Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just a Reminder - Blossom and Brunch

Girls ages 8-12

Enjoy a morning of tea and activities from 10:30-Noon on Saturday, May 12.

Sign up by calling 362-2242 ext 115.

New Nonfiction Books

To find these books look on the new book shelf and look under for the call number.

New books on animals!!!!!!!!!!
Do you have a favorite type of animal and want to read more about it? Well may-be we have the book you are looking for.
-Dog books j 636.72 Rak-636.755Rak
-The Great Animal Search- j 590 You
-About Fish- j 597 Sil
-Is my cat a tiger- j 636.8 Bid
-The wolf- j 599.773 Hav

New books on Cars and other cool transportation..
Do you love cars? All kind of cars or just certain.
-Like Hot Rods- j 629.288 sch
-Like Hovercrafts-j 629.3 sau
-Like Rally Cars- j 796.72 bra
-Like Jets- j 629.133 Doe
-Like Tugboats- j 387.232 Doe
-Like Tractors- j 611.3 Doe

New "How To" Stuff....
-Horse craft-j 745.5 hen
-Hemp Jewelry-j 746.4222 Sad
-Knotting-j 746.42 Sad
-Art for kids Comic Strips-j 741.5
-Drawing Books of faces- j 743.49 emb
-crime scene-j 363.25 har

New Biography books.......

Is there a person in history you really admire? Or do you want to learn about someone famous in the past? Well we have new book on
-Louis Pasteur. He discovered a way (pasteurization) to prevent the spread of certain diseases from some products. j 921 Pasteur
- Eli Whitney. He invented the cotton gin. j 921 Whitney
- George Eastman. He came up with the idea of the Kodak Camera. j 921 Eastman
- Isaac Newton. He discovered gravity. j 921 Newton
- Samuel Morse. He invented Morse code. j 921 Morse
-Wrights Brothers. They invented the first flying machine.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Story Audio Books

Rotten Ralph By Jack Gantos j B&CD Beg Gan
This disaster-prone feline tries to get out of work

Balto By Natalie Staniford j B&C 636.73 Sta
About a brave dog who leads a team of dogs through a blizzard to deliver some medicine in time for some sick kids.

Diary of a Spider By Doreen Cronin j BC E Cro
About Spider's life growing up.

Moo Cow Kaboom! By Thacher Hurd j BC E Hur
A cow is abducted by aliens

Samantha the Snob By Kathryn Cristaldi j B&CD Beg Cri
The new girl in class everyone thinks is a snob but is she really?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Non-Fiction

Rescues! Sandra Markle j 363.34 Mar
Stories of incredible rescues.

Extraordinary Ordinary People
By Alan Govenar j 920 Gov
Five American masters of traditional Arts

Don't Forget your Etiquette!
By David Greenberg j 811.54 Gre
The essential guide to misbehavior.

American Story
By Jennifer Armstrong j 973 Arm
100 True tales from American History

By Shelley Gil j 996.9 Gil
Find out what it is like to live in Hawaii

Here's Looking at me
By Bob Raczka j 920 Rac
About painters painting their own image.

Henny Penny
By Vivian French j 398.2 Fre
Is the sky really falling?

The Buffalo and the Indians
By Dorothy Patent j 970.3 Pat
Find out about the Buffalos.

Shanyi Goes to China By Sangwan So j 951.06 So
Find out what is like to live in China

Stoo Hample's Book of Bad Manners
By Stoo Hample j 395.122 Ham
Do you have bad manner's find out in this book?

Frida Kahlo Painting Her Life By Lisa and Rick Guzman j 921 Kahlo
About the famous artist and her paintings.

Zombies By Cythia Jenson-Elliot j 398.45 Jen
This books will tell you all there is to know about Zombies

J.K. Rowling By Bradley Steffens j 921 Rowling, J
You have read her books. Now read about her.

I Just Am By Bryan and Tom Lambke j 362.196
A book about kids with down syndrome.

Look What Whiskers, LookWhat Feet Can Do, Look Wha Mouths Can Do All By D.M Souz j 573.9 Sou
Books about animals in the wild.

Porch Lies By Patricia McKissack j Fic Mck
Tales of Slickers, Trickers, and other Wily Characters.

I found a dead bird By Jan Thornhill j 591.5 Tho
The kids' guide to the circle of life.

Hurricanes, Tsunamis, and other Natural Disasters By Andrew Langley j 363.34 Lan
This books teaches everything you need to know in case Hurricanes, Tsunamis, and other Natural Disasters happens

The scrapbooker's Idea Book By Kathy Ross j 745.593 Ros
Learn how to keep your memories in a cool way.

