Monday, October 23, 2006

More New Non-fiction for Fall!

Malam, John. You Wouldn't Want to be a Roman Gladiator!: Gory Things You'd Rather Not Know. Franklin Watts/Scholastic Inc., 2000/2006.
Illustrated by David Antram
j 796.8 Mal
Your diet would consist of porridge, barley and beans! Ugh!

Cook, Peter. You Wouldn't Want to Sail on a 19th Century Whaling Ship!: Grisly Tasks You'd Rather Not Do. Franklin Watts/Scholastic, Inc., 2004.
Illustrated by David Antram
j 910 Coo
Find out how the crew would "flense" the whale. Gross!

Stewart, David. You Wouldn't Want to Sail on the Titanic!: One Voyage You'd Rather Not Take. Franklin Watts/Scholastic, Inc., 2001/2006.
Illustrated by David Antram
j 910 Ste
Learn about some of the aspects of the Titanic you did not see in the movie!

Bergin, Mark. You Wouldn't Want to Travel with Captain Cook!: A Voyage You'd Rather Not Make. Franklin Watts/Scholastic Inc., 2001/2006.
Illustrated by David Antram
j 910.92 Ber
The joys of life at sea!

Ditchfield, Christin. Louisa May Alcott. Scholastic Inc., 2005.
j 921 Alcott, L.
Read all about the author of Little Women.

Ditchfield, Christin. Clara Barton. Scholastic, Inc., 2004.
j 921 Barton, C.
Discover what led Clara Barton to establish the Red Cross.

Binns, Tristan Boyer. Elizabeth Blackwell. Scholastic Inc., 2005.
j 921 Blackwell, E.
Learn about the first female physician!

Anderson, Christopher C.L. Margaret Bourke-White. Scholastic Inc., 2005.
j 921 Bourke-White, M.
A fascinating look at the life of an intrepid photographer!

Ling, Bettina. Willa Cather. Scholastic, Inc., 2003.
j 921 Cather, W.
Find out how Cather developed her voice in this biography!

Seidman, David. Cesar Chavez. Scholastic Inc., 2004.
j 921 Chavez, C.
Discover the work and legacy of this famous Latino.

Lassieur, Allison. Marie Curie. Scholastic, Inc., 2003.
j 921 Curie, M.
Learn about the complicated but well-rewarded life of the first female to win a Nobel Prize.

Mara, Wil. Dian Fossey. Scholastic, Inc., 2004.
j 921 Fossey, D.
An insightful look into the life of a woman who worked with gorillas.

Mara, Wil. Thurgood Marshall. Scholastic, Inc., 2004.
j 921 Marshall, T.
Look into the life of the first African-American appointed our Supreme Court!

Ditchfield, Christin. Condoleezza Rice. Scholastic, Inc., 2003.
j 921 Rice, C.
Ms. Rice was once told that she "wasn't college material." Find out how she proved that description wrong in this title!

Lynch, Doris. J.R.R. Tolkien. Scholastic, Inc., 2003.
j 921 Tolkien, J. R. R.
Read about this creator of "Middle Earth!"

Morley, Jacqueline. You Wouldn't Want to Work on the Great Wall of China!: Defenses You'd Rather Not Build. Franklin Watts/Scholastic, Inc., 2006.
Illustrated by David Antram
j 931.04 Mor
Workers that died were not buried in graves. They were tossed into the foundations!

Stewart, David. You Wouldn't Want to be an Egyptian Mummy!: Disgusting Things You'd Rather Not Know. Franklin Watts/Scholastic, Inc., 2000/2005.
Illustrated by David Antram
j 932 Ste
Really, more yucky for the guy who has to pull your brain out through your nose.

Morley, Jacqueline. You Wouldn't Want to be in Alexander the Great's Army!: Miles You'd Rather Not March. Franklin Watts/Scholastic, Inc., 2005.
Illustrated by David Antram
j 938.07 Mor
Join up with Alexander if you dare!

Stewart, David. You Wouldn't Want to Explore with Sir Francis Drake!: A Pirate You'd Rather Not Know. Franklin Watts/Scholastic, Inc., 2005.
Illustrated by David Antram
j 942.05 Ste
Is Drake a pirate or a privateer? See what you think after reading this title!

Langley, Andrew. You Wouldn't Want to be a Viking Explorer!: Voyages You'd Rather Not Make. Franklin Watts/Scholastic Inc., 2000/2005.
Illustrated by David Antram
j 948.022 Lan
Are you tough enough to hang with this Scandanavian crew?!

