Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Non-fiction

Extreme Scientists Exploring Nature's Mysteries from Perilous Places
by Donna M. Jackson : Extreme scientists battle some of the Earth's most intense conditions, from hurricanes to caves to the crowns of towering redwoods, in order to save lives, preserve species, and help us to better understand the way our planet works.

The Frog Scientist by Pamela S. Turner - This captivating and beautifully photographed title in the Scientists in the Field series follows Tyrone Hayes, a biologist at UC Berkeley who is trying to discover the effects pesticides have on frogs and, in turn, on humans.

Dancing with Manatees by Faith McNulty -
Examines the physical characteristics, behavior, and evolution of this gentle creature.

Redwoods by Jason Chin -A young city boy, riding the subway, finds an abandoned book about redwoods. He finds himself in the very forest described in the book. After finishing the book, he leaves it for someone else to read.

Natives Along the Wabash -
Based on real evidence: historical records, period paintings, archaeological evidence, military records, journals and material culture left in private hands and public museums.
This information is also used in educational programs developed for classrooms by Sheryl Hartman and used by Piankeshaw Trails Ed. Park, Inc.

Let's Look at the Seasons Autumn Days - Text, illustrations, and activities explore the season of autumn and the changes it brings in the natural world.

Great New Books!

The Outlandish Adventures of Liberty Aimes- by Kelly Easton - : Ten-year-old Libby Aimes escapes her prison-like home by using a strange concoction of her father's, then tries to make her way to the boarding school of her dreams, aided by various people and animals.

Tricking the Tallyman by Jacqueline Davies- In 1790, the suspicious residents of a small Vermont town try to trick the man who has been sent to count their population for the first United States Census.

Let Me Hold You Longer by Karen Kingsbury - With lighthearted illustrations and a sweet, reflective tone, best-selling author Karen Kingsbury encourages parents to savor not only their children's "firsts"--like first steps and first words--but the "lasts" as well. With the tenderness of a mother speaking directly to her child, Karen reminds us not to miss last days of kindergarten and last at bats in Little League amidst the whirlwind of life.

The Case of the Marshmallow Monster by James Preller - Jigsaw is exited about his camping trip with his friends -- no school, and no detective work. But a full moon and a campfire story about a lake creature get Jigsaw back in business. When the marshmallows begin to disappear, Danika is sure a Marshmallow Monster is haunting the lake. Jigsaw and Mila scope out the area and wait to find out the real story.

New Tracks for Thomas - Thomas ignores everyone's advice to take his time in learning his new daily run. When he gets lost, Thomas learns the price of being overly confident the hard way.

Sergio Saves the Game! by Edel Rodriguez - Although Sergio the penguin loves to play soccer, he is very clumsy and uncoordinated and he practices day and night, hoping he can help his team win the big game against the Seagulls.

The Hermit Crab by Carter Goodrich - Absorbed in his search for food, a shy hermit crab, disguised in a fancy new shell, inadvertently rescues a flounder caught beneath a trap and wins the admiration of the other marine animals.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Audio Books!

The Walnut Cup The Walnut Cup, the only American stop on the World Squirrel Soccer League tour, is taking place in Elliot's park, but when the game ball, a perfectly round walnut, goes missing it is up to Elliot and his friends to find it.

Haunted Hike -On Halloween night, while Ranger Canyon leads three small Squirrel Scouts on a haunted hike, Daisy sees a ghost and Elliot and his friends help investigate.

Franny K. Stein Mad Scientist - Lunch Walks Among Us - Franny K. Stein is a mad scientist who prefers all things spooky and creepy, but when she has trouble making friends at her new school she experiments with fitting in--which works until a monster erupts from the trashcan.

Nancy Drew investigates when a doll goes missing at a sleepover party.

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Summer Titles!