12 Easy Knitting Projects By Peg Blanchette j 746.432 Bla
If you want to learn to start to knit this is a great book to learn from.

Stan Lee
By Raymond Miller j 921 Lee S
The Creator of Spiderman see how he became famous.

Shel Silverstein By Rachel Lynette j 921 Silverstien

Rich and Poor in Ancient Egypt By Clare Hibbert j 932.01 Hib

Constitution By Cathy Travis j 342.73 Tra

Real Knights By Christopher Gravett j 940.1 Gra

Hero Girls By Annie Buckley j 305.23 Buc

Michelle Wie By Jim Gigliotti j 921 Wie, M

Deadly Dinos By K.C. Kelley j 567.912 Kel

Racer Girls By Bob Woods j 921 Woo

American History of Music Books By Christopher Handyside j781.66 Han

My Island and I (The nature of the Caribbean) By Alfonso Silva Lee j 577.5 Sil

South Africa By Ettagale Blauer j 968 Bla38721825275438

Soccer Superwomen By James Buckley Jr. j 920 Buc

Alexandra Scott By Gail Stewart j 921 Scott, A.

Angels By Rachel Lynette j 202.15 Lyn

The Loch Ness Monster By Peggy Parks j 00.1.944 Par

Julia By Georgina Lazaro j 468 Laz

Like a Pro By Helaine Becker j 646.7 Bec

How We Are Smart By W. Nikola-Lisa j 811.54 Nik

Cherokee and their History By Mary Englar j 970 .3 Eng

Slave Rebellions By Robin Santos Doak j 306.3 Doa

Life under Slavery By Deborah H. DeFord j 306.3 DeF

African American During the Civil War By Deborah H. DeFord j 973.7415 DeF

Thursday, April 05, 2007

New Books and Audio Books

New Graphics Novels!!!!!!!!!!!
Dragonball Z and Fruit Basket

By Cythia Kadohata-- j CDBK Fic Kad

Magyk By Angie Sage-- j CDBK Fic Sag

The Best American Comics By Harvey Pekars-- J 741.5973

Lucy Rose Big on Plans By Katy Kelly (Read by Tara Sands) -- J CDBK FIC KEL--

The summer before fourth grade and Lucy Rose has a lot going on in her life.

Holes By Lois Sachar (Read by Kerry Beyer)­ -- J CDBK FIC SAC

Stanley Yelnats has landed at Camp Green Lake because it seemed a better option than jail. No matter that his conviction was all a case of mistaken identity, the Yelnats family has become accustomed to a long history of bad luck, thanks to their "no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather!"

Shiloh By Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (Read By Peter Macnicol)-- J CDBK FIC NAY

When 11-year-old Marty Preston chances upon a mistreated beagle pup in his hometown of Friendly, West Virginia, he is not prepared for the ethical questions he has to face.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New Books

Mia's Story By Michael Foreman -- J E For

Mia and her family, who make their home from the materials they scavenge for the village dump and their living by selling the scraps they collect there.

Is there really a Human Race? By Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell-- J E Cur

A young boy has a question for his mother: "Is there really a human race?" He wants to know how and when it started, if he's supposed to train for it, what weather the race will face, and who he'll run against.

Can You See A Little Bear
? By James Mayhew and Jackie Morris-- J E May

A bear take a trip to town. Where he finds new friends and adventures. (Excellent Illustrations)

Lilo and Stitch by Michael Stewart -- J Fic Ste

If you loved the movie your sure to love this book. Its about Lilo and Stitch on yet again another adventure.

The Curious Demise of a Contrary Cat by Lynne Berry-- J E Ber

Witch prepares for and hosts a party for ghosts, trolls, bats, spooks, and sprites, she asks Cat to fetch things to assist her. But the contrary feline is too busy chasing guests to help.

The Cow Who Clucked by Denise Fleming-- J E Fle

A cow wakes up to find that she has lost her moo and is clucking instead. She visits various creatures throughout the countryside, clucking at them and getting answers in their natural sounds.

Taming Horrible Harry by Lili Chartrand-- J E Cha

Horrible Harry, the resident monster of a forest, takes great pleasure in terrorizing human visitors who blunder onto his path. Finds a book that he think is magical, he takes it when she leaves it behind and sets off to learn how to read; in the end, he shares the stories with others.

A Very Brave Witch by Alison By McGhee and Harry Bliss-- J E McG

A friendly young witch describes what she likes most about Halloween. She explains that although most of her kind are afraid of humans, she has done research and concluded that people are not that bad. She plans to visit them this Halloween night. She soon discovers that a brave witch and a brave human girl dressed as a witch are not so very different.

