Friday, August 26, 2011

More Great Books!

You Can Do It Sam -When Mrs. Bear and little Sam deliver the cakes they have made for their friends in the neighborhood, Sam carries the cakes all by himself, through the snow and up to the front doors. 

We've All Got Bellybuttons! -Various animals invite the reader to experience what their different body parts can do, including their tickly belly buttons.

Oomph!- On vacation at the beach, Preston Pig meets Maxine and experiences his first crush, all the while being pursued by a clumsy and unlucky wolf.

The Parable of Two Builders - Based on Luke 6: 47-49, children will get a kick out of this humorous retelling of Jesus' parable about the wise man and the foolish man ..." 

Meet the Peacock - An introduction to the physical characteristics and behavior of the peacock, the male of the peafowl family.     

I Need My Monster - When Ethan checks under the bed for his monster, he finds a note saying that Gabe has gone fishing and will be back in a week. He tries out several substitute monsters, but finds that none are as perfect as Gabe. 

Dinosaur Wars -Describes the features of Triceratops and Stegosaurus, and how they may have battled each other in prehistoric times.

Henry Hudson - Examines the life of explorer Henry Hudson, including his quest for the elusive Northeast passage, his discovery of the Hudson River, and his mysterious death.

Did Dinosaurs Eat People? - Could dinosaurs swim? How big were their teeth? What color was their skin? You've got questions about dinosaurs, and Kids' Questions has answers!     

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