Friday, December 16, 2011

New Books to enjoy during break!

Purplicious - When her classmates make fun of her for still liking the color pink, a little girl feels all alone, but then a friend shows her the power of pink. 

The Cafeteria Lady from the Black Lagoon -Humorous story about the new cafeteria lady, Wanda Belch, who is rumored to drive a garbage truck to school.  

The Principal from the Black LagoonOn the third day of school, a young boy is sent to the principal's office and thinks about all the horrifying rumors he has heard about her.  

Fancy Nancy Pajama Day -Nancy, who likes to use fancy words, is excited to wear her elegant nightgown for Pajama Day at school, until her best friend Bree and her classmate Clara impress everyone by wearing matching pink polka-dot pajamas. 

Fancy Nancy Halloween or Bust!- No one knows Fancy like Nancy ... and no one knows Halloween like Nancy!     

Dogs Don't Brush their Teeth!Fifteen different dogs show what they can do, and what they can't do.

Fancy Nancy and the Late, Late Late Night - When Nancy's neighbor lends her a scrapbook of celebrity autographs, Nancy wants to stay up late and read it, but learns that a late night causes her to be tired all day at school.     

Goldilicious -A little girl and her brother play with her imaginary gold-horned unicorn that can float on water, fly, and turn herself into a fairy princess.     

Fancy Nancy and the Delectable Cupcakes - Nancy's failure to pay attention gets her into trouble when she bakes cupcakes for the school bake sale.  

Dog Loves Books - Dog loves books so much that he decides to open a book store.     

Silverlicious - When Pinkalicious loses her sweet tooth she turns to the Tooth Fairy for help.     

Pinkalicious School Rules! - When Pinkalicious brings her imaginary unicorn, Goldie, to school and teaches him the rules, he helps her and the other students to become better friends.

Pinkalicious Pinkie Promise - After Pinkalicious uses all of Alison's pink paint in class, she wonders how she can repay her best friend.  

If You Give a Dog a Donut -Chaos might ensue if you were to give a dog a donut.  

Pirate Boy - As Colin imagines himself in a series of adventures beginning with joining a pirate crew, his mother assures him that she will always be there to help if he needs her.     

Dinosaurs Don't, Dinosaurs Do - An easy-to-read text and engaging, funny dinosaurs introduce young children to good manners, the benefits of being considerate to others, and the secret to making friends.     

Pinkalicious Pink around the Rink -Pinkalicious's new ice skates are plain white, so before she takes them out on the ice she decides to color them with her cotton candy pink magic marker.

Pinkalicious The Pinkerrific Playmate -Pinkalicious is excited for her new friend Rose to come over and play, but after a day of making friendship bracelets, baking cookies, and playing in the tree house, the girls are not ready for their fun to end. 

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