Tuesday, January 26, 2010

100 Fun Finds - Offers picture puzzles which invite young readers to pick out objects from various backgrounds.

Camping -An up-close look at why so many enjoy camping and the types of equipment needed for a fun and safe trip.

Daring BMXers- Meet the most fearless BMX champions in this ultimate guide to the tricks, competitions, and history of the sport! From its beginnings in Southern California to its debut as an Olympic sport in 2008, kids will discover how bicycle motocross became the no-limits adventure that fans know today. Fast-paced narratives and full-color photos will engage young readers in the excitement of this extreme action sport. A gear page shows the equipment and safety features used by pros and beginners alike.

Up, Up and Away -Ginger Wadsworth and Patricia J. Wynne chronicle the real-life drama of one spider as she eats, grows, spins a dragline of silk and soars up, up, and away to find a home of her own.

Space Life -Discusses information about space life within recent years as well as plans for future explorations of space life.

101 Animal Secrets -Presents a collection of trivia about animals, discussing the length of an anteater's tongue, the eating habits of koalas, and the physical characteristics of worms.

Can You See What I See? Christmas- Read the words and find the hidden Christmas objects.

Insects -Insects are the most successful animals on Earth and Science kids: Insects introduces readers to the tiny creatures that fly, scuttle, and lurk in the world around us. Stick insects are masters of disguise, wasps can sting, and ants even have a social structure in which they have different jobs to do. Be amazed at the incredible variety of insect life that lives all around us.

Oceans and Seas - Covers saltiness, tides, waves and weather, plants and animals, and ecological issues. Includes instructions for projects.

American Flag- Check out cool Smithsonian websites and exhibits throughout the book. Meet a Smithsonian Curator. See fabulous close-up photos. Read extremely fun facts about flags!

Extreme Rocks and Minerals -some minerals are extremely soft-as soft as baby powder. Other minerals are extremely hard-like diamonds, the hardest natural substance in the world. Some rocks were once extremely hot-they were made from magma deep under the earth. Do you know that you use minerals when you look in a mirror, brush your teeth, or sprinkle salt on your French fries? Find out all the answers about rocks and minerals-even how to study them yourself-when you dig in to Extreme Rocks & Minerals!

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