Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beginner Books

Tired Trucks - Being tired impedes the workday of three trucks.

Spiderman Versus the Lizard - Spider-Man's newest enemy is big, green, and mean. Spider-Man thinks he has him all figured out. But there may be more to the Lizard than Spidey can imagine!

Diego's Baby Polar Bear Rescue -Diego helps two hungry baby polar bears to get back to their mother.

Spiderman Versus the Green Goblin - Spider-Man is on the lookout for his friend Harry's father when a new villain glides by. Can Spidey find Harry's dad with the Green Goblin close behind?

Crystal Kingdom Adventures - Dora is off on another exciting storybook adventure. This time she will save the Crystal Kingdom with the help of some special new friends.

Spring Surprises - A rhyming tribute to the wonders brought by spring.

Skippyjon Jones - The Great Bean Caper- Skippyjon Jones, the Siamese kitten who dreams of being a Chihuahua, travels with his amigos to a faraway island to find El Bumblebeeto, who has stolen beans from Los Chimichangos.

Shampoodle - Rhyming text describes a dog grooming establishment on picture day and the uproar some curious kittens cause when they try to explore.

The Perfect Carrot - Curious George is growing carrots to feed to his neighbor's bunnies. But his prize carrot is so perfect that George wants to save it, until his perfect carrot becomes the perfect thing to save the day!.

Plays Mini Golf - Curious George is playing miniature golf for the first time. He learns that numbers can mean different things, depending where they are used. In this case, he learns that in golf, the biggest score is not the best. Includes two pages of activities, including how to make your own mini mini golf course.

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