Junie B. Double Edition! -Wowie, wow, wow! It's double the laughs with two Junie B. books in one! For the first time ever, it's two Junie B. books in one hysterical hardcover bindup! The perfect gift book for Junie fans! Junie B., First Grader (at Last!) It's a brand-new school year! Only, for Junie B. Jones things are not actually that pleasant. 'Cause first grade means having to get used to a whole new classroom. And a whole new teacher. And a whole new bunch of strange children. But here's the worst thing of all: when Junie B. tries to read words on the chalkboard, she can't seem to see what everyone else is seeing! IS it possible she might actually end up wearing . . . glasses? Junie B., First Grader: Toothless Wonder Yikes . . . one of Junie B. Jones's front teeth is loose! Only, Junie B. is not that thrilled about this development. Because what if she looks like toothless Uncle Lou? And even worse . . . what's all this tooth fairy business? Like, who is this woman, really? And what does she do with all those used teeth? So many questions, so little time.

Going, Going, Gone! by Judy Blume -THE PAIN AND the Great One are going places! In these new stories the kids are on the go-the Pain needs a trip to the emergency room; the family goes to the mall and not everyone stays together; the kids visit a county fair and want to ride the Super Slide; and a beach outing includes a boogie board. Lots more action and adventure for the dynamic duo who never stay still.

Moonlight on the Magic Flute by Mary Pope Osborne Jack and Annie head to 18th-century Austria, where they must find and help a musician by the name of Mozart. Decked out in the craziest outfits they've ever worn-including a wig for Jack and a giant hoopskirt for Annie!-the two siblings search an entire palace to no avail. Their hunt is further hampered by the appearance of a mischievous little boy who is determined to follow them everywhere. But when the boy lets the animals out of the palace zoo, Jack and Annie have to use the only magic at their disposal to save themselves and the naughty little fellow.

Friend or Fiend? by Judy Blume

What's the difference between a friend and a fiend? Jake is so embarrassed by a reading circle blunder, he vows never to speak in class again. Abigail believes she can no longer trust one of her best friends. Their teenage cousins have turned into fiends. And on the perfect snow day, who jumps on Jake and washes his face in snow? And who rescues him?

Polar Bears and the Artic -by Mary Pope Osborne

The Cobble Street Cousins by Cynthia Rylant

One Cent, Two Cents, Old Cent, New Cent - THE CAT IN the Hat puts to rest any notion that money grows on trees in this super simple look at numismatics, the study of money and its history. Beginning with the ancient practice of bartering, the Cat explains various forms of money used in different cultures, from shells, feathers, leather, and jade to metal ingots to coins (including the smallest-the BB-like Indian fanam-and the largest-the 8-foot-wide, ship-sinking limestone ones from the Islands of Yap!), to the current king of currency, paper. Also included is a look at banking, from the use of temples as the first banks to the concept of gaining or paying interest, and a step-by-step guide to minting coins. A fascinating introduction is bound to change young reader's appreciation for change!

My, Oh My- a Butterfly!With a little help from the Cat in the Hat, Sally and Dick observe a small miracle in their own backyard-the metamorphosis of an egg into a caterpillar into a chrysalis into a bright new butterfly! Along the way, beginning readers will find out how butterflies see thousands of images at once, drink nectar from flowers, avoid predators, and can be identified by size, shape, and color. Readers will also follow the amazing migration of millions of monarchs.

Inside Your Outside! -

The Cat in the Hat takes Sally and Dick for a ride through the human body where they visit the right and left sides of the brain, meet the Feletons from far off Fadin (when they stand in the sun you can see through their skin), scuba dive through the blood system, follow food and water through the digestive tract, and a whole lot more!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New books for June!

The Desperado Who Stole Baseball by John H. Ritter -In 1881, the scrappy, rough-and-tumble baseball team in a California mining town enlists the help of a quick-witted twelve-year-old orphan and the notorious outlaw Billy the Kid to win a big game against the National League Champion Chicago White Stockings.

Lucky Breaks by Susan Patron - Having reached the mature age of eleven in the tiny California town of Hard Pan (population 43), Lucky discovers that there is still much to learn about friendship, parental trust, and the Milky Way galaxy.