MacDonald, Fiona. You Wouldn't Want to be a Crusader!: A War You'd Rather Not Fight. Franklin Watts/Scholastic, Inc., 2005.
Illustrated by David Antram
j 956.014 Mac
Heavy armor, sea sickness and enemies galore!

MacDonald, Fiona. You Wouldn't Want to Sail With Christopher Columbus!: Uncharted Waters You'd Rather Not Cross. Franklin Watts/Scholastic, Inc., 2004.
Illustrated by David Antram
j 973.015 Mac
Many dangerous adventures await!

Morley, Jacqueline. You Wouldn't Want to be an American Colonist!: A Settlement You'd Rather Not Start. Franklin Watts/Scholastic, Inc., 2004.
Illustrated by David Antram
j 973.2 Mor
Moldy biscuits and maggoty meat are foods you enjoy en route to Virginia!

Cook, Peter. You Wouldn't Want to be at the Boston Tea Party!: Wharf Water Tea You'd Rather Not Drink. Franklin Watts/Scholastic, Inc., 2006.
Illustrated by David Antram
j 973.31 Coo
"No taxation without representation!"

Cook, Peter. You Wouldn't Want to Sail on the Mayflower!: A Trip that Took Entirely Too Long. Franklin Watts/Scholastic, Inc., 2005.
Illustrated by David Antram
j 974.4 Coo
Think you could make it with the Pilgrims?!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

New Non-Fiction for Fall!

Stewart, David. You Wouldn't Want to Be a Roman Soldier!: Barbarians You'd Rather Not Meet. Franklin Watts/Scholastic, 2006.
Illustrated by David Antram
j 355.12 Ste
How many cohorts make up a legion of soldiers?

Gartman, Gene. Life in Army Basic Training. Children's Press, 2000.
j 355.54 Gar
From weapons training to obstacle courses find out what army basic training is all about.

Kennedy, Robert C. Life in the Army Special Forces. Children's Press, 2000.
j 356.16 Ken
Find out what it takes to by in the special forces.

Kennedy, Robert C. Life as a Paratrooper. Children's Press, 2000.
j 356.166 Ken
It takes guts to jump out of planes!

Kennedy, Robert C. Life as an Army Demolition Expert. Children's Press, 2000.
j 358.23 Ken
Like to blow stuff up? You might enjoy reading about this area of the army.

Payan, Gregory. Chemical and Biological Weapons: Anthrax and Sarin. Children's Press, 2000.
j 358.3 Pay
Learn about these dangerous chemicals and their horrid effects.

Kennedy, Robert C. Life as an Air Force Fighter Pilot. Children's Press, 2000.
j 358.43 Ken
Fly really fast planes!

Kennedy, Robert C. Life with the Navy Seals. Children's Press, 2000.
j 359.9 Ken
Discover the "toughest physical and mental training in the world."

Payan, Gregory and Alexander Guelke. Life on a Submarine. Children's Press, 2000.
j 359.9 Pay
Learn what close quarters are like in this title.

Kennedy, Robert C. Life in the Marines. Children's Press, 2000.
j 359.96 Ken
Read about what each week of training is like for a potential Marine.

Graham, Ian. You Wouldn't Want to Work on the Railroad!: A Track You'd Rather Not Go Down. Franklin Watts/Scholastic Inc., 2001.
Illustrated by David Antram
j 385 Gra
Would you work for a dollar a day to build a railroad?

Malam, John. You Wouldn't Want to be a Mammoth Hunter!: Dangerous Beasts You'd Rather Not Encounter. Franklin Watts/Scholastic Inc., 2004.
Illustrated by David Antram
j 569.67 Mal
Learn the Mammoth Hunter's Dance!

Pitt, Matthew. The Tomahawk Cruise Missile. Children's Press, 2000.
j 623.4519 Pit
Find out about the precision of this weapon!

Fitzpatrick, Kevin J. Flying Gunship: The AC-130 Spectre. Children's Press, 2000.
j 623.7 Fit
Discover the history and uses of this really big plane.

Pitt, Matthew. Apache Helicopter: The AH-64. Children's Press, 2000.
j 623.746 Pit
Find out how many firearms this whirly-bird can handle.

