Thursday, November 20, 2008

New books on the "New Book Shelf"

Foot Ball Double Threat- j Fic Pet- Rocky Fletcher only played wide receiver for the Pythons. Now his coaches want him to learn the safety position, too- a position that opens up after Bobby, Rocky's best friend, breaks his leg.

The Noonday Friends- j Fic Sto - Eleven-year-old Franny Davis and her best friend share school and family problems in this realistic, often humorous story set in New York's Greenwich Village.
1966 Newbery Honor Book Notable Children's Books of 1965

Polar Bear Scare - j E New - A rabbit fleeing from three polar bears is helped by a series of animals.

The Golden Christmas Treasury - j E Gol- 25 Stories, poems, and carols for the Christmas season, with illustrations by eight different artists.

Morris the Moose- j Beg Wis- For the first time, three of B. Wiseman's hilarious stories about Morris the goofy moose are available in one volume!

Addie Runs Away - j Beg Rob -
Not wishing to be sent away to Camp Putt, Addie is determined to run away, unless her friend Max can convince her to change her mind.

The Attack on Pearl Harbor An Interactive History Adventure - j 940.5426 Las - It is 1941. As war spreads across the globe, the United States tries to stay out of it. But on December 7, an attack o Pearl harbor delibers the war right to America's doorstep.

Graphic Dinosaurs Pteranodon - j 567.918 Wes - the giant of the sky - Learn the facts about this amazing flying reptile!

One Small Square Backyard- j 594.9 Sil -Climb aboard for a series of exciting journeys of discovery as near as your backyard and as far away as a tropical rain forest or a coral reef.

One Small Square Pond - j 574.5 Sil- Climb aboard for an exciting journey of discovery where the next stop ciykd be as near as your backyard or as far as half a world away.

Everyday Materials Plastic- j 668.4 Lan - Did you know that most plastic is made from oil? Find out more!