Friday, August 26, 2011

More Great Books!

You Can Do It Sam -When Mrs. Bear and little Sam deliver the cakes they have made for their friends in the neighborhood, Sam carries the cakes all by himself, through the snow and up to the front doors. 

We've All Got Bellybuttons! -Various animals invite the reader to experience what their different body parts can do, including their tickly belly buttons.

Oomph!- On vacation at the beach, Preston Pig meets Maxine and experiences his first crush, all the while being pursued by a clumsy and unlucky wolf.

The Parable of Two Builders - Based on Luke 6: 47-49, children will get a kick out of this humorous retelling of Jesus' parable about the wise man and the foolish man ..." 

Meet the Peacock - An introduction to the physical characteristics and behavior of the peacock, the male of the peafowl family.     

I Need My Monster - When Ethan checks under the bed for his monster, he finds a note saying that Gabe has gone fishing and will be back in a week. He tries out several substitute monsters, but finds that none are as perfect as Gabe. 

Dinosaur Wars -Describes the features of Triceratops and Stegosaurus, and how they may have battled each other in prehistoric times.

Henry Hudson - Examines the life of explorer Henry Hudson, including his quest for the elusive Northeast passage, his discovery of the Hudson River, and his mysterious death.

Did Dinosaurs Eat People? - Could dinosaurs swim? How big were their teeth? What color was their skin? You've got questions about dinosaurs, and Kids' Questions has answers!     

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Books to "Check out"!

The Very Smart Pea and the Princess-to-be -The pea gives its own version of what happened in the fairy tale, "The Princess and the Pea," from the time of its birth in the Palace Garden until it helps arrange a royal marriage.     
The Dragon in the Driveway -Cousins Jesse and Daisy, along with their pet dragon, continue their battle against the evil scientist who has plans to destroy the forest in order to find the magical golden ax that is buried there.

VIP Pass to a Pro Baseball Game Day - Describes various activities and people who work behind the scenes during a Major League Baseball game

New Non-fiction and New Easy Fiction

The Watcher -This book traces out the life and career of Jane Goodall as a watcher of English fauna to her adult work as scholar of animal behavior in Africa.     

The Gingerbread Man Loose in th School - A gingerbread man searches all over the school for the group of children that made him and then left him behind.

Pete the Cat I Love my White Shoes - As he walks down the street, Pete the cat sings about his brand new white shoes as they change from red to blue to brown to wet.     

Time to Eat - Provides an introduction to what animals eat and how they collect, store, and digest their food.  

Rescuing Rover - Looks at the problem of dog overpopulation in America; discusses the role of puppy mills, pet stores, and independent breeders; and includes a profile of a local animal shelter. 

Planting the Wild Garden - An exploration of the different ways seeds are dispersed into the environment

Bear with Me - A boy at first is angry when his parents suddenly welcome a giant bear named Gary into their family, but eventually he and Gary learn to get along.     

After the KillLearn all about food chains with examples of animals who live in the jungle.  

Tia Isa Wants a Car - Tia Isa and her niece try to save enough money to buy a car to take the whole family to the beach. 

Saving Audie - Tells the story of Audie, a pit bull puppy who was rescued from Michael Vick's dog fighting ring.

Hocus Pocus - A mischievous little rabbit from a magician's hat sets his eye on a bunch of fresh carrots on the magician's kitchen counter, but before he can enjoy them he must get past a grumpy dog that is intent on keeping the clever little rabbit away. 

New Juvenile Fiction

Rock the Waves -Miley's crush of the moment, Aussie surfer Talen Wright, will be riding the waves in the Breakpoint Surf Series--a major surfing competition being held in Miley Stewart's hometown of Malibu. Hannah Montana is asked to perform at the Surf Series' closing ceremonies. Miley learns that all her time onstage as Hannah Montana has caused some setbacks at school and she must make up work in the classroom for two whole weeks. Talen and Miley end up in the same summer school class--but so does his ex-girlfriend, who isn't quite ready to let Talen go.
Swept Up - Hannah Montana is used to hard work, but Miley Stewart could use a break. Lucky for her, summer is here and she and the family are heading to Nantucket for some serious rest and relaxation. Soon, the Stewarts and company are settling into life on the Atlantic, with sailing lessons, bike rides, lazy days on the beach--oh, and a small, little Hannah photo shoot that turns out to be a big headache.     

Frequenaut! - Bullied in school and called "Piggy MacFartland," twelve-year-old Iggy longs to travel to another planet and live among extraterrestrials, until an explosion transports him to a scary alternate reality. 

Freak-out! - Twelve-year-old Iggy and his friend Karen find themselves transported to an alternate reality, where the trees that rule a vast underground city are convinced that Iggy and Karen are in league with the human that stole their gold.     

The Unicorn's Tale - Beastologist-in-training Nathaniel Fludd and his Aunt Phil nurse a mysteriously ill unicorn, try to stop Obediah from taking the unicorn's horn, and finally get a solid lead on the whereabouts of Nathaniel's parents. 

The Penderwick's at Point Mouette - When the three younger Penderwick sisters go to Maine with Aunt Claire and are separated from oldest sister Rosalind for the first time in their lives, an uncertain Skye is left in charge as the OAP--oldest available Penderwick.     

A Tale of Two Castles - Twelve-year-old Elodie journeys to Two Castles in hopes of studying acting but instead becomes apprentice to a dragon, who teaches her to be observant and use reasoning, thus helping her to uncover who is poisoning the king.     

Sidekicks - When Captain Amazing feels he's getting too old to be a reliable superhero, he tries to hire a new sidekick, but his pets have different ideas.