Saturday, July 21, 2007

New non-fiction titles ready to be checked out

He Is Alive! by Helan Haidle
This is a picture book on the Last Week of Jesus' Life and His Resurrection

Hurricanes by Michael and Mary B. Woods

Legends or Lies by Gary L. Blackwood
This is an Unsolved History series book describing several legends that have intrigued people for years.

How Many Hippos by Muff Singer
This split-paged book allows the reader to mix and match objects and activities. They can create stories while learning to count.

Snowy Weather Days by Katie Marsico
This is an easy to read book about snow.

Rocks by Sally M. Walker
This is an Early Bird Earth Science book.

Fossils by Sally M. Walker
This is an Early Bird Earth Science book.

Jurassic Poop What Dinousaurs (and Others Left Behind) by Jacob Berkowitz

There are 5 new books from the series World of Plants by John Farndon

Water Habitats by Bobbie Kalman
Discusses habitats in oceans, reefs, lakes, ponds, rivers, and swamps

There are 2 new books from the series Oceans Alive by Ann Herriges
Sea Stars

There are 2 new books from the World Almanac Library of the Animal Kingdom series by Sarah Wilkes

My Mother is a Doctor by Charnan Simon
This easy to read book tell about doctors.

There are 4 new titles in the Pet Pal series by Julia Barnes
Pet Dogs
Pet Cats
Pet Rabbits
Pet Guinea Pigs

Kizzy by Chris Williams
This is an incredible book describing how a dog sits and listens to people read. These people are either embarassed to read or have some kind of medical condition. What a great idea to help readers of all ages!!

There are 3 new books about playing instruments from the Info Search series:
Should I Play the Flute? by Nicola Barber
Should I Play the Guitar? by Richard Spilsbury
Should I Play the Drums? by Tom Crask

My First Ballet Book by Kate Castle

Competitive Basketball for Girls by Elizabeth Gettelman

Good Sports by Jack Prelutsky
Rhymes about running, jumping, throwing, and more

Enigmatic Events by Gary L. Blackwood (another unsolved history book)
This book explores events that have baffled scientists for years.

Debatable Deaths by Gary L. Blackwood (another unsolved history book)
This book explores the deaths of various historical figures.

Eva Peron First Lady of the People by Kremena Spengler

Diego Rivera Artist of Mexico by Lila and Rick Guzman

Harriet Tubman, Secret Agent by Thomas B. Allen

Gladiators by Michael Martin
Describes the history, weapons, and way of life of Roman gladiators

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