Scaredy-Cat Catcher - by Betty Hicks - When Rocky, a talented catcher who was injured during the previous baseball season by an out-of-control runner, develops a reflex that keeps him from tagging the runner out, Rocky's friends--and his dog Chops--help him overcome his fear.

Troll's Eye View - a book of villians tales by Ellen Datlow- Everyone thinks they know the real story behind the villains in fairy tales--evil, no two ways about it. But the villains themselves beg to differ. In this anthology for younger readers, you'll hear from the Giant's wife (from Jack and the Beanstalk), Rumpelstiltskin, the oldest of the Twelve Dancing Princesses, and more.

One Giant Leap- by Robert Burleigh- Commemorating the 40th anniversary of man's first walk on the moon, this book is a tribute that transports readers to the stars, where they will experience the moon landing just as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin did.

Ron's Big Mission - by Rose Blue One summer day in 1959, nine-year-old Ron McNair, who dreams of becoming a pilot, walks into the Lake City, South Carolina, public library and insists on checking out some books, despite the rule that only white people can have library cards. Includes facts about McNair, who grew up to be an astronaut.

Maggie's Monkeys by Linda Sanders- Wells -When Maggie reports that pink monkeys have moved into the refrigerator, her mother and father play along and accommodate the invisible visitors, much to the frustration of Maggie's older, reality-obsessed brother.

Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal - Two unseen characters argue about whether the creature they are looking at is a rabbit or a duck.

Chicken and Cat Clean Up by Sara Varon- When Chicken opens a housekeeping business, his best friend Cat comes to mind as the perfect partner. But Cat is sleepy, clumsy, and makes a lot of mistakes, until he finds his own way to save the day.

Put it on the List! by Kristen Darbyshire - When family members see the consequences of forgetting to write things on the grocery list, they not only do better at keeping the list up-to-date, they also help with the shopping to ensure they never again eat pickled grubs.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Race Into Reading!

Start your engines! Our summer reading program, Race Into Reading! is well underway! Come in and get signed up to start reading and earning your prizes!
Sign up for crafts, story time and the Start your Engines Race!
Registration is required for crafts, you may register beginning the Wednesday prior to the craft you wish to make.
June 8 and 9 - Racing Bank craft
June 15 and 16 - Kazoo Car
June 22 and 23- Velvet Art Car
June 29 and 30 - Twinkie Car
July 6 and 7 - Sun Visor
July 13 and 14 - Racing picture Frame
Drop in on Wednesdays for story time for all ages at 10 a.m.
Start you Engines Race! - Thursdays at 7 p.m. - Bring your fastest Hot Wheels or Matchbox car and race to win a medal! Please call to register.
Register to meet Sondi Eden on June 30th and Max the Moose on July 18th.
Last day to turn in points is July 17th before 4:45 p.m.
Call us with questions or to register - 362-2242 ext. 115

New Audio Books

Snowflake Bentley - A biography of a self-taught scientist who photographed thousands of individual snowflakes in order to study their unique formations.

Wabi Sabi - Wabi Sabi, a cat living in the city of Kyoto, learns about the Japanese concept of beauty through simplicity as she asks various animals she meets about the meaning of her name.

Sourpuss and Sweetie Pie - With her moods changing nearly every minute, Nanna and Poppy have to be prepared to call their rambunctious granddaughter the right nickname when the moment strikes!

Cam Jansen and the Green School Mystery -
On Green Day, Cam and her classmates discuss ways to protect the environment, but when money collected for the school's new skylights disappears, Cam uses her photographic memory to solve the mystery.

You Can Do It! - Faith and the support of a loving family help Linden when he is upset over being the only one in his class or at home who does not know what he wants to be when he grows up.

Annie Snowball and the Pink Surprise -: After noticing that a visiting hummingbird likes her pink petunias, Annie and her rabbit Snowball, accompanied by Henry and his dog Mudge, fill the garden with pink objects to attract more hummingbirds.

Bear Feels Scared -Bear's animal friends come to his rescue when he becomes lost and frightened in the woods.