Tuesday, November 05, 2013

New Non-Fiction Books!!!

Thomas Jefferson Builds a Library- Thomas Jefferson loved to read and collect books on almost every subject. He built his first library as a young man, and kept on building until his book collection helped to create the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., the world's largest library.

Life At A Polar Research Station- It takes a special person to work in the extreme environment of Antarctica, but many scientists, engineers, doctors, and technicians do. Readers will learn the many kinds of job s involved in running a polar research center as well as what Antarctic workers do in their free time.


Parental Guidance Ratings- Are you a fan of video games, books, and TV? The Hot Topics in Media series explores these topics and more. Arm yourself with the facts on banned books, violence in video games, and other hot topics, and become a better-informed media consumer. Learn about each cool topic's history, major aspects, and key debates, and draw your own conclusions.


The Incredible Work of Engineers with Max Axiom- In graphic novel format, follows the adventures of Max Axiom as he learns about what engineers do and how they work.


Hip-Hop- Explores the stars, the moves, and the clothes that make hip-hop so exciting! 


Chameleons- Describes the physical characteristics, habitat, behavior, and camouflage technique of the lizard that can change color quickly to blend in with its environment.


Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens- Joe Flacco had built an impressive career during his four years in the NFL. With one of the strongest throwing arms of any quarterback, Joe had led his team, the Baltimore Ravens to win two playoff games in his first year-something no other rookie quarterback had ever done. Could Joe now take the next step and win a Super Bowl championship?

Karate Origins and Expansions- Learn all about how karate was started and who some of the champions are.

How Do Parachutes Work?-
Parachutes can be used for emergency landings. But they can also be used for flying fun! Who packs a parachute? And how does its light fabric keep you afloat?


Beans to Chocolate- Through vivid photos and engaging text, this fun and fact-filled Rookie Read-About Science book answers the question, How is chocolate made? From tropical cacao fields to the chocolate factory, Beans to Chocolate gives kids an inside look at the exciting process from start to finish. 

Walt Disney- A simple biography of the animator and famous entrepreneur, from his early life and career to his rise to fame and the legacy of the Disney company after his death.

Snowboarding- This book tells all about snowboarding from some history to basic and advanced skills.


What In the World is a Baker's Dozen?- From a gross, to a watt to horsepower, this book offers engaging pictures and simple sentences to illustrate each type of measurement fully.


I Scream, Ice Cream: A Book of Wordles- What do 'I Scream!' and 'Ice Cream!' have in common? Nothing--besides the fact that they sound the same! The ever-surprising Amy Krouse Rosenthal unleashes her prolific wit in this silly and smart book of wordplay. Perfectly complemented by equally clever illustrations from the talented and internationally renowned Serge Bloch, this mind-bending book will have young readers thinking about words in an entirely new way!

Martin & Mahalia: His Words, Her Song- Explores the intersecting lives of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. and gospel singer Mahalia Jackson at the historic moment when their joined voices inspired landmark changes.

Henri's Scissors- When Henri Matisse was a boy, he drew pictures everywhere. And when he grew up, he became a famous artist whose paintings were beloved around the world. Then late in life, a serious illness confined Henri to just his bed and a wheelchair. But amazingly, from there he created some of his finest works, the enormous and breathtaking paper cut-outs.

Let's Go to the Playground- Discusses simple physics, including levers, and forces, including gravity and centrifugal force, that are present when playing on a playground. Includes science experiments that demonstrate forces.

 Inside the Heart- This book describes the location, parts, and functions of the heart.

Benjamin Franklin- Kathleen Krull sheds new light on the Benjamin Franklin--who considered science his true calling in life, not nation building--in this perceptive, fair-minded portrait.

Eye: How It Works- Introduces young readers to the nature and structure of the eye and the process through which the eye and the brain work together to create vision. 
Toilet: How It Works- Follows a tour of the bathroom and the sewer system, from the family toilets to municipal water treatment plants.

Things That Float and Things That Don't- An apple floats in a tub of water, but a ball of aluminum foil sinks to the bottom. But wait. If that same ball of foil is flattened out and shaped into a boat, it floats! How can that be?
See What A Seal Can Do- A lyrical portrait of seal characteristics and life explains how seals appear to be slow and sleepy creatures on land but are powerful, graceful and dynamic animals under the water who cleverly outmaneuver predators and skillfully catch fishy dinners. 

Lives of the Scientists- Profiles 18 of history's most noteworthy scientists, from Zhang Heng and Isaac Newton to Albert Einstein and Barbara McClintock, sharing lesser-known facts about their favorite activities, relationships, and eccentricities. 
Daredevil- Recounts the life and career of the pilot, race car driver, and astronaut, Betty Skelton

Locomotive- Learn what it was like to travel on the transcontinental railroad in the 1860s.


Marisol McDonald and the Clash Bash- A unique, spunky, multiracial, bilingual girl plans a one-of-a-kind birthday party and hopes her abuelita (grandma) will be able to come from Peru to join the festivities. Includes an author's note and glossaries. (Spanish and English)

Don't Say A Word- Sisters Rosa and Blanca are so kind, thoughtful, and generous--and such good gardeners--that their Mamá who lives between the two winds up with a great deal of corn, tomatoes, and red hot chiles. (Spanish and English)

Maria Had A Little Llama- In this bilingual version of the classic rhyme, Maria takes her llama to school one day. 

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