Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Juvenile NON-Fiction!

Bees Snails and Peacock Tails - Come explore the hidden shapes and patterns in nature. The peacock's flashy tail is a masterpiece of color and shape. A buzzing beehive is built of tiny hexagons. Even a snake's skin is patterned with diamonds. Study a beehive and you will see the mathematical genius of the bee. Poet Betsy Franco and Caldecott Honor winner Steve Jenkins bring geometry to life in this lively, lyrical look at the shapes and patterns that can be found in the most unexpected places.

Mercury- This book is an introduction to Mercury highlighting its special characteristics, its history, and past and future missions to the planet.  

Earth - This book is an introduction to the planet Earth highlighting its special characteristics and its history.  

Spiders - Text and photographs introduce readers to different types of spiders and their behavior.  

Arlington - Arlington recounts the complicated history of one of the nation's most famous and most-visited national monuments and its fascinating daily life. Carefully researched and documented, Chris Demarest's watercolor paintings capture the spirit and pathos of the last resting place of more than 300,000 Americans who have served their country.

I Like to Play - Looks at different games played with balls, including soccer, baseball, and basketball.   

Farm Animals - Discusses animals found on farms and describes the food products people get from them. 

What is it? Shows animals in and on items, in a book with rhyming text. 

The Army -Describes the history, organization, and activities of the U.S. army."--Source other than the Library of Congress. 
How Are They the Same?Learn about similarities and differences between lots of different kinds of animals.

I Like Riding - Simple text and colorful illustrations show different modes of transportation, such as bicycles, trains, and cars. 

Animal Mothers - Looks at the parenting behaviors found in various animals.

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