Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Book/CD Sets!

Horrible Harry and the Secret Treasure by Susan Kline
Third-grader Harry thinks of a way to patch up a conflict with his schoolmate Mary and include his friends in a fun detective case with rewards for everyone, including Grandpa.     

A Beach Tail by Karen Lynn Williams
When his father tells him not to leave the lion he is drawing on the beach, a little boy starts making a very, very long tail--and a trail to follow back.

Tallulah's Tutu by Marilyn Singer
Tallulah takes ballet lessons and eagerly awaits her coveted tutu, which, she learns, she must work hard to earn.

Queen Of The Falls by Chris Van Allsburg
Van Allsburg highlights the death-defying attempt of 62-year-old former charm school teacher Annie Edson Taylor to be the first woman to survive the perilous plunge over Niagara Falls.

Froggy Goes To Hawaii by Jonathan London
When Froggy goes on vacation to Hawaii, he is too excited to pay much attention to his parents.

Mr. Klutz Is Nuts! by Dan Gutman
A skateboarding principal offers unusual incentives to his students to motivate them to learn more.

Labracadabra by Jessie Nelson
Zach always wanted a dog but Larry, the full-grown mongrel his parents choose, is not it, however, he soon discovers that there is something very special--even magical--about Larry's tail.

Tony Baloney by Pam Munoz Ryan
Tony, a macaroni penguin, is a middle child with very exasperating siblings, and although he never looks for trouble, it often finds him.

Upstairs Mouse, Downstairs Mole by Wong Herbert Yee
Mouse and his downstairs neighbor, Mole, discover that when they help each other, housecleaning and other daily tasks are much easier.

Wolf Pie by Brenda Seabrooke
When Wilfong the wolf fails to blow down the house of the Pygg brothers, he stays outside their door all winter learning their games and listening to their jokes and stories, but although he claims to be reformed, the pigs are reluctant to offer friendship.

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