Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dr. Seuss Week 2013!

March 4 – 8th
Monday at 4pm ~ I can Lick 30 Tigers Today
Tuesday at 4pm ~ Gertrude McFuzz
Wednesday at 4pm ~ I Can Read With My Eyes Shut
Thursday at 4pm ~ My Many Colored Days
Friday All Day ~ Dr. Seuss Carnival Games!!!

Drop in Every Day at 4pm to hear the Dr Seuss Story. 

                      JDrop in Any time to create the themed craft for the day.

Come to the library at least 3 times during Dr. Seuss Week
 to be eligible for some great Dr. seuss prizes !
You can enter your name in the Dr. Seuss Book Bag drawing everyday!

Can you guess how many fish are in the bowl?

Drop in anytime on Friday to play all of the Seuss Carnival games!

New Non-Fiction and Picture Books!!

 Picture Books
Nora's Chicks- Arriving on the American prairie in the hope of making a new home, Nora, a little girl from Russia, struggles with loneliness until Papa brings her a dozen chicks and two geese who follow Nora everywhere she goes.

The Perfect Thanksgiving- Two families--one that is perfect and one that is far from it--celebrate Thanksgiving in their own loving ways.

How I Became A Veterinarian- Meet veterinarians from all over the world who make sure animals stay healthy.

Nelson Mandela- Presents a biography of the former South African president best known for his political activism and fight to end apartheid.

Uncle Sam- Did you know Uncle Sam is based on a real man? His name was Samuel Wilson. Discover more fascinating facts in Uncle Sam.  

Look Up- An illustrated portrait of astronomer Henrietta Swan Leavitt traces the years she spent measuring stars from her position at the Harvard College Observatory and her important discoveries that enabled the scientific community to gain a fuller understanding of the universe's vast size.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Chapter Books!

The Princess and the Unicorn- Joyce the fairy has the adventure she has always dreamed of when she joins forces with a human princess to rescue the unicorn stolen from Swinley Forest, placing the forest and its fairy community in grave danger.

Wyatt Burp Rides Again- Fourth-grade superhero Jo Schmo and her drooling dog Raymond go back in time to stop the infamous and stinky outlaw Wyatt Burp.

One Year In Coal Harbor- In a small fishing village in British Columbia, twelve-year-old Primrose tries to be a matchmaker for her Uncle Jack, befriends Ked, a new foster child, tries to decide if she is willing to go to jail for her convictions, and together with Ked, publishes a cook book to raise money for the Fisherman's Aid. Includes recipes.

Game ChangerWhile playing in the championship softball game, star pitcher KT Sutton blacks out and awakes to a changed world where the roles of academics and sports at her middle school have flipped, making talented athletes, such as KT, outcasts and brainy nerds popular.

Spider-Man 2: The Movie Storybook- A storybook with color photos from the new film lets readers relive all the most exciting moments from Spider-Man 2 starring Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, and Alfred Molina.

Even More New Books!

 New Beginner Books
Little Critter's This is My School- Describes Little Critter's first day at school.

Monster Parade- Children dressed in monster costumes attend a community party, march in a Halloween parade, and go trick-or-treating.     

Olivia Takes A Trip- Olivia wiles away a long, tedious car trip by pretending to be on a jet to visit Grandma.

Scooby-Doo! Meet Big Foot- Is Big Foot hiding in the woods? It's another mystery for Scooby-Doo.

Scooby-Doo! Search For Scooby Snacks- When his Scooby snacks disappear from the tent during the gang's camping trip, Scooby-Doo tracks them into a bear's cave.

Scooby-Doo! and the Tank of Terrors- A ghost diver is haunting the local aquarium. Now it's up to Scooby and his friends to unmask that spooky snorkeler!

Pooh's Honey Tree- Winnie the Pooh devises a plan to fool some bees and get honey for his empty tummy.

The Great Fairy Race- In the Great Fairy Race no fairy can use her own wings or legs, and so they compete on various animals and contraptions as each tries to prove she is fastest, but all run into a mess of trouble, except Lily, who creeps along atop a snail.

A Game of Hide-and-Seek- Tinker Bell is "it" in a game of fairy hide-and-seek.

 Christmas Story
Suzy Goose and the Christmas Star- Nothing stops brave, determined Suzy Goose to get a Christmas Star for a Christmas tree.

 New Picture Books
Charley's First Night- A book about friendship, new beginnings and that indescribable measure of love that we call a dog. 

Thomas' Big Storybook- Twenty-four adventures with Thomas and his friends previously published in six separate books.

Home For A Bunny- A young bunny learns about different types of animal homes while in search of a home of it's own.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit- Peter disobeys his mother by going into Mr. McGregor's garden and almost gets caught.

Peter Cottontail Spring Surprise- Peter Cottontail is a jolly fellow who raises bantam hens. And what is peter's favorite time of year? Why, spring, of course, and Easter time! 

Infinity and Me- After the sight of a night sky filled with stars makes eight-year-old Uma feel very small, she asks people how they think about infinity and gets a variety of answers before realizing the comfort in knowing that some things go on forever.

There Was A Tree- A favorite children's song, "The Green Grass Grew All Around," becomes a colorful book filled with African wildlife.

