Thursday, February 13, 2014

New DVD's!!!!!

Thumbelina- A tiny girl named Thumbelina is transported from her home among the wildflowers to an apartment in the city where she learns of plans to destroy her natural home.

 My Little Pony- Four movies in one! This includes The Princess Promenade, Dancing In the Clouds, The Runaway Rainbow, and Friends Are Never Far Away.

Adventures in Lalaloopsy: The Search For the Pillow- The Lalaloopsy girls set out on an adventure, along with their pets, to find their missing friend Pillow Featherbed.

Friendship is the Best Medicine- Dottie 'Doc' McStuffins is a six-year-old girl who has a special secret. She is able to talk to toys and stuffed animals. Doc also likes to help others. She heals and tends to the toys and stuffed animals that need help, and she fixes all their 'boo-boos.' Whatever the problem, the Doc is always in. 

Dora the Explorer: Save the Day- Hang on for a high-flying around-the-world adventure as Dora and her cousin Diego chase after Boots, who's been carried off on his giant kite by a mighty wind. Then Dora and Boots enlist the help of Swiper to help them get a lost baby fox back to his fox hole. Promotes Spanish language skills, visual skills, and music and listening skills.

Crazy for Cars- Collection includes: The Little Cars: New Genie Adventures; The Little Cars: Big Adventures; Little Cars: Making a Mess; and All About Trucks. 

Turbo Dogs- A delightful series featuring the hilarious antics of a wacky, dog-filled community wild about racing. Based on the book, Racer Dogs by award-winning illustrator Bob Kolar, Turbo Dogs brings the unique world to life via rich 3D animation and high-octane storylines. The combination of humor, action, unique canine personalities, important life lessons, and the thrill of the open road make Turbo Dogs a sure winner.
The Batman Superman Movie- Batman, Superman, the joker and Lex Luthor all come together in the most action-packed superhero adventure of all time.

CareBears: Festival of Fun - A collection of episodes from the original television series, teaching children the importance of caring.
CareBears: Magical Adventures - Join the CareBears in 9 episodes from the television series.
Strawberry Shortcake: Happily Ever After - Strawberry Shortcake and friends learn lessons about believing in yourself, friendship and listening in "berry" clever twists of two classic fairy tales: Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel.
Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Big Journeys -
Strawberry Shortcake sets off on a road trip with her friends after she bets the Pie Man that she can travel the entire world in eighty days.
Home use only.
Pokemon: Heroes - Ash, Pikachu, and friends must stop a gang of thieves from stealing a precious jewel by pursuing them through the waterways and underground tunnels of Altomare, the water capital of the world.
Pokemon: Jirachi, Wish Maker - Ash, Pikachu, Max and the whole gang must rescue Jirachi from the clutches of an evil magician who wants to harness Jirachi's incredible energy to bring life to one of the most legendary and powerful Pokemon of all!
SpongeBob Squarepants: Tales From the Deep - Join SpongeBob, Squidward, Patrick and the whole gang for 9 undersea adventures.
SpongeBob Squarepants: Lost At Sea - SpongeBob follows his dream of developing a flying machine so he can fly with the jellyfish. The evil Plankton takes control of SpongeBob's brain in order to steal the Krabby patty formula. Patrick plants a walkie-talkie in SpongeBob's head so Patrick can direct him through the boat course. Then SpongeBob turns into a sneezing, sniffling mess when he comes down with the "suds." SpongeBob wins The Conch Signal from his favorite TV show, stands in as a prom date for Mr. Krabbs' daughter, even goes "missing", and forgets how to tie his shoes.
SpongeBob Squarepants: Sponge for Hire - Krusty Krab training video: The must-see video for every newly hired employee! Can you spare a dime?: Squidward takes advantage of SpongeBob. Missing identity: SpongeBob has lost his name tag! Krabby Land: Mr. Krabs opens a makeshift playground to lure children and their money to the Krusty Krab. Wet painters: The boys get permanent paint on Mr. Krab's first dollar. New student starfish: SpongeBob makes the mistake of bringing Patrick to boating class. Mid-life crustacean: Mr. Krabs joins the boys on an exciting boy's night out! The camping episode: Squidward gets attacted by a sea bear.
Auto-B-Good: Fuel For The Finish - Welcome to the city of Auto, where cars and trucks come to life. Join Johnny, Izzi, EJ, Cali and friends in amazing adventures, as they drive on the road of fun, excitement and wonder. Along the way, everyone will learn valuable lessons that will last a lifetime.
Auto-B-Good: Taking The High Road - Cheaters U-turn: The City of Auto has organized a grand race. It would be an easy victory for Johnny if the other racers were not cheating -- Cobra Canyon leap: Legendary show car Diesel Kanevil comes to town for his final jump. But to the other cars Diesel appears too old and past his prime. Johnny attempts to save his hero's dignity -- Integrity project: While visiting the Professor, Izzi and EJ find an invention that doesn't work. But this "failure" is his most successful creation ever.
Paws & Tales: God Cares For You - In the first episode, C.J. and Ned are shepherds for a day! Really how tough can it be? But when wolves plan to attack, they learn firsthand that it is not easy as it seems. Discover how Jesus Christ, our Good Shepherd cares for his sheep. In the 2nd episode, C.J. and Staci set out to build a clubhouse, but they build it in an old, rotten tree. Discover why having a good foundation is essential to building a godly life.
Paws & Tales: Putting Others First - In the first episode, C.J. and Staci have to finish a list of errands for Paw Paw Chuck, but they find themselves falling behind. Just as they are in sight of the deadline, they find an injured skunk. Will they risk disappointing Paw Paw Chuck to help someone in need? (Matthew 22:39). In the second episode, when it seems as if Tiffany can fire anyone who works for her father, she forces all the kids of Mr. Rockler's employees to be her personal servants ... or else. C.J. decides that Tiffany must be stopped, but can he carry out his plan when he finds out who her next victim might be? (Philippians 2:3).

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