration of Holy Week in Antigua as experienced by a young girl and her Buddhist family.

Carmi, Daniella. Samir and Yonatan. Arthur A. Levine Books, 2000.
Experience Israeli life through the eyes of a Palestinian boy. Winner of the 2001 Batchelder award (an award given to the best books from around the world that were originally published in a language other than English.)

Cassidy, Cathy. Dizzy. Viking, 2004.
What will Dizzy get for her twelfth birthday?! Hint: It is a surprise!

Cohn, Rachel. Two Steps Forward. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2006.
Find out what happens when a bunch of stepsiblings, some from the States, some from Australia, meet in Los Angeles for one wacky summer.

Colfer, Eoin. The Legend of Spud Murphy. Miramax Books, 2004.
Illustrations by Glenn McCoy
Is Spud Murpghy truly the meanest librarian around?! Find out in this fun summer read.

Comino, Sandra. The Little Blue House. Groundwood Books, 2003.
A very special story about a mysterious house in Argentina.

Delacre, Lulu. Salsa Stories. Scholastic Press, 2000.
Complete with recipes, discover the stories and charm of Carmen Teresa and her family.

Dhami, Narinder. Bindi Babes. Delacorte Press, 2004.
The first in the "Babes" trilogy wherein Amber, Jazz and Geena must deal with the prospect of being unfabulous!

Halpern, Sue. Introducing...Sasha Abramowitz. Frances Foster Books, 2005.
Meet an aspiring pastry chef and her three legged dog, Tripod, in this debut novel for juvenile readers!

Hirsch, Odo. Something's Fishy, Hazel Green. Bloomsbury Children's Books, 2000.
Help Hazel solve the mystery of the missing lobsters!

Hobbs, Will. Jackie's Wild Seattle. HarperCollins Publishers, 2003.
Jackie and her little brother are in for an exciting summer in Seattle!

Hogg, Gary. Beautiful Buehla and the Zany Zoo Makeover. Katherine Tegen Books, 2006.
Illustrated by Victoria Chess
Should hippos and gorillas really wear lipstick? Find out in this funny title.

Lester, Alison. The Snow Pony. Walter Lorraine Books/Houghton Mifflin Company, 2003.
Discover the bond between young girl and her horse in this adventurous tale.

Levine, Anna. Running on Eggs. Front Street/Cricket Books, 2004.
Can Karen and Yasmine sustain their friendship in the midst of so much turmoil? Find out in this story which reflects the difficult living circumstances in the Middle East.

Lowry, Lois. Gossamer. Walter Lorraine/Houghton Mifflin Company, 2006.
Explore the dreams and realities of two people in this title.

Machado, Ana Maria. From Another World. A Groundwood Book, 2005.
Four children discover a ghost with a very important story to tell in this title.

Machado, Ana Maria. Me in the Middle. A Groundwood Book, 2002.
Pictures by Caroline Merola
Can Isabel deal with all the voices in her head?!

Nesbit, E. Five Children and It. Puffin, reissue 2004 (originally 1902.)
The titular children discover a special kind of fairy that grants wishes in this classic novel.

Nesbit, E. The Story of the Treasure Seekers. Puffin, reissue 1994 (originally 1899.)
Join the adventursome Bastable children in this classic title.

Tolan, Stephanie S. Listen! HarperCollins Publishers, 2006.
Charley is forced to deal with all of the traumas she has been through, but she has the help of a "wild spirit."

Williams, Dar. Amalee. Scholastic Press, 2004.
Discover the transitions one young girl faces in this debut novel from a popular folk singer and songwriter.

Williams, Mary. Brothers In Hope: The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan. Lee & Low Books, 2005.
Illustrations by R. Gregory Christie
Learn about these special individuals in this story, a winner of the Coretta Scott King Award Honor Book.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

More New Juvenile Books for July...

Juvenile Non-Fiction:

Eisbruch, Emily. Curious Kids' Activity Guide to Michigan. First Page Publications, 2005.
J 917.74 Eis
Full of facts, puzzles and attractions of the great state of Michigan!

Juvenile Picture Books:

Chen, Chih-Yuan. On My Way to Buy Eggs. Kane/Miller Book Publishers, 2003.
J E Che
Join Shau-yu as she experiences the world on her way to the grocer.
Winner of the Hsin Yi Picture Book Award in 1997 (an award for high quality Chinese picture books for children.)

Daly, Niki. Where's Jamela? Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2004.
J E Dal
Will Jamela accept her mother's decision to move to a new house? Find out in this cheerful title.

Ellis, Sarah. Next Stop! Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2000.
J E Ell
Illustrations by Ruth Ohi
Claire knows all the stops on the bus route--find out why in this book!

