Wednesday, January 08, 2014

New Non-Fiction Books!

Treat 'Em Right! - Just add a treat to these encouraging notes to let your volunteers know how much they're appreciated. Includes 70 reproducible messages.
Bible Puzzles for Kids -This book contains word codes, mazes, crosswords, and word searches that help middle elementary kids enjoy learning God's Word. Reproducible. HeartShaper® Resources help children of all ages discover God's love and interact with the Bible in a way that helps them connect to God, Jesus, the church, family, and others. These age-appropriate resources can enhance any children's curriculum and help reinforce Bible lessons.
Big Book Of Bible Lessons For Crafty Kids - 52 Lessons coordinate with the calendar year-Crafts and games bring lessons to life-Take-home pages help parents teach spiritual truth at home-CD-Rom Included
Wolves In Danger - Many people have a negative view of wolves. Perhaps some notions come from depictions of nasty wolves on television, in books, and in movies. People hunted wolves to near extinction in most parts of North America. Only now, after years of protective laws, are some wolf populations starting to bounce back. Readers will learn more about the difficult life of a wolf and what they can do to clear up misconceptions of these wild animals.
Push and Pull, The Science of Forces - Explains how objects can be moved by pushing or pulling them, and includes science projects illustrating how forces and friction work.

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