Beyer, Julie. Jet Fighter: The Harrier AV-8B. Children's Press, 2000.
j 623.7464 Bey
Did you know that the first military group to use a harrier was the British Royal Air Force?

Reavis, Tracey. Stealth Jet Fighter: The F-117A. Children's Press, 2000.
j 623.7464 Rea
This special plane took nearly thirty years to build and test!

Black, Michael A. Tank: The M1A1 Abrams. Children's Press, 2000.
j 623.7475 Bla
Learn how the Abrams tank is a vast improvement from those used in WWI.

Payan, Gregory. Fast Attack Submarine: The Seawolf Class. Children's Press, 2000.
j 623.8257 Pay
See how a submarine can be "smart!"

Friday, October 20, 2006

New Titles in Popular Series!

Osborne, Mary Pope. Blizzard of the Blue Moon. Random House, 2006.
j FIC Osb
The 36th title in the "Magic Tree House" series.

Pilkey, Dav. Captain Underpants and the Preposterous Plight of the Purple Potty People. The Blue Sky Press, 2006.
j FIC Pil
The 8th title in the famed "Captain Underpants" series.

Rand, Jonathan. American Chillers #7: Werewolves of Wisconsin. Audiocraft Publishing Inc., 2002.
j FIC Ran
The 7th title in the "American Chillers" series.

Snicket, Lemony. A Series of Unfortunate Events: The End. HarperCollins Publishers, 2006.
j FIC Sni
That's right, book #13, the last in the series!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Picture and Fiction Books!

Rosenbaum, Andria Warmflash. A Grandma Like Yours/A Grandpa Like Yours. Kar-Ben Publishing 2006.
Illustrated by Barb Bjornson
j E Ros
Read a story about grandmothers and then flip the book to read about grandfathers!

Asare, Meshack. Sosu's Call. Kane/Miller Book Publishers, 2002.
j FIC Asa
The villagers think that Sosu, a boy whose legs do not work, is bad luck. Can he find a way to prove them wrong?! This title won the 1999 First Prize for UNESCO-Children's and Youth's Literature in the Service of Tolerance.

Borden, Louise. Across the Blue Pacific: A World War II Story. Houghton Mifflin Company, 2006.
Illustrated by Robert Andrew Parker
j FIC Bor
A young girl remembers a friend lost at sea in World War II.

Carling, Amelia Lau. Mama and Papa Have a Store. Dial Books for Young Readers, 1998.
j FIC Car
A young girl tells us what takes place at her parent's Chinese store in Guatemala City.

Choi, Yangsook. Peach Heaven. Frances Foster Books, 2005.
j FIC Cho
A little girl enjoys juicy peaches but also realizes the importance of the farmers who grow the fruits in this title.

Crunk, Tony. Railroad John and the Red Rock Run. Peachtree, 2006.
Illustrated by Michael Austin
j FIC Cru
Will Railroad John make it on time to Wildcat Annie's wedding?!

Daly, Niki. Once Upon a Time. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2003.
j FIC Dal
Little Sarie learns about the joy of reading from her Aunt Anna and a familiar tale.

Diouf, Sylviane A. Bintou's Braids. Chronicle Books, 2001.
Illustrated by Shane W. Evans
j FIC Dio
A charming story about a young woman who desperately wants braids, not cornrows, in her hair.

Egan, Tim. Roasted Peanuts. Houghton Mifflin Company, 2006.
j FIC Ega
Friends Sam and Jackson become baseball legends for different reasons in this title from the author of Serious Farm.

Gower, Catherine. Long-Long's New Year. Tuttle Publishing, 2005.
Illustrated by He Zhihong
j FIC Gow
Will Long-Long and Grandpa sell enough cabbage to provide for their family's New Year celebration?!

Khan, Rukhsana. The Roses In My Carpets. Fitzhenry & Whiteside,1998.
Illustrated by Ronald Himler
j FIC Kha
A heartfelt tale about life as a refugee.

Kimmel, Eric A. Blackbeard's Last Fight. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2006.
Illustrated by Leonard Everett Fisher
j FIC Kim
An exciting story about pirates and sailors and a big battle!

Lester, Alison. Are We There Yet?: A Journey Around Australia. Kane/Miller Book Publishers, 2005.
j FIC Les
Take a trip down under!

Polacco, Patricia. Rotten Richie and the Ultimate Dare. Philomel Books, 2006.
j FIC Pol
Can a hockey loving brother and his ballerina sister trade places and succeed?!

