Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Road Race-Three truck buddies. One big race. Who will end up in first place?

The Puppy Twins -Dora and her puppy Perrito are off to a Twin's Day Party at Play Park! Based on a brand new episode! Perrito will meet his twin at the party. Guess whose puppy is Perrito's twin? This fun ready to read is based on a brand new episode, and sure to become a favorite with Dora fans, twins, and puppy lovers!

Luke Skywalker's Amazing Story -From his humble upbringing on Tatooine to his Jedi training with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, beginning readers can follow Luke Skywalker as he grows from boy to man to Jedi.

R2-D2 and Friends -R2-D2, C-3PO, and other droids from the classic Star Wars films come to life in this title ideal for readers who are beginning to read by themselves.

Biscuit's First Sleepover -Biscuit, the mischievous little puppy, helps the little girl pack her toothbrush and pajamas for a playdate at a friend's house.

Diego's Great Dinosaur Rescue -Diego, Alicia, Dora, and Baby Jaguar go back in time to rescue a dinosaur and bring her back safely to her family! This book includes fascinating dinosaur trivia.

Steam Engine Stories - Filled with gentle humor and lots of photo illustrations, here are three favorite stories straight from the classic Thomas DVDs. First, Thomas is eager to hear the Legend of Proteus' Lamp. Next, James gets a new coat, and doesn't want to ruin it by working too hard. And finally, a beautiful golden eagle has been spotted on Sodor. Thomas loves birds, but the eagle never seems to be anywhere that Thomas can see it.

Thomas and the Treasure - Three adventures featuring Thomas the tank engine and his friends on the magical island of Sodor.

100 Fun Finds - Offers picture puzzles which invite young readers to pick out objects from various backgrounds.

Camping -An up-close look at why so many enjoy camping and the types of equipment needed for a fun and safe trip.

Daring BMXers- Meet the most fearless BMX champions in this ultimate guide to the tricks, competitions, and history of the sport! From its beginnings in Southern California to its debut as an Olympic sport in 2008, kids will discover how bicycle motocross became the no-limits adventure that fans know today. Fast-paced narratives and full-color photos will engage young readers in the excitement of this extreme action sport. A gear page shows the equipment and safety features used by pros and beginners alike.

Up, Up and Away -Ginger Wadsworth and Patricia J. Wynne chronicle the real-life drama of one spider as she eats, grows, spins a dragline of silk and soars up, up, and away to find a home of her own.

Space Life -Discusses information about space life within recent years as well as plans for future explorations of space life.

101 Animal Secrets -Presents a collection of trivia about animals, discussing the length of an anteater's tongue, the eating habits of koalas, and the physical characteristics of worms.

Can You See What I See? Christmas- Read the words and find the hidden Christmas objects.

Insects -Insects are the most successful animals on Earth and Science kids: Insects introduces readers to the tiny creatures that fly, scuttle, and lurk in the world around us. Stick insects are masters of disguise, wasps can sting, and ants even have a social structure in which they have different jobs to do. Be amazed at the incredible variety of insect life that lives all around us.

Oceans and Seas - Covers saltiness, tides, waves and weather, plants and animals, and ecological issues. Includes instructions for projects.

American Flag- Check out cool Smithsonian websites and exhibits throughout the book. Meet a Smithsonian Curator. See fabulous close-up photos. Read extremely fun facts about flags!

Extreme Rocks and Minerals -some minerals are extremely soft-as soft as baby powder. Other minerals are extremely hard-like diamonds, the hardest natural substance in the world. Some rocks were once extremely hot-they were made from magma deep under the earth. Do you know that you use minerals when you look in a mirror, brush your teeth, or sprinkle salt on your French fries? Find out all the answers about rocks and minerals-even how to study them yourself-when you dig in to Extreme Rocks & Minerals!

Jedi Adventures -Proficient readers can join the Jedi knights on daring adventures throughout the galaxy, in this Level 4 readers based on the hit animated series on Cartoon Network.

Yoda in Action - After their ship is destroyed, Jedi Master Yoda and his three clone troops attempt to defeat the evil assassin Asajj Ventress and her droid troops and win King Katuunko and his Toydarian subjects over to the Republic's cause.

In the City of Dreams - Eric lies in a coma after battling Ko and his beasts. Desperate to save their friend, Neal, Julie, and Princess Keeah rush to Samarindo for a cure.

Flight of the Blue Serpent - Eric and his friends seek the truth about a mysterious, magical snowflake from a flying blue serpent, which Ko will stop at nothing to possess.

The Treasure of the Orkins -Eric and his friends hurry to recover a mysterious treasure that was stolen from the king of the Lumpies by the thieving Snitchers before their enemy, Ko, can claim it.

Message in the Mountain -With the aid of the magic spyglass, Mattie, Alex, and Sophie Chapman are transported to Mount Rushmore during its construction and help save the face of Thomas Jefferson. Includes facts about the monument and directions for making a pulley-drawn cable.

