Tuesday, December 03, 2013

New Beginner Books!!

Monsters Munch Lunch- Tummies rumble, monsters grumble. Monsters want lunch!


Not So Fast, Bash and Dash- Thomas the tank engine follows his mischievous friends, twin engines Bash and Dash, all around the Island of Sodor to keep them out of trouble. 

Step This Way- Sally and Nick accompany the Cat in the Hat while he visits with a duck, a lemur, a gecko, and other creatures to learn about how their feet help animals survive.

Treasure on the Tracks- A treasure is missing on the island of Sodor! Where could it be?

Double Duel- Team Hot Wheels is taking on a double loop challenge! Team Green and Team Blue are both trying to race around the Double Dare loop to see who can soar over a massive desert canyon first.

Dog on His Bus- Dog loves being a bus driver as he diligently drops off animal passengers at their stops. 

Meet the Ponies of Ponyville- The ponies of Ponyville love to make new friends and are excited to meet you!

Space Escape- When LEGO City crook Hank Cooper steals a space shuttle, his adventure quickly goes away and it's up to the fire department and the police to help clean up the mess. 

Welcome to the World, ZooBorns!- Give a warm welcome to the awww-some ZooBorns animal babies! Get to know the adorable ZooBorns in this Ready-to-Read storybook that's chock-full of cute and cuddly baby zoo animals.

The Empire Strikes OutThe Death Star has been destroyed, but the Empire isn't going down so easily. They are rebuilding the space station, and the Emperor is madder than ever. But while Darth Vader deals with the return of Darth Maul, it's up to heroes Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and their friends to travel to Naboo, save the day.

Stop That Heist- When the smartest crooks in LEGO city plot to rob the museum of its priceless blue diamond, it is up to Detective Chase McCain and his swat team to save the day!

Summer Adventures- School's out and the girls of Heartlake City are off on their latest adventures. Go along with the LEGO Friends as they spend their summer exploring the city in this new reader from DK! 

Revenge of the Sith- A skill-building story based on the forthcoming 3D LEGO adaptation follows a heroic mission by Jedi generals and their clone troopers, who fight Separatists in the Clone Wars while Anakin Skywalker is pulled toward the dark side of the Force.

Attack of the Clones- A skill-building introduction to the forthcoming LEGO® adaptation traces the rise of the formidable Clone Army and the first battle of the Clone Wars while featuring favorite Jedi minifigures clashing with a deadly droid army. 


The Legendary Yoda- Yoda is a famous and wise Jedi. Learn all about his legendary battles and how he uses the forces.

A Perfect Picnic- Mickey and his friends plan a picnic in the park. 

Mickey's Birthday- Help Mickey celebrate his birthday with a surprise he'll never forget.


Loud Louie- Louie the cell phone needs to learn when to use his inside voice.

Goofy At Bat- Play ball with Goofy in this funny rhyming reader.

Caught Blue-Handed- The mystery pox is spreading! Help Doc find out why.


All Stuffed Up- Donny's dusty teddy bear has him all stuffed up!

Biscuit Wins A Prize- Biscuit, a small puppy, gets excited when he is entered in a pet show. 

Biscuit's Big Friend- Biscuit, a little puppy, and Sam, a big dog, play together despite their difference in size.

Flappy and Scappy- After canine friends Scrappy and Flappy play an unusual game of catch, Scrappy complains that everyone has forgotten his birthday, but Flappy surprises him. 

How To Drive Your Sister Crazy- A younger brother offers detailed advice on how to annoy older sisters.

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