Saturday, December 07, 2013

New Picture Books!!!

Caillou: Show and Tell- Caillou discovers that the best playtimes are not always with toys. Caillou has the perfect show and tell surprise for his day care friends.


 Caillou: Happy Thanksgiving- Caillou learns what the real meaning of Thanksgiving is.


Caillou: Happy Halloween- It's Halloween! Caillou and his friends dress up and go out for trick or treat.


 Caillou Learns to Swim- Caillou's a bit afraid of the big pool. But as Daddy teaches him to swim, his confidence grows.


Fancy Nancy: Puppy Party- Nancy has the perfect birthday party planned for Frenchy and all her friends. But will the birthday puppy be on her best behavior?


Halloween Hoedown- When Swiper swipes a Halloween costume, it's up to Dora the Explorer to get it back in time for a Halloween hoedown!


 The Lost Crown of Sodor- Thomas helps the Earl restore Ulfstead Castle and makes friends with an old engine named Stephen. 


The Royal Slumber Party- Sofia invites old and new friends to a royal slumber party.

Blooming Bows- Minnie's nieces, Millie and Melody, are very upset! The paper petals on their posy costumes are falling apart. Now, it's up to Minnie to redesign the girls' costumes. But can she do it in time for the school's Posy Pageant? Hold onto your bows! Minnie must come up with the perfect "flower fix" so the girls come out smelling like roses!

A Berry Bitty Christmas- Strawberry Shortcake and her friends celebrate Christmas by surprising each other with special presents. 


A Berry Bitty Ballet-ballet has come to Berry Bitty City! All the girls have parts, including Cherry Jam, who has the lead role, and Strawberry Shortcake, her understudy. When Cherry gets sick on opening night, Strawberry has to step in and save the day! Will Strawberry be able to learn Cherry's part in time, or will the ballet turn out to be a berry big disaster?

Fun In the Sun- Strawberry Shortcake and her friends are berry excited to spend the day at the beach. They can't wait to build sand castles and play in the waves. But Lemon Meringue has a secret she doesn't want her friends to know-- she's afraid of the ocean! Can Strawberry help Lemon overcome her fear, or will Lemon spend her day at the beach sitting on the sidelines?

Meet Cherry Jam- There's a new girl in town! Cherry Jam is a famous singer and musician who hopes to step out of the spotlight and make som true friends. Strawberry Shortcake and her friends take Cherry to all their favorite spots in town. Will Cherry feel at home in Berry Bitty City, or will she want to head back to the bright lights of Berry Big City? 

Froggy Builds A Tree House- Froggy and his friends build a treehouse, while avoiding help from his little sister, Frogilina.

Peep!- A baby duck breaks through its shell and immediately attaches itself to the first thing it sees - a warmhearted young boy. The duck follows the boy home and soon the two are inseparable. But the baby duck is growing up. One day...QUACK! When a flock of ducks flies by the boy realizes with a great pang of sorrow that his friend will have to return to live among its own kind.

I Can Do It Myself- Emily Pearl is a big girl who insists on doing everything for herself until evening, when having someone help her get ready for bed is nice.


A Kitten Tale- As four kittens who have never seen winter watch the seasons pass, three of them declare the reasons they will dislike snow when it arrives, while the fourth cannot wait to experience it for himself. 

Where Is Baby?- Explores the many ways that baby animals hide to protect themselves.

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