Saturday, November 23, 2013

New & Young Hoosier Book Award Nominees!!

The Miracle of Easter- Easy text and warm illustrations depict the public life of Jesus leading up to the Resurrection.


I Love Perfect Puppies and Cute Kittens- Learn a lot of information about cute kittens and puppies.

Piglet (Look and Find)- As Piglet and engages in a variety of activities with his friends in the Hundred-Acre Wood, readers are invited to find related items hidden in each picture, such as things that are smaller than Piglet, bubbles with special shapes and snowflakes that are exactly alike.

Dreaming Up-  A collection of concrete poetry, illustrations, and photographs that shows how young children's constructions, created as they play, are reflected in notable works of architecture from around the world. Includes biographies of the architects, quotations, and sources.

Temple Grandin- An authorized portrait about Grandin's life with autism and her groundbreaking work as a scientist and designer of cruelty-free livestock facilities describes how she overcame key disabilities through education and the support of her mother.


Bomb- Recounts the scientific discoveries that enabled atom splitting, the military intelligence operations that occurred in rival countries, and the work of brilliant scientists hidden at Los Alamos.

Lincoln's Last Days- Describes the events surrounding the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the hunt to track down John Wilkes Booth and his accomplices. 

Chuck Close: Face Book- Presents an autobiography about the author's artistic life, describing the creative processes he uses in the studio and his struggles with his disabilities. Includes a self-portrait mix-and-match section with divided pages to flip, that demonstrates his techniques and images.

Louisa May's Battle- Louisa May Alcott is best known for penning Little Women, but few are aware of the experience that influenced her writing most-her time as a nurse during the Civil War. Caring for soldiers' wounds and writing letters home for them inspired a new realism in her work. When her own letters home were published as Hospital Sketches, she had her first success as a writer. The acclaim for her new writing style inspired her to use this approach in Little Women, which was one of the first novels to be set during the Civil War. It was the book that made her dreams come true, and a story she could never have written without the time she spent healing others in service of her country.

Buffalo Bird Girl- Traces the childhood, friendships and dangers experienced by Buffalo Bird Woman, a Hidatsa Indian born in 1839, whose community along the Missouri River in the Dakotas transitioned from hunting to agriculture.

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