Friday, January 15, 2010

New Easy Fiction

Dino-Pets -Where does a young dinosaur admirer go to find a pet? The Dino Pets store carries every kind of dinosaur a kid could possibly want. Sure, some of them might be a little too big and others might be too fast, but there are advantages too, a Seismosaurus makes a great backyard playset!

Billy Bully - In this story that introduces the numbers from one to ten, Billy Bully learns to be nice to his friends

Johnny Tractor Saves the Parade - Johnny Tractor and his friends have a parade for the children in town, but nobody is there to watch. Can Johnny save the day?

Corey Combine and the Great Big Mess - Corey Combine and his other machine friends follow clues to find out who is making a big mess on Merriweather Farm.

Elliot Minds the Store -When Kelly leaves Elliot in charge of her hardware store just before her big sale starts, he is upset because he cannot seem to do anything right.

Tools for Toys - Manny has been called upon to fix a swing set for Mr. Singha's daughter. When Manny and the tools arrive, they discover that Mr. Singh is much too busy to play with his daughter. While Manny works on the swing set, the tools get to know the young girl, and they become her new playmates.

The Best Repairman -Handy Manny has been named the county's best repairman by the local newspaper. But when a reporter shows up to interview Manny, everything seems to go wrong as the county's best tools start to compete for the spotlight.

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