Gay, Marie-Louise. Stella: Queen of the Snow. A Groundwood Book, 2005.
J E Gay
Get ready for winter with this whimsical story.

Germein, Katrina. Big Rain Coming. Clarion Books, 1999.
J E Ger
Illustrations by Bronwyn Bancroft
Find out how long it takes the "big rain" to come!

Gregory, Nan. Amber Waiting. Red Deer Press, 2002.
J E Gre
Illustrations by Kady MacDonald Denton
Find out what Amber likes and does not like about kindergarten.

Khan, Rukhsana. Silly Chicken. Viking, 2005.
J E Kha
Illustrations by Yunmee Kyong
Does Rani's mom love their chicken more than her own daughter?

Lehman, Barbara. Museum Trip. Houghton Mifflin Company, 2006.
J E Leh
Get lost in this museum adventure!

Lester, Alison. Ernie Dances to the Didgeridoo. Houghton Mifflin Company, 2001.
J E Les
Join Ernie on a journey to Aboriginal Australia!

Ljungkvist, Laura. Follow the Line. Viking, 2006.
J E Lju
Enjoy the art and all the questions posed in this unique picture book!

McBratney, Sam. I Love it When You Smile. HarperCollins Publishers, 2005.
Illustrated by Charles Fuge
Will anything get grumpy little Roo to smile today?!

Prats, Joan de Deu. Sebastian's Roller Skates. Kane/Miller Book Publishers, 2005.
J E Pra
Illustrations by Francesc Rovira.
Sebastian learns much more than how to roller skate in this inspiring title!

Schaefer, Carole Lexa. The Biggest Soap. Melanie Kroupa Books, 2004.
J E Sch
Illustrated by Stacey Dressen-McQueen
Kessy has to overcome many obstacles in his rush to get his mama the biggest soap for laundry day.

Smith, Lane. John, Paul, George and Ben. Hyperion Books for Children, 2006.
J E Smi
This title also includes Tom (Jefferson) and tells about five of the United States' founding fathers. Do not miss out on the "True or False" section at the end of the book!

Stanley, Sanna. Monkey for Sale. Frances Foster Books, 2002.
J E Sta
Get caught up in the bustle of a market in the Congo!

Varon, Sara. Chicken and Cat. Scholastic Press, 2006.
J E Var
Join two friends, Chicken and Cat, on their adventures throughout the city.

Webb, Steve. Tanka Tanka Skunk! Orchard Books, 2003.
J E Web
Feel the beat of this animal-tastic tale!

Wood, Nancy. Mr. and Mrs. God in the Creation Kitchen. Candlewick Press, 2006.
J E Woo
Illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering
See what is cooking in the "Creation Kitchen" and why Mrs. God did not speak to Mr. God for a thousand years!

Woodson, Jacquline. Visiting Day. Scholastic Press, 2002.
J E Woo
Illustrated by James E. Ransome
See the goodness of the power of love in this heartfelt story of a young girl who only gets to see her Daddy once a month.

Juvenile Beginner Books:

Kimmelman, Leslie. In the Doghouse. Holiday House, 2006.
J Beg Kim
Illustrated by True Kelley
Will Emma and her dog, Bo, remain best friends after he eats her popsicle?!

Parish, Herman. Amelia Bedelia: Under Construction. Greenwillow Books, 2006.
J Beg Par
Illustrated by Lynn Sweat.
Can anyone make sense of Amelia Bedelia? Find out in this latest adventure.

Ruelle, Karen Gray. Dear Tooth Fairy. Holiday House, 2006.
J Beg Rue
Will the Tooth Fairy make it through thunderstorms to give Emily her reward for her first lost tooth?!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Summer Reading Finale Events!

Saturday July 29, 2006:
1:30p.m. Indianapolis Zoo-mobile. Join us for an entertaining and educational program featuring real wild animals! Tickets are free but limited so come pick yours up today!

2:45p.m. Summer Reading Safari Wrap-Up Party!
All are welcome to celebrate a successful reading program! We will conduct the Teen Reading Raffle-see who wins the Ipod nano! There will be treats and other surprises! See you there!

Come see "Hoodwinked" on Friday

Friday Floats and Films for July 14:
"Hoodwinked" (PG) approximately 80 minutes.
Featuring the voices of Anne Hathaway and Glenn Close come see this hysterical version of the classic "Little Red Riding Hood" tale.

Monday, July 03, 2006

New Juvenile Audio/Visual Items!


Putumayo Kids presents World Playground. Putumayo World Music, 1998.
J CD 782.42 Wor
Enjoy tunes from Senegal to Jamaica to Greece to Brazil and beyond!

"Five Children and It"
Based on the classic novel by E. Nesbit.

