Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Lego Picture Books!!

Lego City Adventures

Help Is On the Way- When Jessie's dog becomes lost and is found stuck under a gate in the park, the police and city workers of LEGO City come to the rescue. 

Calling All CarsCriminals have robbed the city's bank, and the police are on hand to investigate the robbery, talk to witnesses, and apprehend the thieves.   

Fire Truck to the Rescue- When a fire breaks out in LEGO City, the fire fighters hop in their fire engine and race to put it out.   

Ready For Takeoff- A Lego family goes to the airport to leave for a beach vacation, where they check their baggage, board the plane, and fly into the air to their destination.

All Aboard-A crane, a fork lift, and other vehicles and machines load cars onto the train in preparation for a trip to Lego City.       

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