Monday, September 17, 2012

New Picture Books!

The Dog That Stole Home by Matt Christopher
     Harry, a telepathic dog, is grounded for nipping at another dog.  His owner, Mike, is worried about playing his next baseball game without his faithful dog.

Bear Despair by Gaetan Doremus
     This wordless book shows exactly what a bear will do if someone takes his teddy bear!  Watch out, Fox!  Watch out, Lion!  Watch out, Bidr!  Watch out, Elephant!  Thank you, Octopus!

Race for Treasure by Ace Landers
     Which team will win the treasure in this Hot Wheels book?

Every Year On Your Birthday by Rose Lewis
     Birthdays are a good time for remembering!

Squash the Spider by Nick Ward
     Squash is about to be squashed several times until one boy saves him for good.

Goldilocks adn the Three Dinosaurs by Mo Willems
     This is, of course, a take-off of the classic tale.  However, there are some interesting twists and turns in this one!!!!

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