Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Just Arrived!! Seven very interesting non-fiction books.

When Is a Planet Not A Planet? The Story of Pluto by Elaine Scott
On August 24, 2006, a group of astronomers made a big announcement: Pluto could no longer be considered a planet. This fascinating book explains in simple terms how and why the number of planets in our solar system went from nine to eight.

My Name Is Gabito by Monica Brown
Can you imagine flying through the air on a magic carpet? Once, there was a little boy named Gabito who could. This is the story of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, an author who creates worlds with his words and inspires his readers to consider the magic found in ther everyday lives.

Trout Are Made Of Trees by April Pulley Sayre
Leaves and bacteria, insects and fish, bears and people, too--we're all part of one big circle of growing and eating and living. Text and illustrations combine beautifully in this colorful celbration of the food web.

Finding Home by Sandra Markle
A koala mother faces two challenges: protecting herself and her nine-month old joey from the raging bushfire, and finding food after their home range is destroyed. Her journey brings her closer to the world of humans than she has ever been before--but it's a risk she must take.

The Pied Piper adaptation by Jaume Cela
The Pied Piper is brought in to save the village of Hamelin from being overrun by rats, but when the town refuses to pay him, he extracts a terrible revenge.

And Nobody Got Hurt 2! by Len Berman
Why do you love sports? Len is back with more of the craziest, zaniest, and most incredible sports bloopers and phenomena from all over the world. With hilarious tales from the court, field, golf course, and even the Olympics, you're sure to find something to laugh about.

Stand Tall, Abe Lincoln by Judith St. George
This spirited introduction to the childhood of one of our country's greatest presidents, tells the story of Lincoln growing up poor in the backwoods of Kentucky and Indiana.

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