Wednesday, May 04, 2011

One New Beginner Book:
Dodsworth in Rome by Tim Egan
Dodsworth and his duck companion have a lovely time in Rome even though there are a couple of mishaps with the duck!

One New Chapter Book:
Joey Fly 2 Private Eye in Big Hairy Drama by Aaron Reynolds
In this graphic novel, Joey Fly investigates the disappearance of Greta Divawing.

Many New Picture Books:
Flora's Very Windy Day by Jeanne Birdsall
When a big wind blows her annoying little brother away, Flora decides to save him despite the many tempting offers she gets for him.

The Desperate Dog Writes Again by Eileen Christelow
When a girlfriend comes between Emma the dog and her owner George, Emma e-mails "Ask Queenie" an advice column for dogs.

Hooray for Fish! by Lucy Cousins
Little Fish has all sorts of fishy friends in his underwater home.

Tinkerbell Talented Tink and Terrific Terence by Andrea Posner-Sanchez
Two books in one all about Tinkerbell.

A String of Hearts by Laura Malone Elliott
Sam the bear wants to give Tiffany just the right Valentine. But in the end he finds out that best friends are often the ones you may not know you have.

The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark by Ken Geist
What a cute story. It is a take-off of The Three Little Pigs but with fish and a shark. You will really enjoy this story.

April and Esme Tooth Fairies by Bob Graham
April and Esme are very young but they go after a tooth by themselves for the first time. Will they be successful?

Welcome Home, Mouse by Elisa Kleven
Stanley the elephant wrecks the mouse's house. But, being a clever little creature, he comes up with a wonderful new house for the mouse. It's cool!

Who Stole Mona Lisa? by Ruthie Knapp
This is the story of the painting that was stolen from a museum years ago. The story is told from the painting's point of view. Clever.

The Secret Box by Barbara Lehman
In this wordless book, the author takes the readers on a timelss trip to a world of secret messages left in secret boxes hidden in secret places.

Owly and Wormy Friends All Aflutter! by Andy Runton
In this wordless book Owly and Wormy expect to get butterflies, but all they see are fat green buglike things. What will happen next? Butterflies? Maybe!!

Madlenka Soccer Star by Peter Sis
Madlenka has a new soccer ball. Who will she play with? A mailbox? A dog? A parking meter? Cats?

What Will Fat Cat Sit On? by Jan Thomas
A group of animals is terrified at the prospect of being sat upon by the imposing Fat Cat.

Can You Make A Scary Face? by Jan Thomas
The ladybug invites the reader to play a game of "let's pretend".

Migrant by Maxine Trottier
This book describes what it is like to be a child in a migrant family.

The Loud Book! by Deborah Underwood
There are good louds and bad louds. This book is full of them!

Balancing Act by Ellen Stoll Walsh
Two mice have fun playing on a teeter-totter, but as more and larger friends join them, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay balanced.

Dino-Basketball by Lisa Wheeler
Plant-eating dinosaurs face meat-eating dinosaurs in a basketball game.

A Not Scary Story About Big Scary Things by C.K. Williams
A little boy walking through an ordinary forest encounters an extraordinary monster.

When I Grow Up by Al Yankovic
This book invites readers of all ages to consider what they want to be when they grow up.

Elsie's Bird by Jane Yolen and David Small
Young Elsie must find a way to adapt to her new home on the Nebraska prairie after she and her father leave their comfortable city life in Boston.

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