Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Great new fiction!!

Really Truly Ruthie by Valerie Tripp j Fic Tri- Ruthie Smithens, a girl who loves fairy tales and happy endings, doesn't mind being goofy Ruthie if it makes her best friend Kit Kittredge smile and forget about the hardships of the depression.

Hannah Montana On the Road by Kitty Richards j Fic Ric -Hannah Montana's upcoming European tour might be cancelled if Miley can't get a good grade on her science midterm.

Hannah Montana True Blue by Laurie McElroy- j Fic McEl - Lilly is Miley's best friend and one of the only people she trusts with her secret identity as Hannah Montana. But when the girls have a serious falling out, and Oliver handcuffs them together until they forgive each other, can they break free in time for Hannah's public appearance?

Star Wars The New Padawan by Eric Stevens - j Fic Ste - Now that Anakin Skywalker is a full-fledged Jedi Knight, his days of being a Padawan learner are behind him. But the Jedi Council has assigned him a Padawan of his own. Her name is Ahsoka, and this young girl just might be more than the Jedi can handle.

Star Wars Operation: Huttlet by Steele Tyler Filipek - j Fic Fil - The son of Jabba the Hutt has been kidnapped and the Jedi have been summoned to rescue him. The adventures of Anakin Skywalker and Obi -Wan Kenobi continue in this tale based on the new animated feature film from Lucasfilm.

The Wickit Chronicles Fen Gold The hot summer has brought several kinds of trouble to the monastery at Wickit, and Pip, the orphan, and Perfect, the stone gargoyle, find themselves up to the eyebrows in it all. What is the king's man really doing at Wicket? Will the Black Bog give up its secrets? Will the beautiful Norse girl find Johan Shortleg's long-lost buried treasures.

The Wickit Chronicles -by Joan Lennon- j Fic Len- "How did Pip end up in the middle of the Fenland with the teenage King of England and a living, breathing gargoyle named Perfect? Why are people trying to kill them? Will they ever get back to the safety of Wickit Abbey?"

Pirate School Port of Spies - by Brain James -- The young pirates-in-training list suspicious things in the port city of King's Island while running errands for Rotten Tooth, but he dismisses their concerns, leaving the "wee pirate kids" on their own to deal with strange events occurring on The Sea Rat after they return.

Pirate School Attack on the High Seas! by Brian James - j Fic Jam-A boring homework assignment involving knot tying proves invaluable when the student pirates help Captain Stinky Beard foil an attack by a rival pirate ship.

Time Spies Gold in the Hills by Candice Ransom - j Fic Ran- When the magic spyglass transports Mattie, Alex, and Sophie Chapman to the Yukon Territory during the gold rush, they enlist the help of author Jack London to track down a boy's stolen sled dog.

Hank the Cowdog- The Case of the Blazing Sky by John Erickson - j Fic Eri- With the threat of prairie fires looming, security expert Hank the Cowdog takes on extra duties as Head of Fire Safety, while trying to resist the mouth-watering hens in Sally May's chicken house.

Hank the Cowdog -The Quest for the Great White Quail by John Erickson
j Fic Eri - At the request of his beloved Beulah the collie, Hank the Cowdog puts aside his urge to chew plastic and sets off in search of his nemesis, Plato the wayward bird dog.

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