Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Who's in the Bathroom? by Jeanne Willis
Why is there such a long line at the bathroom? See who or what is holding up the line?

Tales from Pare la Fontaine by Roslyn Schwartz
This story is about three bugs that travel on their own for just awhile.

How to be a Baby, by Me the Big Sister (and authors Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap)
A big sister gives her baby sibling lessons in being a baby.

Makayla Cares About Others by Virginia Kroll
Makayla fixes all kind of things. She even tries to mend the neighbor's broken heart.

Omars, Halloween by Maryann Kovalski
Omar is trying to find a scary Halloween costume. He ends up being a silly old ghost with a sheet. See why that ends up being a good costume for him.

Josh by Stephainie Jeffs and Jacqui Thomas
A book about coming to terms with the death of a friend.

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