Spirin, Gennady. Martha. Philomel Books, 2005.
j FIC Spi
A beautifully illustrated and written story about an injured crow that becomes part of the family.

Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie. Babu's Song. Lee & Low Books, Inc., 2003.
Illustrated by Aaron Boyd
j FIC Stu
Will Bernardi sell his treasured music box so he can buy a brand new soccer ball?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Warm up with some interesting non-fiction!

New Non-Fiction Titles:

Zimmerman, Karl. All Aboard: Passenger Trains Around the World. Boyds Mills Press, 2004.
j 385.22 Zim
Discover all about riding the rails in style.

Menchu, Rigoberta with Dante Liano. The Honey Jar. Groundwood Books, 2002.
Illustrated by Domi
Translated by David Unger
j 398.2 Men
Experience magnificent Mayan tales in this collection.

Pinkney, Jerry. The Little Red Hen. Dial Books for Young Readers, 2006.
j 398.24 Pin
Enjoy this classic tale and Pinkney's charming illustrations!

Fradin, Dennis Brindell. With a Little Luck. Dutton Children's Books, 2006.
j 509 Fra
Ever wonder from where the idea for anesthesia came? Penicillin? Pulsars?

Clements, Andrew. A Million Dots. Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2006.
Illustrated by Mike Reed
j 513.2 Cle
Are there really one million dots in this book?! Find out!

Croswell, Ken. Ten Worlds: Everything that Orbits the Sun. Boyds Mills Press, 2006.
j 523.4 Cro
Learn about the ten, nine or eight planets that go around the sun.

Demarest, Chris L. Hurricane Hunters!: Riders on the Storm. Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2006.
j 551.55 Dem
Discover the hard-working men and women who strive to keep us safe from hurricanes!

Davies, Nicola. Poop: A Natural History of the Unmentionable. Candlewick Press, 2004.
Illustrated by Neal Layton
j 573.49 Dav
An insightful look at the importance of poop! Really!

Chrustowski, Rick. Turtle Crossing. Henry Holt and Company, 2006.
j 597.92 Chr
An interesting title about a turtle mom and how she protects her babies.

Sill, Cathryn. About Marsupials: A Guide for Children. Peachtree, 2006.
Illustrated by John Sill
j 599.2 Sil
Nice introduction to marsupials for younger readers!

Winter, Jeanette. Mama. Harcourt, Inc., 2006.
j 599.635 Win
Pair this with another recent title Owen and Mzee to get both a photograph-based and illustrated account of the story of a baby hippo who survives a tsunami.

Chryssicas, Mary Kaye. I Love Yoga. DK Publishing, Inc., 2005.
Photography by Angela Coppola
j 613.7046 Chr
This title makes yoga accesible for all ages!

Urbigkit, Cat. A Young Shepard. Boyds Mills Press, 2006.
j 636.3 Urb
Discover how a young man in Wyoming cares for his very own flock of sheep!

Hudson, Cheryl Willis. Construction Zone. Candlewick Press, 2006.
Photographs by Richard Sobol
j 690 Hud
A solid introduction to construction for young readers!

Sousa, Jean. Faces, Places and Inner Spaces: A Guide to Looking at Art. Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2006.
j 701.1 Sou
Take a new look at some classic pieces of art!

Lourie, Peter. First Dive to Shark Dive. Boyds Mills Press, 2005.
j 797.23 Lou
All about scuba diving!

Hopkins, Lee Bennett, comp. Got Geography! Greenwillow Books, 2006.
Pictures by Philip Stanton
j 811.008 Hop
Go around the world with these poems!

Brand, Dionne. Earth Magic. KCP Poetry, 2006.
Illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes
j 811.54 Bra
Poetry from the Caribbean!

Brown, Calef. Flamingos on the Roof: Poems and Paintings. Houghton Mifflin Company, 2006.
j 811.6 Bro
From "Peas" to "Worms" to "Martian Men" enjoy this collection of words and images!

Hollyer, Belinda, comp. She's All That: Poems about Girls. Kingfisher, 2006.
Illustrated by Susan Hellard.
j 811.6 Hol
An inspiring selection of poetry for young ladies!

Janeczko, Paul B. and J. Patrick Lewis. Wing Nuts: Screwy Haiku. Little, Brown and Company, 2006.
Illustrated by Tricia Tusa
j 811.6 Jan
Not exactly haiku, this is a collection of senryu, brief, funny poems!

