Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Non-Fiction Books Ready to be Checked Out

Two new classics retold by Roberto Piumini:
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
The Three Little Pigs

Four new books about the NEW food pyramid:
The Fantastic Fruit Group by Marcie Aboff
The Great Grains Group by Marcie Aboff
The Incredible Vegetable Group by Marcie Aboff
The Powerful Protein Group by Sally Lee

Eight new books about an animal and their babies:
Bears and Their Cubs by Linda Tagliaferro
Cows and Their Calves by Margaret Hall
Dogs and Their Puppies by Linda Tagliaferro
Ducks and Their Ducklings by Margaret Hall
Elephants and Their Calves by Margaret Hall
Penguins and Their Chicks by Margaret Hall
Robins and Their Chicks by Linda Tagliaferro
Tigers and Their Cubs by Margaret Hall

Three new "Look Inside" books by Mari Schuh:
Look Inside a Log Cabin
Look Inside a Pyramid
Look Inside a Tepee

Two new books about occupations:
If I Were a Firefighter by Thomas Kingsley Troupe
If I Were a Veterinarian by Shelly Lyons

Three new "Truth and Rumors" books:
Pirates by Sean Stewart Price
Titanic by Michael Burgan
U. S. Presidents by Sean Stewart Price

Two new "Explore and Draw" books by Ann Becker:
Monster Trucks

Three new books about the military:
Airmen of the U. S. Airforce by Lisa M. Bolt Simons
Marines of the U. S. Marine Corps by Jennifer Reed
Sailors of the U. S. Navy by Jennifer Reed

Five new books about space:
Astronauts Working in Space by Angela Royston
The First Moon Landing by Steve Kortenkamp
Space Shuttles by Steve Kortenkamp
Space Stations by Steve Kortenkamp
Space Tourism by Steve Kortenkamp

Two new "Kids' Guide to" books:
Military Vehicles by Lisa M. Bolt Simons
Robots by Barbara J. Davis

Two new "Why, Why, Why" books:
Why, Why, Why do Astronauts Float in Space?
Why, Why, Why do Pirates Bury Their Treasure?

Three new "Spot-It Challenges" books:
Animals Everywhere by Sarah L. Schuette
Mean Machines by Jennifer L. Marks
School Times by Jennifer L. Marks

Misc. books:
If the World Were a Village: A Book About the World's People by David J. Smith

Veteran's Day by Julie Murray

The Sesame Street Dictionary by Linda Hayward

How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum by Jessie Hartland

The Lego Ideas Book: Unlock Your Imagination byDaniel Lipkowitz

New Chapter Books Ready to Check Out

Floors by Patrick Carman
Leo is the janitor's son at the Whippet Hotel.  Now this is no ordinary hotel - it has wacky designs and wacky secrets on each floor.  One day there are 4 cryptic boxes left for Leo.  That's when Leo takes the ride of his life and realizes that the future of Whippet Hotel depends on him.

The Forgotten Warrior by Erin Hunter
This is volume 5 in the series - Omen of the Stars.

Fourth-Grade Fuss by Johanna Hurwitz
Yard sales, ice-skating, and surprise parties are what makes fourth grade fun.  But Julio and his friends know it's time to get serious about the statewide end-of-the-year test.  They do all kinds of things to make sure they pass (like wearing their underwear inside out).  Will they pass?

Cabin Fever by Jeff Kinney
This the next book in the series Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

The Dog Rules by Coco La Rue
Poor Monty is an energetic pup who gets into trouble all the time.  His house has lots of rules and he has trouble following them!

Secrets at Sea by Richard Peck
Helena is a big-sister mouse to 3 younger siblings living in a nice place and feeling safe and sound with their human family.  When the human family decides to sail away to England, the mice stow away with them.  Then the adventure begins.  Will the mice squeak by, or will they go overboard?

Storm Runners by Roland Smith
Chase and his father are storm runners.  They race across the country to anywhere bad weather strikes. Chase is learning a lot on the road.  But when the hurricane of the century hits, he will be tested in ways he never could have imagined.