I'm Bored- When a bored girl meets a potato who finds children tedius, she tries to prove him wrong by demonstrating all of the things they can do, from turning cartwheels to using their imaginations.

How to Get A Job By Me the Boss- A young girl describes in detail how to decide on an interesting job and then tells exactly how to go about getting it. 

Bright Lights and Starry Nights!- On a slightly scary camping trip to study stars in the night sky, Owly and Wormy make new friends.

Unspoken- In this wordless picture book, a young Southern farm girl discovers a runaway slave hiding behind the corn crib in the barn and decides to help him.

Red Kite, Blue Kite- When Tai Shan and his father, Baba, are separated during China's Cultural Revolution, they are able to stay close by greeting one another every day with flying kites until Baba, like the kites, is free.

The Herd Boy- While doing a good job of caring for his grandfather's sheep and goat on the grasslands of South Africa, young Malusi dreams of everything from owning his own dog to becoming president one day.

New Non-Fiction Books for the Young Ones!!

Look and Find: Thomas and Friends- Find objects hidden in the drawings.

Dinosaurs- There's nothing more fascinating than dinosaurs. In this Level 1 reader, youngsters learn all about the terrifying giants that once roamed the Earth--maybe even as close as their own backyard!

Grooming: With Practical Tips- Gleaming and gorgeous, well-brushed horses are the envy of their stablemates, but good grooming is more than skin deep. Without thorough daily care, a horse can suffer from easily preventable illnesses and untreated injuries. With Grooming, you'll learn a routine that promotes equine health, including currying, mane and tail care, hoof cleaning, and bathing. You'll benefit, too, because frequent grooming sessions will strengthen your bond with your horse!

Ice! The Amazing History of the Ice Business- Presents a history of the ice business, detailing the processes of harvesting, storage, and distribution, with particular emphasis on activities at Rockland Lake, the "Icebox of New York City." 

Salamander, Frog, and Polliwog- What is an amphibian? Frogs, toads, and salamanders are all amphibians! Clever rhymes from Brian P. Cleary and comical illustrations from Martin Goneau explin the traits that all amphibians have in common and help you determined with creatures belong in this smooth-skinned group.

Noah Webster and His Words- A portrait of the man who wrote the first U.S. dictionary traces his youth as a bookish Connecticut farm boy and his twenty-year effort to write the all-American dictionary that was published in 1828 when he was seventy years old.

The Body Book- Describes the changes a pre-teen girl's body undergoes at puberty, covering such topics as menstruation, diet, exercise, body image, and eating disorders, and providing advice from a Christian perspective on dealing with the changes.

Etched in Clay- The life of Dave, an enslaved potter who inscribed his works with sayings and poems in spite of South Carolina's slave anti-literacy laws in the years leading up to the Civil War. Includes afterword, author's note, and sources.

Johnny Appleseed- Johnny Appleseed, who is really John Chapman, tells of planting apple seeds in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana.

Snow School- Twin snow leopard siblings survive their first year of life in Pakistan's Hindu Kush mountains by learning critical skills from their mother, including how to hunt, where to find shelter, and to stay away from humans.

Look and Find: Cars- Visit the town of Radiator Springs and search for a hidden assortment of all things automotive in eight, extra busy, extra silly Look and Find scenes.

Alex the Parrot- Recounts the true story of an African grey parrot who was the subject of a graduate student's scientific experiment on animal intelligence and who astonished everyone with its ability to add, understand concepts and speak hundreds of words.

How to Draw Dragons and other Mythical Creatures- Learn how to draw mythical creatures with easy step by step instructions.

Show Me Dogs- Defines through text and photos core terms related to dogs.

Freaky Plant Facts: Extreme Greens- What's the largest tree in the world? What plant has the biggest flower? Leaves? Cones? Learn the answers to these and other plant mysteries as you discover how freaky the world of plants can truly be!

The Northern Lights- Explains the northern lights from a scientific standpoint.

Circus Skills- Describes the types of skills useful for putting on a circus show. Includes step-by-step instructions on basic tricks, stunts, and performances such as juggling, plate spinning, tumbling, acrobatics, clown costumes and performances, and more. Encourages readers to practice and hone their performance skills.
A Long, Long Journey- A godwit hatches, evades predators, and learns to hunt and fly. Then, she sets off on her first migration - 7,200 nonstop miles, from Alaska to New Zealand! Facts about godwits.

Too Hot? Too Cold? Keeping Body Temperature Just Right- Explains how people and animals living in different parts of the world survive in hotter and colder climates using remarkable adaptive strategies and behaviors.

You Never Heard of Willie Mays?!- A visual profile of the record-setting baseball star traces his Birmingham childhood, achievements in the Negro Leagues, and fame as a center fielder for the Giants.

Henry and the Cannons- Presents an illustrated account of bookseller Henry Knox's heroic contributions during the Revolutionary War, describing how he dragged fifty-nine cannons to Boston across 225 miles filled with danger and hardship.

Your Skeletal System- The skeletal system is made up of about two hundred and six bones. But what exactly is a bone? And how do bones help your body function? Explore the skeletal system in this engaging and informative book.

Supply and Demand- Introduces supply and demand, defining what they are, what affects them, and how they affect business.