Morrison, Lillian. Guess Again!: Riddle Poems. August House, 2006.
Illustrated by Christy Hale
j 811.6 Mor
Can you figure out these riddle poems before you turn the page?

Myers, Tim. Dark Sparkle Tea and Other Bedtime Poems. Boyds Mills Press, 2006.
Illustrated by Kelley Cunningham
j 811.6 Mye
Gentle poems to send you to dreamland.

Siebert, Diane. Tour America: A Journey Through Poems and Art. Chronicle Books, 2006.
Illustrated by Stephen T. Johnson
j 811.6 Sie
Poems about Niagara Falls, Cape Canaveral, The Chicago El Trains and west to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco!

Walker, Alice. There is a Flower at the Tip of My Nose Smelling Me. HarperCollins Publishers, 2006.
Illustrated by Stefano Vitale
j 811.6 Wal
Enjoy a beautifully written and illustrated poem about all the things a young girl experiences; from a smelling a flower to walking on a road to tasting raindrops!

Cleary, Brian P. Rhyme and PUNishment: Adventures in Wordplay. Millbrook Press, 2006.
Illustrated by J.P. Sandy
j 817.6 Cle
Try to figure out these puns!

Miller, Debbie S. Big Alaska: Journey Across America's Most Amazing State. Walker & Company, 2006.
Illustrated by Jon Van Zyle
j 917.98 Mil
A pleasant introduction to Alaska for young readers.

George-Warren, Holly. Honky-tonk Heroes and Hillbilly Angels: The Pioneers of Country and Western Music. Houghton Mifflin Company, 2006.
Pictures by Laura Levine
j 920 Geo
Learn about musicians like Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline and Hank Williams.

Fradin, Judith Bloom and Dennis Brindell Fradin. 5,000 Miles to Freedom: Ellen and William Craft's Flight from Slavery. National Geographic, 2006.
j 921 Craft
The true and inspiring tale of two slaves who escaped to Philadelphia in 1848.

Taylor, Gaylia. George Crum and the Saratoga Chip. Lee & Low Books, Inc., 2006.
Illustrated by Frank Morrison
j 921 Crum, G.
Where did potato chips come from?!

Funny Cide Team. A Horse Named Funny Cide. G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2006.
Illustrated by Barry Moser
j 921 Funny Cide
The story of a remarkable horse!

Burleigh, Robert and Ed Young. Tiger of the Snows. Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2006.
j 921 Norgay, T.
Discover the first sherpa to climb Mt. Everest!

Rubin, Susan Goldman and Ela Weissberger. The Cat with the Yellow Star: Coming of Age in Terezin. Holiday House, 2006.
j 940.53 Rub
Read about how children learned about the arts in spite of the horrid conditions of Terezin, a concentration camp.

Landau, Elaine. Fleeing to Freedom on the Underground Railroad. Twenty First Century Books, 2006.
j 973.7 Lan
Learn more about another group of courageous souls in this title.

Backer, Miles. Travels with Charlie: Way Out West. Blue Apple Books, 2006.
Illustrated by Chuck Nitzberg
j 978 Bac
Discover facts about the wide expanse of our western states and see if you can spot Charlie the canine!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A slew of Katie Kazoo! And More!

Check our fiction shelves for a number of books in the Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo series.

And on the new books bookshelf:

Levy, Janice. Finding the Right Spot: When Kids Can't Live with Their Parents. Magination Press, 2004.
Illustrated by Whitney Martin
j 306.874 Lev
A helpful resource for children and caregivers alike!

Schade, Susan and Jon Buller. The Fog Mound: Travels of Thelonious. Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2006.
j FIC Sch
A fantastic foray into graphic novels for young readers. This story includes a chipmunk, a bear, a lizard and a porcupine!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Story Times are Here Again!

Join us for story times at the library!

Toddler Time and Terrific Threes meet on Wednesday at 9:30a.m. and 10:10a.m., respectively. There is still space in both groups.

Fabulous Fours and Fives meet on Thursday at 11a.m. or 2p.m. There is still space to register!

We had a great group on Monday for Baby and Me at 11a.m. so please join us for the fun next Monday!

And don't forget our Tuesday night drop-in family story time! We read pumpkin books this week and even had pumpkin pie for our snack! Who know's what we'll cook up next week! Join us at 6:45p.m. on Tuesdays! No Registration!

See you at the library!