Friday, December 16, 2011

New Books to enjoy during break!

Purplicious - When her classmates make fun of her for still liking the color pink, a little girl feels all alone, but then a friend shows her the power of pink. 

The Cafeteria Lady from the Black Lagoon -Humorous story about the new cafeteria lady, Wanda Belch, who is rumored to drive a garbage truck to school.  

The Principal from the Black LagoonOn the third day of school, a young boy is sent to the principal's office and thinks about all the horrifying rumors he has heard about her.  

Fancy Nancy Pajama Day -Nancy, who likes to use fancy words, is excited to wear her elegant nightgown for Pajama Day at school, until her best friend Bree and her classmate Clara impress everyone by wearing matching pink polka-dot pajamas. 

Fancy Nancy Halloween or Bust!- No one knows Fancy like Nancy ... and no one knows Halloween like Nancy!     

Dogs Don't Brush their Teeth!Fifteen different dogs show what they can do, and what they can't do.

Fancy Nancy and the Late, Late Late Night - When Nancy's neighbor lends her a scrapbook of celebrity autographs, Nancy wants to stay up late and read it, but learns that a late night causes her to be tired all day at school.     

Goldilicious -A little girl and her brother play with her imaginary gold-horned unicorn that can float on water, fly, and turn herself into a fairy princess.     

Fancy Nancy and the Delectable Cupcakes - Nancy's failure to pay attention gets her into trouble when she bakes cupcakes for the school bake sale.  

Dog Loves Books - Dog loves books so much that he decides to open a book store.     

Silverlicious - When Pinkalicious loses her sweet tooth she turns to the Tooth Fairy for help.     

Pinkalicious School Rules! - When Pinkalicious brings her imaginary unicorn, Goldie, to school and teaches him the rules, he helps her and the other students to become better friends.

Pinkalicious Pinkie Promise - After Pinkalicious uses all of Alison's pink paint in class, she wonders how she can repay her best friend.  

If You Give a Dog a Donut -Chaos might ensue if you were to give a dog a donut.  

Pirate Boy - As Colin imagines himself in a series of adventures beginning with joining a pirate crew, his mother assures him that she will always be there to help if he needs her.     

Dinosaurs Don't, Dinosaurs Do - An easy-to-read text and engaging, funny dinosaurs introduce young children to good manners, the benefits of being considerate to others, and the secret to making friends.     

Pinkalicious Pink around the Rink -Pinkalicious's new ice skates are plain white, so before she takes them out on the ice she decides to color them with her cotton candy pink magic marker.

Pinkalicious The Pinkerrific Playmate -Pinkalicious is excited for her new friend Rose to come over and play, but after a day of making friendship bracelets, baking cookies, and playing in the tree house, the girls are not ready for their fun to end. 

Monday, December 05, 2011

Polar Express party for boys only!

Please call to reserve your spot! 765-362-2242 ext115 - This event is full, you will be placed on a waiting list when you call.

Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas!

Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas! OOooh la la! Please join us for a magnificent, joyous, sparkly Christmas time!  Select your time slot and call to reserve your spot! 765-362-2242 ex115

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New J Fiction on CD

All The Lovely Bad Ones- Travis and his sister, Corey, can't resist a good trick. When they learn that their grandmother's quiet Vermont inn, where they're spending the summer, has a history of ghost sightings, they decide to do a little 'haunting' of their own. But their supernatural pranks awaken something dangerous, something that should have stayed asleep.  

Small As An Elephant- Abandoned by his mother in an Acadia National Park campground, Jack tries to make his way back to Boston before anyone figures out what is going on, with only a small toy elephant for company.  

Tale of Two Castles - Twelve-year-old Elodie journeys to Two Castles in hopes of studying acting but instead becomes apprentice to a dragon, who teaches her to be observant and use reasoning, thus helping her to uncover who is poisoning the king.     

