Tuesday, September 04, 2012

New Books To Read!!!

New Picture Book
The Secret Code- Oscar, who is blind, teaches Lucy how to read his Braille book.

New Beginner Book 
The Clever Dolphin- Piper is trapped in a tuna net and it is up to Meko the dolphin to rescue her sister.

New Chapter Books
The Dragon With the Girl Tattoo- Andy, the new kid at school, has a tattoo on his arm that resembles Lizzie, the school's most popular girl, and he also has one really big secret.

The Chilly Mammoth- A wild ride in a hot-air balloon lands Echo and his human friends, the Bat Pack, in the mountains where they discover a real, live woolly mammoth--and the poachers who are hunting it.

Max and Zoe at Soccer Practice- Max and Zoe cooperate to improve both their soccer skills.

Avalanche Alert- A snow leopard and her cubs have been separated from their territory by an avalanche in the Himalaya Mountains, and it is up to Ben and Zoe to find the rare cats and guide them to safety before the local villagers poison them. 

New in Town- Jake Demby is being bullied by a kid called Gary Herk, until his friend sends him a golem named Emmet from Ravens Pass as a protector--but when Emmet threatens Jake's mother the situation starts to spin out of control.

New Non-Fiction
Ladybugs- This book uses simple rhymes and engaging images to teach readers about ladybugs.

Life Under the Pirate Code- Describes how a code of rules guided life onboard a pirate ship and punishments for breaking the rules.

What Eats What in a Desert Food Chain- A desert teems with life. From an ocotillo plant to a crested caracara, the living things in this book are linked together in a good chain. Each one of them needs the others in order to live. Find out what eats what in the desert. 

Show Me Reptiles- From skinks and scutes to gators and geckos, there's so much to know about reptiles! This book has more than 100 facts and definitions about these cool cold-blooded creatures.

The Most Extreme Animals- Based on Animal Planet channel's television series the Most extreme, this book revolves around animals with unusual characteristics.

African Culture- This beautifully illustrated series gives an introduction to some of the worldÆs most fascinating and ancient cultures. Discover different culturesÆ approaches to visual arts and performance and find out about important beliefs, traditions, and customs. Find out about the role of family and community in these cultures and explore how cultures are changing and developing in the 21st century.

Mercury and Venus- Presents facts about Mercury and Venus and describes what it would be like to visit there. 

The Attractive Truth About Magnetism- Describes what magnetism is and how it works through humor and core science content.

Be the Best At Science- Learn to outsmart your classmates with the tips in this exciting, top secret book! The secret tips included in this simple, easy-to-read text will have you mastering the scientific method, using a compass, naming the color spectrum and more in no time!

The Story of Cassiopeia- Cassiopeia, Queen of Ethiopia, often boasts about her daughter's beauty and her own. When Jupiter finds out that Cassiopeia thinks she's more beautiful than the sea nymphs, he's furious. Will Cassiopeia's words cause her kingdom to fall?

Bible Heroes and Bad Guys... now boys can learn about true heroes--and bad gys--in action, pulled straight from the pages of the Bible ...

True Stories of World War I- In graphic novel format, tells the stories of six men who fought for their countries during World War I.

A Tour of Your Digestive System- In graphic novel format, follows Peter Pea as he travels through and explains the workings of the human digestive system.

This or That History Debate- Offers intriguing either/or questions and content on history topics to encourage critical thinking and debate.

Speed: Get Quick- Why is speed important? How can you stay healthy? What are some fun, simple exercises we can all do to stay fit? Answer these questions and more with this simple and engaging text in the Exercise! series.

A Pod Of Dolphins And Other Sea mammal Groups- Explores the behaviors and daily life of a dolphin pod, as well as their habitat, environmental threats, and the advantages of group living.

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