Monday, January 18, 2010

In Memory of Ruth Buchholz

Fancy Nancy - The Dazzling Book Report -Nancy is determined to make the cover of her very first book report as fancy as she can, but she spends so much time on it that she has no time to write about the book.

What's That, Mittens? When Mittens the kitten digs a hole under the fence in the yard, he meets a new friend--Max the dog.

Biscuit Takes a Walk -A playful puppy wants to see everything on a walk to Grandpa's house.

Stuck in the Mud -Thomas meets a new friend who need lots of repairs .

Thomas and the Jet Engine - When the jet engine that Thomas the Tank Engine is transporting to the airport accidentally gets switched on, Thomas suddenly becomes the fastest engine on the island.

Uh-Oh, Max! -When Max gets in trouble after speeding up a ramp, all of his Trucktown friends try to help out.

Snow Trucking! -On a snow day, all the trucks go out to play.

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