Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jedi Adventures -Proficient readers can join the Jedi knights on daring adventures throughout the galaxy, in this Level 4 readers based on the hit animated series on Cartoon Network.

Yoda in Action - After their ship is destroyed, Jedi Master Yoda and his three clone troops attempt to defeat the evil assassin Asajj Ventress and her droid troops and win King Katuunko and his Toydarian subjects over to the Republic's cause.

In the City of Dreams - Eric lies in a coma after battling Ko and his beasts. Desperate to save their friend, Neal, Julie, and Princess Keeah rush to Samarindo for a cure.

Flight of the Blue Serpent - Eric and his friends seek the truth about a mysterious, magical snowflake from a flying blue serpent, which Ko will stop at nothing to possess.

The Treasure of the Orkins -Eric and his friends hurry to recover a mysterious treasure that was stolen from the king of the Lumpies by the thieving Snitchers before their enemy, Ko, can claim it.

Message in the Mountain -With the aid of the magic spyglass, Mattie, Alex, and Sophie Chapman are transported to Mount Rushmore during its construction and help save the face of Thomas Jefferson. Includes facts about the monument and directions for making a pulley-drawn cable.

Firehouse Fun! -Freddy's class is learning about fire safety! Freddy Thresher's class is taking a field trip to the local firehouse to learn about fire safety. But Freddy has a problem--he's afraid to slide down the fireman's pole. Can he find a good place to hide? Or can Freddy learn to be as brave as a real fightfighter?

Camping Catastrophe! - First-grader Freddy, who is afraid of the dark, is apprehensive about going on a wilderness camping trip.

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