Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Non-fiction

Extreme Scientists Exploring Nature's Mysteries from Perilous Places
by Donna M. Jackson : Extreme scientists battle some of the Earth's most intense conditions, from hurricanes to caves to the crowns of towering redwoods, in order to save lives, preserve species, and help us to better understand the way our planet works.

The Frog Scientist by Pamela S. Turner - This captivating and beautifully photographed title in the Scientists in the Field series follows Tyrone Hayes, a biologist at UC Berkeley who is trying to discover the effects pesticides have on frogs and, in turn, on humans.

Dancing with Manatees by Faith McNulty -
Examines the physical characteristics, behavior, and evolution of this gentle creature.

Redwoods by Jason Chin -A young city boy, riding the subway, finds an abandoned book about redwoods. He finds himself in the very forest described in the book. After finishing the book, he leaves it for someone else to read.

Natives Along the Wabash -
Based on real evidence: historical records, period paintings, archaeological evidence, military records, journals and material culture left in private hands and public museums.
This information is also used in educational programs developed for classrooms by Sheryl Hartman and used by Piankeshaw Trails Ed. Park, Inc.

Let's Look at the Seasons Autumn Days - Text, illustrations, and activities explore the season of autumn and the changes it brings in the natural world.

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