Firehouse Fun! -Freddy's class is learning about fire safety! Freddy Thresher's class is taking a field trip to the local firehouse to learn about fire safety. But Freddy has a problem--he's afraid to slide down the fireman's pole. Can he find a good place to hide? Or can Freddy learn to be as brave as a real fightfighter?

Camping Catastrophe! - First-grader Freddy, who is afraid of the dark, is apprehensive about going on a wilderness camping trip.

New Fiction

Sir Fartsalot Hunts the Booger- In the kingdom of Armpit, a young prince with a penchant for practical jokes joins a flatulent, old knight on a quest to find the silent, but deadly source of the Foul West Wind and to vanquish the monstrous Booger.

Fablehaven Grip of the Shadow Plague - After defeating one enemy and unveiling a traitor, Kendra and Seth plunge into the international world of magic. As Kendra travels to another refuge to locate an artifact of incredible strength, Seth faces another attack at Fablehaven. The creatures there are turning, not falling into evil like the fairies previously but actually turning into shadow-- evolving into powerful and more threatening forms never seen before. Even those creatures known to be resistant to falling are changing and infecting those around them.

Rise of the Evening Star - At the end of the school year, Kendra and her brother, Seth, find themselves racing back to Fablehaven, a refuge for mythical and magical creatures where their grandfather is caretaker. The Society of the Evening Star, an ancient organization determined to infiltrate the preserve and steal a hidden artifact of great power, is storming the gates. If the artifact falls into the wrong hands, it could mean the downfall of other preserves and possibly the world. Time is running out.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary - The magical preserve Fablehaven provides refuge to numerous mystical species: centaurs, trolls, satyrs, ogres, fairies, minotaurs, brownies, imps, nymphs, and many others. But some beings are too large and powerful to be confined to regular enchanted refuges. These mightiest of creatures dwell inside the dragon sanctuaries.

When the Sergeant Came Marching Home -In 1946 when his father returns from the war, a ten year old boy and his family move from the Montana town where they had been living to an old, run-down farm in the middle of nowhere, where they work hard trying to make ends meet.

The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan - While fourteen-year-old Enola Holmes endeavors to save her friend Lady Cecily Alistair from an unwelcome arranged marriage, she meets with some assistance from her older brother, Sherlock, and interference by the eldest, Mycroft.

The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets - Fourteen-year-old Enola Holmes, disguised as a beautiful woman, finds clues in floral bouquets as she searches for the missing Doctor Watson, a companion of her famous older brother, Sherlock.

Monday, January 18, 2010

In Memory of Ruth Buchholz

Fancy Nancy - The Dazzling Book Report -Nancy is determined to make the cover of her very first book report as fancy as she can, but she spends so much time on it that she has no time to write about the book.

What's That, Mittens? When Mittens the kitten digs a hole under the fence in the yard, he meets a new friend--Max the dog.

Biscuit Takes a Walk -A playful puppy wants to see everything on a walk to Grandpa's house.

Stuck in the Mud -Thomas meets a new friend who need lots of repairs .

Thomas and the Jet Engine - When the jet engine that Thomas the Tank Engine is transporting to the airport accidentally gets switched on, Thomas suddenly becomes the fastest engine on the island.

Uh-Oh, Max! -When Max gets in trouble after speeding up a ramp, all of his Trucktown friends try to help out.

Snow Trucking! -On a snow day, all the trucks go out to play.

Volcanoes -Describes volcanoes, how they form, and the damage they cause.

Tsunamis -Describes tsunamis, how they occur, and the damage they cause.

Avalanches -Describes avalanches, how they occur, and the damage they cause.

Earthquakes -Describes earthquakes, how they occur, and the damage they cause.

Tornadoes -Describes tornadoes, how they form, and the tools scientists use to predict them.

Hurricanes -Describes hurricanes, how they form, and the damage they cause.

Farm Animals -The questions young children have about cows, chickens, sheep, pigs, horses, and more are answered in this trip down to the farm. How these favorite animals live and are cared for is revealed when readers lift the flaps. What's more, the artwork magically changes, creating a fun spot-the-difference game.

Pets -No animals are more accessible to young readers than pets, which makes them a great starting point for scientific inquiry.Pets covers all aspects of the most common pets, including cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, ponies, and small rodents. To encourage problem solving, readers can look for clues in the artwork and enjoy the thrill of uncovering each answer.

Creepy Crawlies -BUGS! Kids love them. In Creepy-Crawlies, budding entomologists get up close and personal with their favorite interesting insects. Covering everything from pouncing spiders to industrious ants, buzzing bees, and butterfly transformations, this book is the go-to source for curious kid's buggiest questions.

Baby Animals -In Baby Animals, children explore the amazing range of creatures born all over the world. In the kid-friendly language and interactive pictures, young zoologists will find answers on everything from the hatching of a baby penguin to the transformation of a tadpole. A perfect introduction to the planet's youngest inhabitants, whether furry, feathery, or scaly.