Monday, August 02, 2010

New Non-fiction! Great books!

Devestated by a Volcano! - An exploration of volcanoes that provides accounts of individuals who have survived an eruption, explains what causes them, and discusses related disaster prevention and safety procedures.

Erased by a Tornado! - Survivors of tornadoes share stories of the catastrophic danger they faced. Also discover what causes these natural disasters, where they occur, and how to stay safe if one is heading your way.

Leaping Ground Frogs - Ground frogs are great jumpers. Some of these amazing amphibians can leap almost 20 times the length of their bodies! That would be about the same as a person leaping the full length of a basketball court in one hop. Ground frogs use their excellent leaping ability to catch food and escape from predators. Their jumping skills have helped them survive since the time of the dinosaurs. In Leaping Ground Frogs, kids will learn about what this animal eats, how it stays safe, and the tremendous transformations that take place as these amphibians grow from water-loving tadpoles to land-dwelling adult frogs.

Leveled by an Earthquake! - Li Anning was in the middle of a geography lesson at her school in Beichuan, China. She looked out the window of her classroom, thinking about seeing her friends at the end of the school day. A minute later, Anning's classroom began to shake. The Great Sichuan Earthquake of 2008 had struck. Before long, the fifth, fourth, and third floors of the school would collapse, trapping Anning inside for almost two days.

The Deep, Deep Ocean - Discusses the extreme physical conditions and strange animals that exist in the depths of the ocean.

Rockin' Crafts - Young artists can take part in a truly rockin' adventure with this project book that teaches kids how to turn a plain old rock into an extraordinary creation! It covers basic painting and design transfer techniques, as well as color mixing recipes.

Jeff Corwin Snakes - Cool, slithering snakes!Read along as animal expert Jeff Corwin tells you about his favorite snakes and the experiences he's had with them. Over forty photos help bring these fascinating creatures to life! From the Black Mambo to the Green Anaconda, kids will love learning all about these captivating animals.

About Space - The revised edition provides exciting new information and spectacular photographs of planets, moons, stars and galaxies. The International Space Station, the new category of dwarf planets, and how astronauts live in space are just some of the topics covered in this book that is sure to be popular with adults and children alike!

One Wolf Howls - Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a wolf? What would you do in the cold winter months? Where would you sleep? What would you eat? Spend a year in the world of wolves in One Wolf Howls. This adventurous children's book uses the months of the year and the numbers 1 through 12 to introduce children to the behavior of wolves in natural settings. The lively, realistic illustrations of Susan Detwiler complement the rhyming text and bring each month to life. From January to December, howl, frolic, and dance, while learning important lessons page-by-page!

Save the Planet -An uncomplicated guide for kids who know they "know better," this resource is filled with actions they can take immediately and implement easily. This is an ideal introduction to a lifetime of care and nurturing of planet Earth.

Seashore - Which fish can breathe on land? Why do some crabs have to live in other animal's shells? In this book you can find out lots of fascinating facts about the seashore and the creatures that live there.

Plant Secrets - Learn the secrets of plant lifecycles, using four common (but very different) plants. Simple text and colorful illustrations show the major phases of plant growth: seed, plant, flower, and fruit. Back matter offers more information on each plant, as well as on each stage of growth.

Beyond the Dinosaurs - Introduces creatures of the air and sea that shared the earth with dinosaurs.

Amazing Dolphins! - Profiles facts about dolphins for beginning readers, such as the noises they make, how these noises help them find food, communicate with other dolphins, or avoid predators.

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