Friday, February 06, 2009

Brand New Non-Fiction for kids!

Nascar Behind the Scenes by Matt Doeden - Describes what goes on behind the scenes in the sport of NASCAR racing, including how pit crews build, repair, and improve race vehicles.

Nascar Greats-by Gail Blasser Riley -Certain names stand out in the history of NASCAR - Petty, Earnhardt, and Waltrip. Find out what these drivers accomplished NASCAR Greats. And take a guess at who tomorrow's legends will be.

Dale Earnhardt by Matt Doeden- There's no question about it, racing is in Dale Jr.'s blood. Watch as this third-generation NASCAR driver follows his family's tradition of winning. Learn how it all began for one of NASCAR's most popular drivers.

David Beckham Born to Play by B.A. Roth - David Beckham-the world-famous soccer star, celebrity, and sports icon-has joined the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team! As captain of England's famous soccer team, Manchester United, Beckham singlehandedly scored 85 spectacular goals and became the only English player to score in three World Cups. With an easy-to-follow narrative and actionpacked full-color photos, this book is sure to score with young readers.

Michael Phelps Anything is Possible - by Meish Goldish-After opening in the midst of the exciting swim for an 8th gold medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, this title soon turns to Michael's beginnings, which seemed less than promising. Around age 9, he was diagnosed as having ADHD, and a teacher told his mom that he would never be able to focus on anything. But Michael and his mom saw things differently, especially after Michael began trying to swim. While he was afraid for his face to be underwater at first, he soon conquered that fear and began to swim straight ahead into what would become a record-setting career. Today, Michael is hailed as the greatest Olympic athlete of all time! This inspiring read will introduce kids to the person behind the legend a person perhaps not so different from the kids themselves.

Space Stations by Steve Kortenkamp-Discusses information about space stations within recent years as well as the future of space stations.

Energy for the Future by Helen Orme- People can't live without energy. They use it every day to power cars and computers, run machines, and heat and cool buildings. Unfortunately, the huge amounts of fossil fuels being used for energy are also polluting the environment. With the world's population growing quickly, supplies of these fuels will eventually run out. What can be done to conserve energy? Are there other energy sources people can use that won't pollute Earth? Look inside to find the answers and learn how everyone can help protect the planet.

Living Green by Helen Orme - Many of the natural resources people use each day, such as oil and gas, will eventually run out. What can be done to conserve them? Are there other sources of energy people can use that won't run out? How can recycling products help the environment? Look inside to find the answers and discover how people can start "living green" in order to protect Earth and its precious resources.

NFL Power Players by Paul Ladewski- Brief stories on the NFL Power Players of today.
Big Beast by Katharine Kenah- Dare to read the extreme! TheBig BeastsExtreme Reader takes a look at some of the mammoth creatures living on planet earth. This unique level 1 nonfiction reader for preschool to kindergarten learners will help them explore reading on their own. Dramatic photographs, graphic illustrations, and an amazing "Extreme Facts" list will keep them turning the page. The fact-based approach also makes this book a valuable resource. Children will love to learn to read when given this Extreme Reader!

Reptiles by Belinda Weber-Science kids: Reptiles introduces readers to the huge range of reptiles that live both on land and in water. These animals come in all shapes and sizes, and many have unusual talents. Children will be amazed to find out why snakes swallow their meals whole, why geckos have to lick their eyes, and how chameleons catch insects with their tongues. The vivid microphotography and splashy illustrations take readers up close and personal with these slippery, slithery animal favorites! Includes directions for making a Lizard cape, Pop-up croc, Snake stick, and Sticky tongues.

Do Dolphins Really Smile? - by Laura Driscoll- Curious readers can learn just how smart dolphins are with this book that teaches them all the dolphin basics, as well as new information scientists are finding out about these fascinating creatures.

Look inside an Igloo- by Mari Schuh-Simple text and photographs present igloos, their construction, and their interaction with the environment.

Soldiers of the U.S. Army by Lisa Simons -A brief introduction to a soldier's life in the Army, including training, jobs, and life after service.

Animals Under Our Feet by Sandy McKay-This book takes a close look at many animals that live or spend much of their life underground. It provided interesting information about why the animals go underground and how they live there. Animals covered in the book include the desert tortoise , moles, ants, meerkats, armadillos, burrowing owls, and many more.

Endangered Animals- by Elise Forier-Describes animals which are in danger of becoming extinct, the various threats to these animals, and the steps being taken to save them. This book takes a close look at various animals from around the world that are in danger of becoming extinct. It discusses how the animals have become endangered by worldwide threats, including pollution, deforestation and global warming. Featuring stunning photographs of many endangered animals in their natural habitats, the book also relates some of the positive steps being taken to protect the animals and explains how we can all take part in saving them.

Rain Forest Animals- by Deborah Hodge- Introduces young readers to animals that have adapted to living among the tall trees, lush green plants, and thick vines of the world's wet and warm rain forests, including jaguars, toucans, emerald tree boas, and orangutans.

Polar Animals- by Deborah Hodge-The polar regions are covered with thick snow and ice for most of the year, so the animals living here are built for living in the extreme cold. Emperor penguins, snowy owls and beluga whales are just a few of the animals revealed in their polar habitat. Only by observing animals in their natural habitat can we fully understand their fascinating worlds.

Pony byMary Ling-Photographs and text chart the early stages of a young pony's life.

Puppy by Angela Royston- Photographs and text depict the growth and development of a puppy from its first day alive to its eighth week.

Caring for your Dog- by June Preszler- Describes caring for a dog, including supplies needed, feeding, cleaning, health, safety, and aging.

Caring for your Cat- by Erika Shores -Describes caring for a cat, including supplies needed, feeding, cleaning, health, safety, and aging.

Pet-Sized Dinos by Natalie Lunis -Put your knowledge to the test with this question-and-answer book full of fascinating facts about some of the smallest prehistoric creatures that ever lived.

Giant-O-Saurs by Nancy White- Put your knowledge to the test with this question-and-answer book full of fascinating facts about some of the biggest creatures that ever roamed the earth.

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