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Flat Stanely Travels the country! and Canada!!

Flat Stanley Story Time

Long Beach California
-with the dragon in our youth services department

-with a model of a California mission done as part of the annual fourth grade assignment.

-with our summer reading bulletin board.

-welcoming Stanley to Long Beach Public Library

Hi there!  Here I am in the Deerfield Public Library in Deerfield, IL!  This library just reopened after a year-long addition and renovation, and it’s a really pretty place!  This is the bulletin board at the beginning of the Youth Services Department.  The librarians have a map of some of the places they’ve visited in the world because the Summer Reading Program theme is “Have Book – Will Travel!”  I have traveled a lot this summer, too!

Deerfield Public Library in Deerfield, IL
Two of the librarians made this cool signpost that shows the direction to a bunch of fantasy book worlds!  Do you recognize some of the place names?  My favorite is “here” because the Library is the best place to find books that help you travel in your imagination!

Tulsa, Oklahoma
The Golden Driller is reportedly the largest free-standing statue in the world. He is 76 feet tall, so high that he rests his right hand atop an actual production oil derrick. Built of iron and concrete, he weighs nearly 22 tons and is expected to survive 200 mph tornadoes. He was declared Oklahoma's official state monument in 1979.”

Zion-Benton Public Library
have attached a picture of Flat Stanley.  I think he came in before we opened to practice introducing the next act at our new puppet theater.  You can see our building blocks that also get used frequently in the background. Our preschool area really has a lot of traffic.  The puppet stage, Lego Table and the Circus tent in the center get used by not only preschoolers, but parents and older children as well. 

Zion-Benton Public Library is located in Zion, Illinois right on Lake Michigan, half way between Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The library serves a large geographic area when surrounding libraries are considered.  It  includes all of Zion Township and Benton Township.

The Preston Royal Branch of the Dallas Public Library (Texas) had a great time hosting Flat Stanley! He was excited to find some of his books on our shelves, worked some puzzles in the children’s area, and attended Crazy Chemistry, a spectacular science program presented by Top Secret Science, in which he got to participate in several hands-on science experiments. He took a few minutes before the program started to pose for a picture with all of the supplies.

Plattsburgh (NY) Public Library

in this picture Flat Stanley was helping out one of our Information Librarians answer questions for patrons.  While visiting, Stanley also had the chance to hang out with our 6 ft mummy, King Mums Librarem I. Our library is in Salina, Kansas (smack dab in the middle of the state).

Hi from Coral Springs, Florida!
Here is our Flat Stanley attending our Turtle Hatchling program.  The presenter used power point  to discuss the life cycle of sea turtles, and the dangers that they face on the beaches when they hatch.  She brought baby turtle hatchlings that were to be released into the ocean last night.

Hula Hoop Musical Marathon had approx 20 kids- ages 6-19 twirling colorful hula hoops to music and play hula hooping games. They created a red pipecleaner hoop for Stanleys tiny waist- He is shy here and hiding in the hand of the boy w a blue shirt in front of the group= or maybe he is just "twirled" out. lol Brighton Michigan
a picture of your Flat Stanley on the sign advertising my Library and our Summer Reading Club. Plattsville Public Library is  in Plattsville, Ontario Canada.   We are a small community of approximately 1200 people and we are located about 60 miles west of Toronto.
Flat Stanley visited a storytime about underground animals
 at the Woodridge Public Library (Chicago suburb)

Here's Flat Stanley attending Science in the Summer at our Library. The topic this year was Genetics: All About You.
B.F. Jones Memorial Library
Aliquippa  District Library Center
Aliquippa  PA 

When Flat Stanley visited California, he boarded a submarine and checked out the sea creatures in Santa Monica Bay. (Actually, this is one of our undersea photo glass windows that shade patrons who are having lunch at the outdoor café here at the Main Library.)

R. P. Flower Memorial Library
Watertown, NY

I was able to take pictures of Stanley participating in one of our On-the-Lawn programs called Petting Zoo. The New York State Zoo at Thompson Park brought some critters over for children to meet and I provided crafting supplies. In these pictures it almost looks like he's saying "WHOA! He's this big!" The lizard he's beside is a Komodo Dragon.

Greetings from Neenah, Wisconsin!

We were delighted Flat Stanley could visit us in Neenah!   If you look at a map, you'll find Neenah next to a really big lake; not Lake Michigan but Lake Winnebago.   Our library is on the banks of the Fox River which flows NORTH from Lake Winnebago up to Green Bay.   (You might have heard of Green Bay.  There's a pretty good football team there.)

Lake Winnebago is famous for some really big fish called sturgeon, but no one catches them while fishing in the summer.  Sturgeon are caught in the winter, speared through holes in the ice!

This area of Wisconsin had lots of trees and lots of rivers so Wisconsin has made lots of paper over the years.   Neenah is home to Kimberly-Clark, a company that makes your Kleenex!   Neenah Foundry is also in town.   You might see the words Neenah Foundry on the manhole covers in your streets.

Neenah has a lot of great kids who come the library to get books and dvds, magazines and cds; to hear stories and see puppet plays at story times; to talk about books in book groups; and this summer, to play with Mr. Potato Head!   Flat Stanley liked playing with the Potato Heads too!   He also did a Scavenger Hunt with a couple boys.  They had to find EVERYTHING on the page somewhere in the library.  Some of the things Stanley had to find are in the big mural on our wall.   He wanted to climb right into the picture.

