Saturday, September 01, 2012

New Books with CD!

One Cool Friend- Elliot, a very proper young man, feels a kinship with the penguins at the aquarium and wants to take one home with him.

Library Mouse: A Museum Adventure- When Sarah, an explorer mouse, meets Sam she gives him the courage to finally climb to the highest library shelves--and beyond--and he shows her how to explore the world through reading.

Worst of Friends- Describes how their different political views caused friends Thomas Jefferson and John Adams to become rivals, until they learned to set aside their differences for the sake of their friendship. 

Cam Jansen and the Graduation Day Mystery- Cam Jansen and her photographic memory help her friend's grandfather retrieve his missing bag with an important graduation gift in it.

Love, Mouserella- This is my letter I wrote to Grandmouse because I miss her. She went back to the country and I'm in the city. Mama said why don't I write her a letter, so I did.

Funny Business- When Frannie and her mother accompany her father on a business trip to Florida, Frannie would rather help him at the conference hotel than go with her mother to Princessland theme park. 

Horrible Harry and the June Box- When the origami pig that Song Lee made for her grandmother is seized by a substitute teacher, the usually well-behaved third-grader breaks a classroom rule to rescue it from the "June box."

Mr. Hynde is Out of His Mind!- When boring Mr. Loring retires, A.J.'s class gets a new music teacher who raps, break-dances, and thinks he has what it takes to become a famous musician.

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