Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Books!!

Into the Dark-Thirteen-year-old Sherlock Holmes aficionado Ingrid Levin-Hill tries to clear her grandfather's name when he is accused of murdering an environmental activist found dead on his farm. 

Forest of the Pygmies-Eighteen-year-old Alexander Cold and his grandmother travel to Africa on an elephant-led safari, but discover a corrupt world of poaching and slavery.

Orphan Trains-"Describes the people and events involved in the orphan trains. The reader's choices reveal the historical details from the perspectives of a New York City newsboy, a child trying to keep his siblings together, and a child sent west on the baby trains"--Provided by publisher.   

Alan and the AnimalsAlan, who loves all sorts of animals, has everything from ten rats to ten wild dogs.     

Big Cat-Big Cat likes to catch and play with mice, but eventually the tables are turned. 

Bill's Bike-Bill has a new bicycle with four wheels, but as he rides and rides he loses wheels one at a time until he finds out just how many he needs to have.  

A Cake for Dinner-Molly and her mother make a mess while trying to bake a cake for Grandma's visit.   

Dog's New Coat-When Dog gets a new spotted coat he quickly decides he does not like it, but every time he tries to get rid of the coat it comes back to him.     

Freddy's Teddy-Little Teddy has a rip, but Freddy's mother has needle, thread, and more than enough stuffing to fix him.  

Harry and the Horse-Harry takes a magical ride on a carousel horse at the fair. 

The Hungry Little MonkeyLittle Monkey is very hungry, but none of the other jungle animals seems able to tell him how to peel and eat his banana.   

Hurry Up!- Vehicles of all sorts get angry when they are stuck behind a slow-moving tractor. 

The Lost Broomstick-Although Tess's lost broomstick is found several times, no one can ride it except her--and, perhaps, her cat Cass.  

Hardy Boys: A Monster of a Mystery-Everyone is excited when popular comic character Morpho the Morph Monster comes to town for a fan event, but when his special brain-eating implement, the Morph Spork, goes missing, Frank and Joe must find it before the event is canceled.

Hardy Boys: Hopping Mad-Frogs begin to fall from the ceiling at the school's talent show, and Frank and Joe must investigate and find the source of the prank.    

Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity-Hakata Soy looks to make a new start at Astronaut Academy, but his past as the leader of a futuristic superhero team catches up to him when a robot doppelganger is sent to kill him.    

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