Flat Stanley was very careful when he went outside the library.   He climbed some of the rocks between the Fox River and the library.   It's a good thing there weren't waves on the day Stanley was here!  The library is the building with the yellow lilies and the round glass windows.   Our building was built in 2000; but we've been on this same spot by the river for over 100 years!

If YOU are ever in Neenah, Wisconsin come to the library and see what Flat Stanley saw - a place filled with wonderful books and lots of other good things too.
Neenah, Wisconsin

Neenah, Wisconsin

Neenah, Wisconsin

Neenah, Wisconsin
 Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
There are a few options attached for you -- my teen volunteers had a ton of fun with Flat Stanley's photo shoot this morning! :)
If Stanley isn't visible enough in the first photo, called "Flat Stanley 1" (he's in the T-Rex's jaws, near the back teeth), maybe one of the other ones will work.

Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Carlisle, Arizona

Flat Stanley enjoyed our program today where we played "Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, Its off to Read we go" from the SRC program manual.We also made Gnome Kisses.
Thanks for having him join the fun.
Have a good summer!
Point Place Branch Library
Toledo, Ohio

Toledo, Ohio
The Rogers Public Library is located in Rogers Arkansas and serves the city population of 55,000 (approx).  We also welcome residents of the surrounding towns in Northwest Arkansas to our library.  Every year we put on one mini-lock in for tweens ages 10-12 for 6 hours after the library closes.  The Tweens and Stanley had a great time!  He was too busy with activities to stop in a quiet corner and read, however.
Starting the "Great and Powerful OZ" movie on the big screen.

Abstract Art Painting
Improv acting - I think he was pretending to feed the boy on the ground a sandwich

Playing Minecraft

Relaxing with Megan and Julie

Singing Karaoke!  The brave, brave librarians host a tween lock-in in Rogers Arkansas!
Journey to the Center of the Earth was a huge program with over 125 attendees. Volcanoes, lava lamps and lots of science to explore- The kids were eager to have Stanley front and center.Brighton District Library, Brighton Michigan

Brighton District Library, Brighton Michigan

  in Tuckahoe, New York

Hello from Colorful Fort Collins, Colorado.  Flat Stanley visited our library on Thursday.  Attached is a photo with Annie the Railroad Dog (our Old Town's library mascot), Flat Stanley and a library teen volunteer reading Underground by Denise Fleming.  We were happy to have him visit.

Flat Stanley napping with his new friend at the Henrietta Hankin Library in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. These friends are waiting to be picked up from our stuffed animal sleepover.

Stanley is posing with our large inflatable T-Rex.  This
T-Rex is available for photos with kids upon request. El dorado, Kansas

On his way out of the library, Stanley stopped to look at the display of fossils, all of which were found in El dorado, Kansas.

Flat Stanley's visit to the Izaak
Walton Killam Memorial Library in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Stanley hanging out with our pet turtle, Snappy Crankypants! We're in New Lebanon Library in New Lebanon, Ohio. Snappy cane to us in 2009 from another branch (where he was called Slugger) and the kids here voted to change his name to Snappy. He got his surname bc he always looks cranky, by he really loves kids!

Stanley in Cody, Wyoming next to our mosaic grizzly bear. The bears were a fundraising project 5 yrs ago, for the new library. A local sculptor mad the original grizzly, the 25 copies were made for local artist to uniquely decorate. The 25 bears were then auctioned off; two were bought for the library - this mosaic one (the only mosaic-all others were painted) and the one outside (see him out the window). Stanley enjoyed both the bear and the rocking chair!

Flat Stanley is posing in front of our book statue at the Arthur F. Turner Community Library in West Sacramento, CA. This statue was created by a local artist for the library’s re-opening after renovating the building to LEED standards in 2009!

Stanley among the squash vines.In Chillicothe, Illinois

Stanley climbing the fence by the rainbow Swiss chard and the carrot in bloom.In Chillicothe, Illinois

Stanley climbing a sunflower named Bubba, named by the youth garden club. In Chillicothe, Illinois

New Bern-Craven County Public Library in New Bern, North Carolina.

Stanley with Janella in the Crawfordsville District Public Library

New Bern-Craven County Public Library in New Bern, North Carolina.

New Bern-Craven County Public Library in New Bern, North Carolina.

New Bern-Craven County Public Library in New Bern, North Carolina.

New Bern-Craven County Public Library in New Bern, North Carolina.

Stanley with Janella eating sushi!

Stanley at the Mesquite North Branch Library in Mesquite, Texas. He is doing a puzzle with Big Bunny and Mr. Bear, his new friends in Texas.

Stanley at the Mesquite North Branch Library in Mesquite, Texas. He is registering for Summer Reading Club with our volunteer Cody.

The attached are pictures of Flat Stanley attending our T.R.I.P.
program on 7/13/13.     T.R.I.P.  stands for Tri City Research and
Investigation into the Paranormal.  They are a local team of paranormal
investigators from Hastings NE.  They performed an investigation at our
library on Saturday, 6/29 and came back Saturday night for the reveal.

It was really fun and exciting and there was confirmation that we do
indeed have a "spirit" visitor!



We showed Stanley one of the greatest attractions at the Greenville County Library System in South Carolina -the Arthur Magill globe! This large rotation geophysical globe is the largest and most detailed relief globe ever made in 1964. It rotates on the exact axis to match the real rotation of the earth.

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