  -Scrub isn't happy about having to spend the summer with his hippie grandmother in "Middle of nowhere," Washington. When he arrives at her Intergalactic bed & breakfast, he's not surprised by its 1960's-meets-Star-wars decor, but he is surprised by the weird-looking guests. It turns out that each room in the inn is a portal and his grandma is the gate keeper, allowing aliens to vacation on Earth. She desperately needs Scrub's help with disguising the tourists as humans. As if that weren't difficult enough, the town sheriff is already suspicious of Granny. One wrong move and Scrub could blow Grandma's cover, forcing the B&B to shut down forever. And when it comes to aliens, every move seems very wrong.  
The First Day of School Forever! - Everything goes wrong for eleven-year-old Artie on his first day at Ardmore Middle School, from the moment his alarm goes off until the next morning, when everything is repeated exactly the same way.     

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Non-Fiction!

Stupendous Sports Stadiums- Describes the most stupendous sports stadiums in the world and compares their various features.  

Space Tourism- The final frontier is no longer the exclusive domain of professional astronauts. More and more, ordinary tourists are venturing into the great beyond. Written in a clear, kid-friendly style and accentuated with fun, detailed illustrations, Space Tourism gives readers an exciting overview of this burgeoning industry. To add context, there are simple explanations of the science behind space travel (such as a super description of how rockets work) and even direct quotes from space-tourism experts, who share realworld experiences and introduce easy experiments and activities (such as building a "gravity simulator" with cardboard and string). Kids will love learning about the latest innovations and will find their imaginations ignited by future possibilities -- such as an Earth-space elevator (not as far-fetched as it sounds) and a space station replete with grassy valleys, streams and trees.

About Hummingbirds- Covers basic facts about hummingbird life and some of the different species of hummingbirds. 

America Is Under Attack: September 11, 2001: The Day The Towers Fell- Narrates the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, from the plane hijackings to the collapse of the World Trade Center. 

Coral Reefs- During an ordinary visit to the library, a girl pulls a not-so-ordinary book from the shelves. As she turns the pages in this book about coral reefs, the city around her slips away and she finds herself surrounded by the coral cities of the sea and the mysterious plants and animals that live, hunt, and hide there.

Orani: My Father's Village- Children's book author Claire A. Nivola explores the village of Orani, the tiny hamlet in the mountains of central Sardinia where her father lived before moving to New York during World War II. 

Drawing From Memory-Caldecott Medalist Allen Say presents a stunning graphic novel chronicling his journey as an artist during WWII, when he apprenticed under Noro Shinpei, Japan's premier cartoonist. Drawing from memory is Allen Say's own story of his path to becoming the renowned artist he is today. Shunned by his father, who didn't understand his son's artistic leanings, Allen was embraced by Noro Shinpei, Japan's leading cartoonist and the man he came to love as his "spiritual father." As WWII raged, Allen was further inspired to consider questions of his own heritage and the motivations of those around him. He worked hard in rigorous drawing classes, studied, trained--and ultimately came to understand who he really is. Part memoir, part graphic novel, part narrative history, DRAWING FROM MEMORY presents a complex look at the real-life relationship between a mentor and his student. With watercolor paintings, original cartoons, vintage photographs, and maps, Allen Say has created a book that will inspire the artist in all of us

Dinosaur Discovery- Uses hands-on activities to present information about dinosaurs and to show how paleontologists study the prehistoric creatures. 

Jim Henson: The Guy Who Played With Puppets- Chronicles the life of Jim Henson, describing how he pushed the boundaries of entertainment and brought the art of puppets to a new level with the creation of his Muppets. 

The House Baba Built- In Ed Young's childhood home in Shanghai, all was not as it seemed: a rocking chair became a horse; a roof became a roller rink; an empty swimming pool became a place for riding scooters and bikes. The house his father built transformed as needed into a place to play hide-and-seek, to eat bamboo shoots, and to be safe. For outside the home's walls, China was at war. Soon the house held not only Ed and his four siblings but also friends, relatives, and even strangers who became family. The war grew closer, and Ed watched as planes flew overhead and friends joined the Chinese air force. But through it all, Ed's childhood remained full of joy and imagination.