A Library Story by Jennifer Vogel-- J 727.8 Vog

A brief overview of the libraries history and plenty of details and trivia relating to this specific library system and public libraries in general.

Its My School by Sally Grindley-- J E Gri

Alice is entering kindergarten and is nervous, while big brother Tom is unhappy about the fact that he now has to share his school with her.

Bats at the Beach by Brian Lies-- J E Lie

A book about going to the beach complete with overflowing picnic baskets, kite flying, singing around the campfire, and scratchy sand in places where no sand should be.

Mario's Angels by Mary Arrigan-- J E Arr

Mario, an exuberant boy, visits the artist as he works on his fresco Nativity in Padua.

Hippo! No Rhino By Jeff Newman-- J E New

A zookeeper places the wrong sign in front of the rhino pen. Rhino is upset at the error and tries to get the zookeeper to change it. (VERY FUNNY!!!!!!)

Knitting Nell By Julie Jersild Roth-- J E Rot

Nell is a shy girl who finds solace in knitting and purling. Winning prizes for the things she knits.

Beach By Elisha Cooper-- J E Coo

The beach is empty, waiting to be filled. Cooper opens with a gorgeous stretch of sand in sun-flecked, amber-white watercolors, bounded by a sea so darkly blue that it seems still half-asleep.

Not Afraid of Dogs By Susanna Pitzer-- J E Pit

Daniel is the bravest boy in the world, able to face spiders, snakes, and thunderstorms...but he just doesn't like dogs.

Flower Ball by Sigrid Laube-- J E Lau

Cauliflower attending the Flower Ball. ome of the vegetables tell him that he should stick with [his] own kind and flowers are only stuck-up vase stuffers, but Carrot agrees to go with him.

Little Donkey and the Baby-Sitter By Rindert Kromhout-- J E Kro

Mama Donkey goes to a movie, leaving grandmotherly Nanny Hen in charge of her toddler, who is suited up in blue pj's and matching hood. Donkey though has other things in mind.

What to do? What to Do? By Toni Teevin-- J E Tee

Sophie is a lonely old woman who longs for companionship and conversation. She talks to the pots and pans, and the furniture and flowers, but never gets a reply. So she sets off to find some friends.

One Potato, Two Potato By Cynthia Defelice-- J E

DeFelice employs her considerable storytelling skills to give an old Chinese folktale an Irish twist. Mr. and Mrs. O'Grady are so poor that they have only one of everything, and the little they have is raggedy at that.

Tudley Didn't Know By John Himmelman-- J E Him

Turtle doesn't know much about what his species can and cannot do, so when a hummingbird accidentally drops her nest material into the water next to him, he flies up to return it. It turns out that he tries and succeeds at many things that were thought to be impossible for turtles

Wolves By Emily Gravett-- J E Gra

A rabbit borrows a book on wolves and reads it on his way home from the library, so absorbed that he never notices that the path has hanged under his feet as he's walking.

Pinkalicious By Victoria Kann-- J E Kann

Pinkalicious eats so many pink cupcakes that she wakes up the next morning with pink skin and hair.

The Owl and the Pussycat By Edward Lear-- J E Lea

A cat and an owl in love.

Sophie's Trophy By Susan Middleton Elya-- J E Ely

Sophie is a homely toad, while her brother is so cute that he has won numerous modeling trophies.

Who is Melvin Bubbles? By Nick Bruel-- J E Bru

The author begins by sharing a letter from Melvin's friend, suggesting that Mr. Bruel write a book about his pal, so that everyone can know him.

Little Mama Forgets By Robin Cruise-- J E Cru

Lucy spends her days with her mother, brother, and grandmother. She shares a special bond with Little Mamá that begins with a morning tickle and ends with a song and a kiss goodnight. The elderly woman may forget everyday things like names, places, and directions but she always remembers her love for Lucy.

Full, Full, Full, of Love By Trish Cooke-- J E Coo

Jay Jay helps his grandmother prepare for the extended family's Sunday dinner, he finds a comforting, often palpable abundance everywhere he looks.

Chowder By Peter Brown-- J E Bro

Chowder is not like most bulldogs. Instead of burying bones, he busily arranges them into a skeletal formation, as an archaeologist would.

I Can Do It By Jana Novotny Hunter-- J E Hun

Little Guinea Pig finds lots of things to do on his first day at preschool.

Sharp! By Mick Manning-- J E Man

A fly who is gobbled up by a frog, who is, in turn, guzzled by a duckling, who is, in turn, eaten by a pike, etc.

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush By Iza Trapani-- J E Tra

When pesky insects and animals invade the garden.

Adele & Simon By Barbara McClintock-- J E McC

When Adèle meets her younger brother after school, she cautions him not to lose anything on the way home.