Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Fiction

Star Wars The Holocron Heist -The ruthless Cad Bane has snuck into the Jedi Temple. With the fate of the galaxy in question will Ahsoka be able to stop this bounty hunter before he can make off with a secret Holocron that could bring an end to the Jedi forever?

Lanie's Real Adventures - Ten-year-old Lanie's wildflower garden is thriving and attracting butterflies to her Cambridge, Massachusetts, backyard, but a neighbor not only objects to her growing "weeds," she also uses harmful chemicals on her own plants.

Lanie - Ten-year-old Lanie of Cambridge, Massachusetts, who loves nature and the outdoors, wants to go camping with her family but her favorite aunt teaches Lanie to find the wonders of nature anywhere, even in her own backyard.

Candlelight for Rebecca - While Rebecca Rubin helps her building's ailing superintendent take care of his homing pigeons, she puzzles over what to do with the Christmas centerpiece her teacher insisted she make but which has no place in her Jewish home.

Rebecca and Ana - Nine-year-old Rebecca Rubin eagerly helps her cousin Ana, newly arrived from Russia, to adjust to life in New York City, but when their teacher says the two must sing together at a school assembly, Rebecca worries that her big moment will be ruined.

Martha on the Case -Martha tries her paw at sleuthing to find out who ruined the birthday cake at Alice's birthday party and she later tries to prevent a jewelry store robbery.

Shelter Dog Blues - A collarless Martha lands in an animal shelter and makes new animal friends on whose behalf she organizes a dog show to help them find families.

Forces of Darkness -Describes the various evil forces that battle the Jedi during the Star Wars Clone Wars.

Bombad Jedi - Jar Jar Binks is mistaken as a Jedi as he and C-3PO attempt a daring, and quite comical, rescue of Padmé Amidala, who has been captured by the Separatist Alliance.

White House White-out - When Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose visit Washington, D.C., just before Christmas, they are inadvertently caught up in a kidnapping plot that was intended for the president's dog, but also involves the president's stepdaughter and her friend Marshall.

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