Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Warm up with some interesting non-fiction!

New Non-Fiction Titles:

Zimmerman, Karl. All Aboard: Passenger Trains Around the World. Boyds Mills Press, 2004.
j 385.22 Zim
Discover all about riding the rails in style.

Menchu, Rigoberta with Dante Liano. The Honey Jar. Groundwood Books, 2002.
Illustrated by Domi
Translated by David Unger
j 398.2 Men
Experience magnificent Mayan tales in this collection.

Pinkney, Jerry. The Little Red Hen. Dial Books for Young Readers, 2006.
j 398.24 Pin
Enjoy this classic tale and Pinkney's charming illustrations!

Fradin, Dennis Brindell. With a Little Luck. Dutton Children's Books, 2006.
j 509 Fra
Ever wonder from where the idea for anesthesia came? Penicillin? Pulsars?

Clements, Andrew. A Million Dots. Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2006.
Illustrated by Mike Reed
j 513.2 Cle
Are there really one million dots in this book?! Find out!

Croswell, Ken. Ten Worlds: Everything that Orbits the Sun. Boyds Mills Press, 2006.
j 523.4 Cro
Learn about the ten, nine or eight planets that go around the sun.

Demarest, Chris L. Hurricane Hunters!: Riders on the Storm. Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2006.
j 551.55 Dem
Discover the hard-working men and women who strive to keep us safe from hurricanes!

Davies, Nicola. Poop: A Natural History of the Unmentionable. Candlewick Press, 2004.
Illustrated by Neal Layton
j 573.49 Dav
An insightful look at the importance of poop! Really!

Chrustowski, Rick. Turtle Crossing. Henry Holt and Company, 2006.
j 597.92 Chr
An interesting title about a turtle mom and how she protects her babies.

Sill, Cathryn. About Marsupials: A Guide for Children. Peachtree, 2006.
Illustrated by John Sill
j 599.2 Sil
Nice introduction to marsupials for younger readers!

Winter, Jeanette. Mama. Harcourt, Inc., 2006.
j 599.635 Win
Pair this with another recent title Owen and Mzee to get both a photograph-based and illustrated account of the story of a baby hippo who survives a tsunami.

Chryssicas, Mary Kaye. I Love Yoga. DK Publishing, Inc., 2005.
Photography by Angela Coppola
j 613.7046 Chr
This title makes yoga accesible for all ages!

Urbigkit, Cat. A Young Shepard. Boyds Mills Press, 2006.
j 636.3 Urb
Discover how a young man in Wyoming cares for his very own flock of sheep!

Hudson, Cheryl Willis. Construction Zone. Candlewick Press, 2006.
Photographs by Richard Sobol
j 690 Hud
A solid introduction to construction for young readers!

Sousa, Jean. Faces, Places and Inner Spaces: A Guide to Looking at Art. Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2006.
j 701.1 Sou
Take a new look at some classic pieces of art!

Lourie, Peter. First Dive to Shark Dive. Boyds Mills Press, 2005.
j 797.23 Lou
All about scuba diving!

Hopkins, Lee Bennett, comp. Got Geography! Greenwillow Books, 2006.
Pictures by Philip Stanton
j 811.008 Hop
Go around the world with these poems!

Brand, Dionne. Earth Magic. KCP Poetry, 2006.
Illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes
j 811.54 Bra
Poetry from the Caribbean!

Brown, Calef. Flamingos on the Roof: Poems and Paintings. Houghton Mifflin Company, 2006.
j 811.6 Bro
From "Peas" to "Worms" to "Martian Men" enjoy this collection of words and images!

Hollyer, Belinda, comp. She's All That: Poems about Girls. Kingfisher, 2006.
Illustrated by Susan Hellard.
j 811.6 Hol
An inspiring selection of poetry for young ladies!

Janeczko, Paul B. and J. Patrick Lewis. Wing Nuts: Screwy Haiku. Little, Brown and Company, 2006.
Illustrated by Tricia Tusa
j 811.6 Jan
Not exactly haiku, this is a collection of senryu, brief, funny poems!

Morrison, Lillian. Guess Again!: Riddle Poems. August House, 2006.
Illustrated by Christy Hale
j 811.6 Mor
Can you figure out these riddle poems before you turn the page?

Myers, Tim. Dark Sparkle Tea and Other Bedtime Poems. Boyds Mills Press, 2006.
Illustrated by Kelley Cunningham
j 811.6 Mye
Gentle poems to send you to dreamland.

Siebert, Diane. Tour America: A Journey Through Poems and Art. Chronicle Books, 2006.
Illustrated by Stephen T. Johnson
j 811.6 Sie
Poems about Niagara Falls, Cape Canaveral, The Chicago El Trains and west to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco!

Walker, Alice. There is a Flower at the Tip of My Nose Smelling Me. HarperCollins Publishers, 2006.
Illustrated by Stefano Vitale
j 811.6 Wal
Enjoy a beautifully written and illustrated poem about all the things a young girl experiences; from a smelling a flower to walking on a road to tasting raindrops!

Cleary, Brian P. Rhyme and PUNishment: Adventures in Wordplay. Millbrook Press, 2006.
Illustrated by J.P. Sandy
j 817.6 Cle
Try to figure out these puns!

Miller, Debbie S. Big Alaska: Journey Across America's Most Amazing State. Walker & Company, 2006.
Illustrated by Jon Van Zyle
j 917.98 Mil
A pleasant introduction to Alaska for young readers.

George-Warren, Holly. Honky-tonk Heroes and Hillbilly Angels: The Pioneers of Country and Western Music. Houghton Mifflin Company, 2006.
Pictures by Laura Levine
j 920 Geo
Learn about musicians like Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline and Hank Williams.

Fradin, Judith Bloom and Dennis Brindell Fradin. 5,000 Miles to Freedom: Ellen and William Craft's Flight from Slavery. National Geographic, 2006.
j 921 Craft
The true and inspiring tale of two slaves who escaped to Philadelphia in 1848.

Taylor, Gaylia. George Crum and the Saratoga Chip. Lee & Low Books, Inc., 2006.
Illustrated by Frank Morrison
j 921 Crum, G.
Where did potato chips come from?!

Funny Cide Team. A Horse Named Funny Cide. G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2006.
Illustrated by Barry Moser
j 921 Funny Cide
The story of a remarkable horse!

Burleigh, Robert and Ed Young. Tiger of the Snows. Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2006.
j 921 Norgay, T.
Discover the first sherpa to climb Mt. Everest!

Rubin, Susan Goldman and Ela Weissberger. The Cat with the Yellow Star: Coming of Age in Terezin. Holiday House, 2006.
j 940.53 Rub
Read about how children learned about the arts in spite of the horrid conditions of Terezin, a concentration camp.

Landau, Elaine. Fleeing to Freedom on the Underground Railroad. Twenty First Century Books, 2006.
j 973.7 Lan
Learn more about another group of courageous souls in this title.

Backer, Miles. Travels with Charlie: Way Out West. Blue Apple Books, 2006.
Illustrated by Chuck Nitzberg
j 978 Bac
Discover facts about the wide expanse of our western states and see if you can spot Charlie the canine!

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