Wednesday, February 05, 2014

New Non-Fiction Books!!

100th Day of School - Introduces the youngest readers to The 100th Day of School, a holiday that celebrates students growth and development.
The Dolphins of Shark Bay - A scientific journey to study the dolphins of coastal Australia considers the many potential sources of dolphin intelligence and what dolphin behavior can inform the scientific community about human intelligence, captive animals and the future of the oceans
 The Great American Dust Bowl - The causes and results of the Dust Bowl and how the lessons learned are still used today. Presented in comic book format.
 Rey Mysterio, High-Flying Luchador - "Describe the life and career of pro wrestler Rey Mysterio"--Provided by publisher.
Eclipses - "This book looks at solar and lunar eclipses, providing background information about the sun, the moon and our planet. The book covers what an eclipse is, what eclipses can look like, how they happen, the effects on wildlife, what people thought of eclipses in the past, how they are studied today, and about eclipses on other planets. A fun activity is provided along with advice on viewing eclipses. Beautiful photographs and simple text help to engage readers and aid their understanding"--Provided by publisher.
Josephine - A portrait of the passionate performer and civil rights advocate Josephine Baker, the woman who worked her way from the slums of St. Louis to the grandest stages in the world. Meticulously researched by both author and artist, Josephine's powerful story of struggle and triumph is an inspiration and a spectacle, just like the legend herself.
Lifetime - A counting primer that combines contrasting illustrations with animal facts, inviting young children to count a woodpecker's 30 roosting holes, a giraffe's 200 spots, and 1000 baby seahorses.
The Case of the Vanishing Honeybees - "Honeybees are a crucial part of our food chain. As they gather nectar from flowers to make sweet honey, these bees also play an important role in pollination, helping some plants produce fruit. But large numbers of honeybees are disappearing every year ... and no one knows why. Is a fungus killing them? Could a poor diet be the cause? What about changes to bees' natural habitat? In this real-life science mystery, scientists and beekeepers are working to answer these questions ... and save the world's honeybees before it's too late.
Fun Food Inventions - That mystery ingredient -- Ketchup -- Potato chips -- Bubble gum -- Doughnuts -- Fortune cookies -- Ice cream sundae -- PEZ -- Microwave popcorn -- Microwave dinners -- Graham crackers -- Popsicles -- Root beer.
Jeff Kinney - "Presents the life and career of Jeff Kinney, including his childhood, education, and milestones as a best selling children's author"--Provided by publisher.
Frog. Frog? Frog! Understanding Sentence Types - "Introduces the four basic types of sentences -- declarative, exclamatory, imperative, interrogative -- through the telling of an original story"-- Provided by publisher.
Chitchat, Celebrating the World's Languages - How did language come to be? Why can we speak, while cats and dogs can't? When, how, and where did our 7,000 world languages come from? Isabella looks at languages-- spoken, written and signed-- to find out where they came from and how they're changing.
The Mad Potter - Illustrated with evocative historical photographs and over fifty color reproductions of his ceramics, The Mad Potter tells the extraordinary story of an eccentric American maverick who was determined to make his mark and who never stopped believing that even the unlikeliest dreams can come true.
Red Foxes - "In this book, young readers will learn about the early life of red foxes."-- Provided by publisher.
Parrots Over Puerto Rico - "A combined history of the Puerto Rican parrot and the island of Puerto Rico, highlighting current efforts to save the Puerto Rican parrot by protecting and managing this endangered species"--Provided by publisher.
La gallinita roja - The little red hen finds none of the lazy barnyard animals willing to help her plant, harvest, or grind wheat into flour, but all are eager to eat the bread she makes from it. Includes recipe for whole wheat bread.
Crickets - "This photo-illustrated book for early readers tells why crickets chirp and briefly explains their life cycle. Includes picture glossary"--Provided by publisher.

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