Monday, January 26, 2009

Photosynthesis Changing Sunlight into Food by Bobbie Kalman j 581.13 Kal- Explains the process of how plants make food.

Earth-Friendly Energy by Ron Fridell- j 333.79 Fri -
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Beyond fossil fuels -- Solar power -- Wind power -- Water power -- Earth power -- Biofuels -- Into the future.

Do You Know Where Your Water has Been? by Kelly Barnhill - j 628.1 Bar - Even if it looks clean, untreated water can have deadly bacteria in it. Discover the nasty effects of unclean water, and learn about the process by which clean, clear water gets to your tap.

Fall by Ann Herriges-j 508.2 Her - Simple text and supportive images introduce beginning readers to the characteristics of the season of fall. Intended for students in kindergarten through third grade.

Prickly Porcupines by Catherine Nichols - j 599.3 Nic- Ouch! Don't get too close to a porcupine. This prickly creature can stab its enemy with some of its 30,000 sharp quills. To make things even worse, a porcupine can also give off a stinky smell when in danger. The horrible odor is so strong that it makes its enemy's eyes and nose water. Look inside to find many more fascinating facts about these prickly creatures!

Miley Cyrus by Jennifer Howse- j 921 Cyrus, M. An introduction to the life and career of the "Hannah Montana" pop sensation Miley Cyrus.

Steven Spielberg by Laura Edge j 921 Spielberg - Steven Spielberg is the most successful filmmaker in movie history. In this latest title in the "People to Know Today" series, the sources of Spielberg's creativity and the influences that shaped his choices as a filmmaker are revealed. Take a sometimes amazing, sometimes humorous, behind the scenes look at how Spielberg creates movie magic.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. by Nicole Pristash- j 921 Earnhardt - Biography of Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Tiger Woods by Sarah Tieck - j 921 Woods - A golf legend -- Family life -- Young master -- Going pro -- A hard worker -- Father and coach -- Family man

Barack Obama by William Davis- j 921 Obama- The speech -- Roots of a Kenyan Kansan -- Growing up black and white in Hawaii -- College years -- Community organizer -- Harvard law -- Putting down roots -- Legislative lessons -- Mr. Obama goes to Washington -- "We've got to create a better politics."

Jammin' with the Jonas Brothers- by Lexi Ryals- Profiles the teen pop group made up of three brothers from New Jersey, discussing their influences, their rise to fame, and their future plans.

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