"The Wind in the Willows"
The Complete First Series.
J DVD FIC Win Vol. 1

"The Wind in the Willows"
The Complete First Series.
J DVD FIC Win Vol. 2

New Juvenile Books to kick off July!

Juvenile Picture Books

Browne, Eileen. Wait For Me! QEB Publishing, Inc., 2005.
J E Bro
A bunch of wild animals take a trip to the cool and sparkly river!

Kusugak, Michael Arvaarluk. My Arctic 1,2,3 Annick Press Ltd., 1999.
J E Kus
Learn to count with people and animals of the Arctic!

Juvenile Fiction

Dhami, Narinder. Bhangra Babes. Delacorte Press, 2005.
Join the humorous adventures of the girls from Bindi Babes in this final part of the trilogy.

Dhami, Narinder. Bollywood Babes. Delacorte Press, 2004.
The sequel to Bindi Babes.

Wilson, Jacqueline. The Illustrated Mum. Delacorte Press, 2005.
An engaging look at how children deal with their mother's mental illness.

Juvenile Non-Fiction

Burnie, David. Endangered Planet. Kingfisher, 2004.
J 333.95 Bur (2 copies)
A very accessible resource for young people to learn about conservation and preservation of our planet.

Yaffe, M.Ed., Rebecca M. and Lonnie F. Hoade, M.Ed. When a Parent Goes to Jail: A Comprehensive Guide for Counseling Children of Incarcerated Parents. Rayve Productions Inc., 2000.
J 362.7 Yaf
A straightforward explanation for young people who may be dealing with the incarceration of a loved one.

Bodden, Valerie. Valentine's Day. Creative Education, 2006.
J 394.261 Bod
A great introduction to this lovely holiday for beginning readers.

Bodden, Valerie. Halloween. Creative Education, 2006.
J 394.264 Bod
An introduction to this spooky day, perfect for emergent readers.

Bodden, Valerie. Thanksgiving. Creative Education, 2006.
J 394.264 Bod
A neat look at this November holiday for beginning readers.

Frisch, Aaron. Christmas. Creative Education, 2006.
J 394.2663 Fri
A nice introduction to this winter holiday.

Bodden, Valerie. Hanukkah. Creative Education, 2006.
J 394.267 Bod
For beginning readers and young people this is an accessible way to learn about this holy celebration.

Jennings, Terry. Bird Watch. QEB Publishing Inc., 2005.
J 598 Jen
Learn the basics about birds in this easy-to-read title.

Bredeson, Carmen. African Elephants Up Close. Enslow Elementary, 2006.
J 599.67 Bre
Discover all the elements of an elephant in this title!

Gaff, Jackie. Why Must I...Eat Healthy Food? Cherrytree Books, 2005.
J 613.2 Gaf
Keep yourself strong and feel well by learning about and eating healthy food!

Gaff, Jackie. Why Must I...Wash My Hands? Cherrytree Books, 2005.
J 613.4 Gaf
Keep those germs away by learning how to properly wash your hands!

Gaff, Jackie. Why Must I...Brush My Teeth? Cherrytree Books, 2005.
J 617.6 Gaf
Discover why you need to keep those pearly whites so pearly!

Gnojewski, Carol. American Indian Crafts Kids Can Do! Enslow Elementary, 2006.
J 745.5 Gno
Learn how to make a "Pine Dancer Doll," a "Zuni Corncob Dart Game," or a "Pomo Acorn Top!"

Bowers, Vivien. Wow Canada! Maple Tree Press, 1999.
J 917.1 Bow
Discover our neighbors to the north in this very engaging look at Canada!

Everett, Barbara and Charles Everett. The Changing Face of Poland. Raintree, 2004.
J 943.8 Eve
Find out what is new and evolving in this Eastern European country!

Ilyin, Andrey. A Child's Day in a Russian City. Benchmark Books, 2002.
J 947 Ily
Join Polina as she goes through her day in St. Petersburg.

So, Sungwan. A Child's Day in a Chinese City. Benchmark Books, 2002.
J 951 So
Spend a day in Changzhi with a little girl named Yikang.

Das, Prodeepta. A Child's Day in an Indian Village. Benchmark Books, 2002.
J 954 Das
Learn what it is like to live in a rural Indian village with Geeta.

Provencal, Francis and Catherine McNamara. A Child's Day in a Ghanaian City. Benchmark Books, 2002.
J 966.7 Pro
See what life is like for Nii Kwei, a seven year old boy, in the captial city of Ghana, Accra.

Wilcox, Charlotte. The Iroquois. Lerner Publications Company, 2007.
J 970.3 Wil
Find out more about this fascinating culture by reading this title!