Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Six great new fiction books!

The Mozart Question by Michael Morpurgo
In this story of sharing the joy of music from one generation to the next, we see a family's wounds heal as their young son, Paolo, takes to the violin "as if it had been a limb he had been missing all his life."

Scrubs Forever! by Jamie McEwan
When Dan starts to win some wrestling matches, Bill and the "in" crowd let him be part of their group. This is what Dan has always wanted, and his attitude toward the other Scrubs wavers. Will Dan realize who his real friends are?

Porcupine by Meg Tilly
Twelve-year-old tomboy Jack Cooper (Jacqueline) watches helplessly as her mother crumbles under sorrow and depression when Jack's father is killed in the war. Jack and her brother and sister end up across the country, living on a run-down farm in a small town with a great-grandmother they didn't know existed. She learns that families come in many different forms.

Kaline Klattermaster's Tree House by Haven Kimmel
Third grader Kaline Klattermaster's father has gone somewhere and his mother cannot seem to keep everything straight the way he did, but the two brothers and one hundred dogs that live in his imaginary tree house--and his strange neighbor Mr. Osiris Putnaminski--help him cope with his father's absence, his mother's forgetfulness, and the bullies that torment him in school.

Trolls United by Alan MacDonald
Can a stinksome, hairy troll learn to play soccer? Mr. Troll and Mr. Priddle bet on which of their sons will make the soccer team.

Shooting The Moon by Frances O'roark Dowell
When her brother is sent to fight in Vietnam, twelve-year-old Jamie begins to reconsider the army world that she has grown up in.

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